Lake Brienz Overview

Situated in the Canton of Berne, Lake Brienz is a wonderful lake in the north of the Alps spread over an area close to almost 29.8 square kilometres. The lake is about 14 kilometres long, 2.8 kilometres wide and 260 meters deep. Lake Brienz is one of the deepest lakes in Switzerland.

Forested by hills of Faulhorn and Schwarzhorn, the lake projects an amazing scenic magnetism. Also recognized as the turquoise gem, Lake Brienz is brighter and intense than any other lakes in Switzerland. The colour of the lake is turquoise because of the waters coming from the glaciers of the Lütschine and the river Aare carry small particles of the sediments into the lake. This natural spectacle becomes an essential stop on your Switzerland trip, offering not just stunning visuals but a captivating lesson in the geological poetry of Swiss lakes.

With the deposition of the particles in the lake, a magical effect is created and is amplified to a greater extent as the lake is well maintained. Tourists at all times love to come to Lake Brienz because of its calm and still nature. The lake reflects the clear skies and the surrounding mountains, which makes the surrounding scenic.

You would also find a number of castles and vineyards on the shores of this lake, which entices the tourists to take part in a number of water-based activities and even hosts a number of music festivals all over the year. If you have not paid a visit to this beautiful lake in Switzerland, then why not take a trip to this amazing place with your loved ones and witness the magic of the enchanting environment.

How To Reach

The distance between Lake Brienz and Interlaken airport is about 13 km, which takes almost 15-20 minutes to cover the distance which could be covered via following means:

- By Train:
You can catch line 470 train to reach Lake Brienz from Interlaken Airport which takes about 17 minutes. 

- By Bus:
You can find readily available bus services between the two locations and it would take about 23 minutes to cover the distance. 

- By Ferry:
If you want to start with having fun from the Interlaken airport itself then you can book your seats in the ferries that operate in the Lake Brienz connecting the airport at Interlaken. 

- By Car:
You can also book cabs on rent as well as drive through the city to reach Lake Brienz in just 20 minutes.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the famous Lake Brienz starts from April to June and again from August to November which welcomes loads of tourists from all over the world to the Lake Brienz. Also, Lake gets a fresh deposit of the sediment which makes the lake appear more like a turquoise gem.

Another factor that entices tourists in this timeframe is the weather condition that remains moderate and calm. In the peak tourist season, the prices of flights and accommodation facilities grow up, so if you are planning to visit Lake Brienz, make sure that you plan early to avoid the last moment price hikes.

Other Essential Information

Lake Brienz is located at Bernese Highlands, canton of Berne. 

Entry fee: The entry fee for Lake Brienz remains in the range of 30 CHF to 100 CHF. 

Opening hours: Not Available 

Distance from Lake Brienz Airport: The nearest airport is at Berne, which is at a distance of 44 km from the lake.

Festivals and Boat Cruise at Lake Brienz

The cruise on the calm turquoise waters of Lake Brienz in the middle of the mountains of the Bernese Oberland is certainly an incredible experience. These cruises take you close to the small villages around the lake and you can also get a chance to admire the famous and the majestic Giessbach Falls and sight many other smaller streams falling into the lake.

The best part of the cruise trip on Lake Brienz will be the experience of tasting a number of authentic culinary offerings from the gallery of the boat. It will surely be great fun and you can definitely spend some time relaxing and enjoy the scenic landscape. 

The excursion trip at Lake Brienz starts at the jetty in Brienz. You can select the boats as well as the departure times. The entire round boat trip will take you from Brienz to Giessbach Falls, then to Oberried, Iseltwald, Niederried, Ringgenberg, Bönigen, Interlaken Ost and back again.

The cruise trip will take about 1 hour and 15 minutes and you will have an impressive tour in and around the lake in Switzerland, which is known all over the world for its enchanting scenic surroundings. The cruise trip will also let you relish the opportunity of immersing in nature and observing numerous small and big waterfalls as you glide through the refreshing breeze.

With the movement of the boat, you will come across the waves rippling, merging and heightening. This is truly one of the great sights that need to be witnessed. Relish the vastness of Lake Brienz and visualize the profundity of the water that has run through the Alps and collected in the lake since ages. Lake Brienz is an emerald set in the middle of the Bernese Oberland Alps.

Explore Lake Brienz

Lake Brienz happens to be a beautiful place in Switzerland that casts a magical spell on the tourists. The incredible backdrop of this place entices tourists from all over the world. The exquisitely turquoise lake, premier vistas of the mountains, craggy cliffs, forested hills and cascade are more than enough to tranquilise anyone visiting this place endowed by the best of nature's blessings. 

Lake Brienz has been one of the most popular spots in Interlaken for various laid-back excursions, biking and hiking tours through these traditional villages and settlements like the Iseltwald and Bonigen. Here are some of the things that you can choose to explore in the course of your visit to Lake Brienz:

- You can head out on a hiking or biking tour along the long stretched shoreline of Lake Brienz. The scenic stretch of the coastline will embrace you and present you a wonderful experience when you pass through the Bönigen, Iseltwald and Giessbach Falls. 

You can go out wandering along with the Katzenpfad ost via Goldswil to Ringgenberg on the north shore. 

When you are at Lake Brienz do not forget to taste the authentic Alpine Cheese on Battenalp. 

The best way to explore Lake Brienz is by taking a cruise or boat trip. This trip will take you through the scenic magnetism of the lake as well as help you reach countless places of tourist interest.  

If you want to spend some time in relaxation then the best way to do that would be seating by the shorelines soaking up all the rays from the sun.

Tips on visiting Lake Brienz

Here are some of the tips that you need to keep in mind when visiting the famous Lake Brienz in Switzerland:

- You must take cruise trips and boat rides on the lake.

You have the privilege of choosing the type of boat at the jetty. So, you can check out all the available boats and then select one that attracts you.

The lake is about 260 meters deep. So when taking boat rides make sure you tie up the safety life jackets as well as harnesses provided at the jetty. 

You should not litter in the lake because cleanliness is something that attracts millions of tourists all over the year.

You should not carry food items on the boats and throw your leftovers here and there. You should at all times throw your waste materials in the trash bins. 

If you are visiting in the peak tourism season then you should be aware of the fact that there would be certain hikes in the accommodation facilities as well as other things meant solely for tourists. 

Make sure that you carry all your identity documents and passport with you.
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