Iseltwald Dorf Overview

Iseltwald is a charming village situated next to Lake Brienz in Switzerland. It offers astounding views of turquoise waters and lush greenery and is surrounded by the majestic peaks of the Swiss Alps. You can stroll on the lakefront walkway here, go on boat tours, or discover the local hiking paths, too. This Village is famous for its traditional Swiss charm, cosy guesthouses, and peaceful atmosphere.

In Switzerland's Bernese Oberland, the fishing village of Iseltwald is located on the southern edge of Lake Brienz. Iseltwald is famous for its beautiful scenery. It is dotted with charming Swiss homes and dotted with eateries and cafés by the lake. All of these provide views of the snow-capped Alps from all directions. The whole region has been designated as a Swiss Heritage Site and is full of beauty and historical value. This village is peaceful and ideal for exploration and relaxation as it is surrounded by tall mountains and thick forests. 

In the summer, you can take strolls along the lakefront promenade. Where you can board passenger boats for picturesque lake rides. Iseltwald is also home to the famous castle of Schloss Seeburg. You can admire this beautiful castle that was built in 1907 and has a very interesting past. Include Iseltwald Dorf in your Interlaken itinerary for an authentic addition to your Switzerland travel packages, ensuring a blend of tranquillity and exploration in the heart of the Swiss Alps.


• Take in stunning views of Lake Brienz while boating, and watch the blue waters sparkle in contrast to the lush greenery and tall mountains around it.
• Discover secret waterfalls and expansive vistas as you stroll along the surrounding hiking trails that meander through meadows and forests.
• Experience the authentic Swiss charm of Iseltwald through its warm guesthouses, picturesque streets, and kind residents.
• Visit the village's many old churches and chapels to see examples of hundreds of years-old buildings and culture.
• Savour delectable Swiss fare at neighbourhood eateries, where you can enjoy delicacies like cheese fondue and chocolate sweets in a lovely setting.

How To Reach

  • By Car: Iseltwald is about 10 kilometres away from the centre of Interlaken. It will take you about 10 minutes to reach Iseltwald, driving along Lake Brienz. When you get there, there is a parking lot in the middle of the village called Parkplatz. Here, you can park your car by paying with cash, credit, or phone.
  • By Bus: To get from Interlaken to Iseltwald by bus, you can take the number 103 bus. Buses leave town every hour from several locations, including Interlaken Ost Train Station. A few euros gets you there in twenty minutes.
  • By Train: Although no train goes directly to Iseltwald, you can catch one at the Interlaken Ost station. After that, it will take you about 45 minutes to get to Iseltwald by bus or cab.
  • By boat: To get to Iseltwald by boat, you need to go to Interlaken Ost. Between 9 AM and 3 PM, boats leave every hour, providing a picturesque 45-minute ride. The price of the tickets is about €10. Check the Brienz schedule ahead of time because times of departure may vary.

Best Time To Visit

You can visit Iseltwald any time of the year, as each season brings its special charms. The Best season is June through August is the best time to visit this place because the weather is warm and perfect for carrying out outdoor activities. You can visit the Iseltwald Dorf any time during the week. However, weekends are usually quite busy. The best time of the day is early in the morning and late in the afternoon. That is because the bright lighting to photograph Lake Brienz and the surrounding mountains is ideal during these times.

Other Essential Information

1. Make reservations in advance for hotels or guesthouses, particularly during busy times of the year.

2. Try the cheese fondue and chocolate desserts at nearby eateries serving Swiss cuisine.

3. Discover the customs and traditions of Switzerland while touring old churches and chapels.

4. Respect wildlife and the environment by adhering to environmental laws and regulations.

5. Treat residents with courtesy and respect for their traditions and customs.

6. Dress accordingly, as winters might be frigid and summers can be mild.

7. Enjoy boat rides on Lake Brienz, hikes in the Alps, visits to neighbouring sights, and strolls along the lakefront promenade.

8. Even if credit cards are commonly used, make sure the card can handle transactions in Swiss Francs (CHF).

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Point of Interest for Iseltwald Dorf
Enjoy a boat cruise on Lake Brienz

Enjoy a boat cruise on Lake Brienz

Take a boat tour across Lake Brienz to see the beautiful scenery in Switzerland. Take a cruise amongst soaring mountains and azure waters. See the famous Giessbachfalle waterfall up close, and then go ashore to check out the lovely town of Iseltwald. Enjoy some tasty treats from the area and take in the neighbourhood vibe. You can anchor the boat wherever you'd like to swim, lay out in the sun, and just relax. Take a shot at steering the boat with the help of a pro for an extra rush. Experience the beauty of nature and unwind on this enjoyable trip.

Hike to the Giessbach Waterfalls

Hike to the Giessbach Waterfalls

For a refreshing experience, start your walk along the beautiful path of Giessbach Falls. Marvel at the water falling 14 steps to the clear Lake Brienz below. You may hear the sound of the falls resounding all around you as you walk along the circular trail that begins at Grandhotel Giessbach. You will feel revitalised by the falls' tremendous strength, which will motivate you to keep hiking. Arrive at Gippi, the hotel's lookout, which provides a stunning view of the lake below, after roughly forty minutes. Explore this one-of-a-kind natural adventure by walking along narrow woodland paths and stone steps.

Visit Gundlischwand’s Alpine Gardens

Visit Gundlischwand’s Alpine Gardens

The Alpine Gardens in the Swiss Alps are a relaxing and unique experience for nature lovers, photographers, and peace seekers. In Gundlischwand, you can visit these gardens to see a wide range of alpine plants, like fragrant herbs, bright flowers, and other unique mountain flora. Take your time walking along the clean paths and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and beautiful mountain views. Be amazed by the beautifully crafted rock formations and cascading waterfalls.

Walk up to Mülibach Falls

Walk up to Mülibach Falls

The Iseltwald Mülibach Falls are a secret gem. They aren't as well-known as the Geissbach Falls, but they are just as beautiful. It's easier to get to than Geissbach because it's only a 2-kilometre walk from the heart of Iseltwald. The road is steep, but it's short enough that you can handle it. The waterfalls are surrounded by trees and are a beautiful sight. To have a different experience, you can wander behind the falls. This secret gem is worth exploring when you are in Iseltwald.

Savour the Sweet treats at Lake Lodge

Savour the Sweet treats at Lake Lodge

You can enjoy tasty treats at Lake Lodge in Iseltwald, which is also a hotel. They have a wide range of delicious treats, such as doughnuts, lemon meringue pie, and crème brûlée. Indulge in these sweet treats on their charming deck with a view of Lake Brienz. You can satisfy your sweet tooth at Lake Lodge while taking in the beautiful scenery. Whether you're here for a quick snack or a long dinner, your heart and belly are sure to be satisfied.

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