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Nestled in the heart of Switzerland along the lake Thun, Spiez is an extravagant location that is untarnished by urbanisation. This quaint town is a nature’s den of beauty seated on an elevation of 628 meters above sea level. The official language spoken here is German but the natives are also familiar with other languages like English, French, and others.

Spiez is abode to several tourist destinations due to which it attracts tons of tourists every year to its place. From adventure sports like hiking, sailing, skiing to history heritages like Spiez castle and museum, this location is worth including in your bucket list. A trip to Switzerland promises not just breathtaking landscapes but also an array of experiences that span from adrenaline-pumping activities to cultural explorations, ensuring Spiez stands out as a diverse gem in your travel itinerary.

Many distinct locations are also located in the vicinity of this town like Faulenese, Mount Niesen and others that enhance your curiosity about the exploration of Spiez. The weather conditions are most apt in its summer months from June to August. These are the warmest days of the year here due to which this time is the peak tourist season here.

How To Reach

The distance connecting Spiez and Interlaken airport is almost 19.9 kilometers. There are many modes of transportation to reach this location.

By Bus:
This is the cheapest mode available to reach Spiez and takes around half an hour to cover the distance.

By Train:
If you are short on time, train is the quickest option to reach Spiez which would take one around 17 minutes.

By Taxi:
One can self-drive the car and reach in 20 minutes. Although renting a taxi is an expensive option, it is the best option if you are a tourist in the town.

By Ferry:
This is the longest mode of commute and an expensive one too. It is a good option if one wants to enjoy the beauty of the area while reaching their destination.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Spiez in Switzerland is from late June to late August as these months are the warmest of all that in a year. One can enjoy the town at its best with cruise on the lake Thun, Spiez Outdoor Pool, Lake-Shore Swimming Cove, hiking, biking, fishing, a skating rink, windsurfing, and sailing. 

The winter months may offer the best scenic views but the weather may not be in the favor of explorations. It is best to practice in some winter sports like skiing and others. Apart from this one can capture the picturesque views of this destination.

Other Essential Information

Spiez, Switzerland

Entry fee: The entry into the town is free but it applies for different tourist locations residing in it.

Opening hours: Although there is no opening hours for Spiez but you may have to check with the attractions for their opening timing.

Distance from Spiez Airport:
There is no airport in Spiez but the nearest one lies in Interlaken. It is 19.9 kilometers aways from Spiez. The other airports located in the vicinity of Spiez are Berne (28.8 kilometers, Geneva(130.8) Kilometer, Basel(101.6 kilometers), Zurich(107.7 kilometers) and others.

Weather in Spiez

The weather in Spiez varies throughout the year and the months that attract most of the tourists to Spiez are January, June and the busiest of all is may. Spiez experiences its warmest climate during June, July, and August.

The temperature may reach as high as 25.2-degree Celcius during the day to dropping down to as low as 14 degrees Celsius during the night. This weather is apt for catching a glance at the natural beauty of this beautiful location in a soothing atmosphere.

The autumn months (September-October) bestow the most colorful sights of Spiez one can find throughout the year here. One won’t find many tourists in Spiez during this time. The yellow and orange leaves of the trees add a touch of extravagance in the sights of the landscape. During this time, the cold starts commencing at this location and the temperature drops down by each passing day.

During the winter months (November to February), the sheets of snow cover the entire landscape one can sight. The sky is mostly cloudy and the cold is at its peak. The temperatures go as high as 5 degrees Celsius with dropping to cold temperatures of -4 degrees Celsius in the night.

During the spring months (March to May) the perfect combination of humidity and temperature offers perfect conditions to stroll around this location. The peak temperatures recorded during the spring months are 21-degree Celsius with as low as 8.4-degree Celcius in the nights. The temperature rises as the day passes by and summer sets in.

Tips on visiting Spiez

Book your hotel in advance and check out for the weather updates for a hassle-free vacation.

Get acquainted with the climate of your vacation in advance so that you can pack your clothes and other necessary things accordingly.

Do save the emergency number of Spieze which is +41 33 826 26 26, to avoid getting stuck in an unwanted situation or location.

One should also keep a note about the laws, culture, and regulations to be followed here so that you can carry out your exploration with ease.

Get your travel insurance in advance as it would be helpful for you to cover for any medical care one might need.

Keep a deep check on your belongings and don’t carry any expensive item with you as you are responsible for your stuff.
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