Schynige Platte Overview

Schynige Platte, a small mountain ridge and a viewpoint are another of Switzerland's most attractive tourist destinations. Based out in the Bernese Highlands, this has three peaks - Gumihorn (6886 ft), Tuba (6811 ft), and Geiss (6781 ft). Well, Geiss is the nearest peak to the viewpoint. Right at the viewpoint, you will be at an altitude of 7000 ft and can enjoy the serene and natural beauty around.

The area is well known for its hotels and resorts ever since 1893. You can enjoy a comfortable stay here and enjoy the views around. The railway is one of the significant modes of transport here. And guess what? Its railway is one of the highest among the lot. Whether you're captivated by the historical charm or the modern amenities, a visit to this picturesque destination promises a memorable experience on your Switzerland trip.

If the weather is beautiful, do not forget to catch a glimpse of the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau, which surrounds Schynige Platte. You can also view the town, Interlaken and the beautiful lakes, Thun and Brienz. 

Schynige Platte railway is one of the primary modes of commutation here. It starts from Wilderswil, where it connects with Bernese Oberland railways from the town of Interlaken.

The terminus station is at the height of about 6453 ft. Just south-west of this station you will find a hotel and restaurant. The Schynige Platte botanical ground will offer you a variety of flora that grows in the mountains of Switzerland.

The place is famous for its picturesque terrains and has loads of trails leading to the various spots from the station itself. Love trekking or hiking, then you will fall in love with the place. The mountains, lakes, cattle with bells around their neck and beautiful surroundings will leave you mesmerized. Good food and fine hotels will add to your experience further.

How To Reach

Well, there are two ways by which we can reach Schynige Platte from Interlaken airport. One option is that you can take a train from Interlaken OST Station and reach Wilderswil. From there, board a Cog Wheel Train and reach your destination.

Many travel enthusiasts opt for trains during their trips to enjoy the beautiful surroundings outside. And also, there is a sense of romance and adventure associated with a train journey.

Instead of train, you can also avail bus till Wildersil which is roughly 2.9 Km from Interlaken. After reaching WIldersil, take the Cog Wheel Train to reach your destination. The train journey will be 3.3 km and will take about 35 mins.

By taxi or car, you can reach even quicker.  It will take hardly 13 mins to reach Schynige PLatte Interlaken. The taxi route is about 6.3 km long and is also the cheapest option for you.

Best Time To Visit

When you plan for a journey, it is evident that it will come at a cost. So, you will like to ensure that every buck spent counts. Weather does play a significant role in such cases, especially when you are planning for a trip to a country like Switzerland. Now it depends a little bit on your choice as well.

If you love winter sports and the snow around, target December, January, and February. The snow clears from the higher altitudes, mostly between June and August. As a result, you can easily access the more upper trails and viewpoints. It is the high season, and a wide variety of activities like paragliding, hiking, and other sports are on offer to you.

October is a low season for tourism as most of the higher altitudes may start getting covered in snow. Thus, the scope of adventure and activities get limited.

Other Essential Information

Location -

It is a part of Bernese Highlands and closes Interlaken, a Swiss town.

Entry Fee -
From Interlaken, you can take a bus or train and reach Wilderswil. From there you will have to buy tickets for the train trip. It will cost you about 31.5 CHF for one side. For hiking, you will need to buy a separate ticket.

Distance from Schynige Platte to Interlaken airport -
The Interlaken airport is the nearest to Schynige Platte. Both these places are 2.9 km apart. Other airports like the Geneva airport and the Zurich airport are 145 km and 102 km respectively.

Restaurants at Schynige Platte

Well, in Schynige Platte, you will come across a good quality restaurant offering tasty food. A few of them are recommended below:

1. Restaurant Schynige Platte
It is a mountain restaurant located in the Schynige Platte itself. Set on the mountain top, you can enjoy the open skies in its rooftop dining place. Apart from that, great food and excellent views of the mountains and the landscape will draw your attention. The service and the behaviour of the restaurant staff are the standout features. 

2. Breitlauenen Bistro
It is a small bakery offering cheese platters and homemade pastries. The shop is located halfway between Wilderswil and Schynige Platte. You can jump off from the train and taste the delicious pastries and cakes.

Also, here are some other restaurants outside the Schygine Platte:

1. Restaurant Baren
Located Wengen, which is about 5.5 km from your destination; it is another perfect family restaurant. Other than quality Swiss food, the restaurant is known for its timely and quality service.

2. Balmers Biergarten
Grill & Chill - Grilled chicken, Burgers, Hammocks, and a glass of beer, what else you want! If you want to taste some great and quick food along with a couple of drinks, this is a place to be. The food joint is not far away; it is just 4.5 km away from Schynige Platte.

3. Taste of India Restaurant
Located at about 5.5 km from the Schynige Platte, here you will get a taste of authentic Indian flavors. The restaurant offers both veg and non-veg cuisine, so you have both choices available. Excellent customer service, gentle and professional behavior are the hallmark of this restaurant.

Tips on visiting Schynige Platte

Before traveling anywhere, it is essential to know about the place, things to do, what to wear and etc. One must have an idea about what they expect from the place of travel. 

First, decide what to do there. If you are looking for snow and winter sports, plan your vacation between December to January. Otherwise, plan between May to October.

Select your clothes according to the season you are planning to travel. Specific gadgets and accessories like cameras, sunglasses, caps or hats, and trek gears are a necessity.

Switzerland is expensive, so keep sufficient cash with you.

You must have at least one day's time to complete the trip.

Do good research about things to do and things not to before coming here. It will keep you a step ahead while traveling here.

Several cogwheel train passes are available; please try to research them so that you can save some bucks.

After reaching the ridge, recommend that you  try for a little trek to the top to experience the breath-taking sights.
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Schynige Platte FAQs

Can you drive to Schynige Platte?

Yes, you can drive a car or take a taxi to reach the destination. But most people drive till Wilderswil and then take the cogwheel train route to reach the place.

How do you get to Schynige Platte?

Schynige Platte can be reached by both Bus, Train and Taxi or Car. Reach Wildersil by Bus or Train and then board the old fashioned Swiss Cog Wheel Train. Journey by the train will offer you beautiful sights on the way of reaching your destination. Car or Taxi will be much quicker as train and bus will take 1 hr for covering the same distance. But yes, the train journey will take more than an hour to reach.

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