Lake Thun Overview

Nestled amidst the two Bernese Oberland towns called Thun and Interlaken, Lake Thun is a beautiful Alpine Lake brimming with deep blue water. Cuddled on the northern periphery of the majestic Mount Alps, the lake possesses a beautiful backdrop which is reflected vividly on its crystal clear surface.

The shores of the lake are dotted with small medieval towns and Romanesque churches to enhance the elegance of the lake. For people traveling from India, the shores of Lake Brienz present charming small medieval towns and Romanesque churches, enhancing the lake's timeless elegance. In the nearby town of Thun, a 12th-century castle exhibits elegant Swiss architecture, a must-visit on your Switzerland tour package from India.

Along with the 12th century castle, you could witness the 15th century Spiez Castle in the south of the lake. All these features make this lake one of the prominent paradises on the earth. In fact, the beauty of the place was so enthralling that a 19th century painter painted a huge scene of the lake which is kept in the Schadau Park.

Not only cruising, you could also enjoy jet skiing, speed boating, swimming, hiking on the nearby Alps, and many more water sports in the lake. By offering so many recreational options to its visitors, the place becomes a favourite of the tourists and locals alike.

How To Reach

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Lake Thun is situated around 15.1 KM from the Interlaken airport and these are the following means of transport which you could take to cover this distance: 

By Train:
You could use a local train which would take around 28 mins and cost you between INR 1000 to INR 2000. There is a train every 30 minutes from Interlaken West Station.

By Bus:
It would take around 48 minutes to cover this distance by bus which would not cost you more than INR 350. Also there is one bus every hour from the bus stop at Interlaken West, Bahnhof.

By Ferry:
Taking a ferry from Interlaken West would probably be the best way to travel to the lake as it will take you through the calm waters of the lake itself. However, it would be a 2 hours and 10 minutes long journey which would cost you around INR 2,600 to 3,300.

By Cab:
Definitely the fastest way to travel is by hiring a cab from the airport which would take no more than 25 minutes to take you to the lake. However, it would cost you somewhere between INR 10,000 to INR 20,000.

Best Time To Visit

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The best time to visit Lake Thun starts from the month of April to the month of June and again from the month of September to the month of October. These are the timeframes of spring and fall season when Lake Thun is at its best.

The climatic conditions remain perfect for tourism and you can really make the most out of your trip to Switzerland by visiting many other places of tourist interest nearby. If you are coming to Lake Thun to take part in the adventure activities, then it would be better if you plan to come in the middle of December and March as it is considered the best time for water sports in the lake.

Other Essential Information

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Lake Thun is located at Canton of Berne, Interlaken, Switzerland

Entry fee: The entry fee for Lake Thun is in the range of 30 CHF to 100 CHF.

Opening hours: The lake Thun opens for visitors at 08:00 AM in the morning and closes at 04:00 PM in the evening.

Distance from Lake Thun Airport: The distance between the nearest airport to Lake Thun is about 19 km. After reaching the airport, you can take a train or book a taxi to reach the lake.

Reasons to Visit Lake Thun

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Lake Thun in Switzerland happens to be one of the most important places of tourist attraction which is visited by zillions of tourists from all over the world. Here are some of the reasons for which you should not miss out on visiting this amazing place in the course of your trip:

1. The old town is one of the largest towns on the lake and has connections with the medieval period of Switzerland. It also happens to be an important market town with good-sized pedestrian-only shopping centres set up alongside the river.

You would also find a number of cafes and restaurants offering a wide range of enticing cuisines and refreshing drinks. The old town is also home to countless historic buildings and heritage monuments. Churches are yet another major attraction of this place. 

You would find a number of churches by the side of the lake and you can directly make it to some of them through the cobbled streets and steps. The most widely held heritage monuments are Thun’ Church and Castle, which overlooks the city and have been constructed centuries back. Spending some time in these places will surely make you feel connected with the bygone times as well as let your inner peace govern you. 

2. The famous and widely renowned Thun Castle is an architectural marvel by the side of the Thun Lake. Constructed in the 12th century, this awe-inspiring heritage building attracts tourists and also casts a spell on them for a few hours.

On the visit to the castle, you can get to know more about the history of Thun as well as gather information dating back to the middle ages and sight artefacts of the times gone by. The best part of this castle is its exhibition hall that features well-restored interiors with a number of interactive and informative sheets on display in various international languages for better understanding of tourists.

One more thing that tourists love to try out in these castles is climbing up to the top towers and sighting the outstanding views of the city, lake, and mountain ranges surrounding the area.  

3. This place has also been able to gather a good name in the artistic landscapes. Artist Marquard Wocher happens to be one of the greatest artisans of the bygone times. Between the year 1809 and 1814, he had produced a circular painting named as Thun Panorama, which still enthrals the visitors coming over to this place.

Being one of the oldest surviving circular paintings in the whole world, it is a great place of tourist attraction. The painting is sheltered in a specially constructed house at the Thun art museum which is also round in shape. You can find an intimate look at the lifestyle of the Thun people in the late 18th and early 19th century.

This incredible painting is about 7.5 meters high and almost 38 meters long and was sketched by the artisan sitting on a rood in the middle of the city. 

4. Village landscapes of Thun are considered to be one of the significant tourist attractions. This is because of their distinctive mediaeval keep and picturesque turret. The Oberhofen castle dating back to the 12th century will surely make a mark in the course of your visit.

With lovely tiled roof towers and top-class interior décor, this place is a must-visit attraction if you wish to enjoy the great views of the lakes and mountain ranges. This castle was initially bought by Prussian Count Albert De Pourtales from Neuchatel as one of their summer residences.

The present-day appearance is the result of a number of renovation and restoration works. In late 1954, the castle was turned into an exhibition hall that displayed the history of its former residents. The castle has had many owners and the history connected with all of them is profound. Tourists will surely fall in love with the murals that date back to the 15th century and the gardens that are set with a view of the great Bernese Alps. 

5. The town of Spiez will certainly welcome you with amazing views and landscapes. If you are reaching the city by road or by rail, then you will surely fall in love with impressive views of the castles. The ones visiting the township by boat will be great by the lush vineyards.

The best part of this place is the holiday vibe and party culture that will make your time spent memorable. With a number of hotels, cafes, and waterfront stands, there are plenty of opportunities to get spoiled. Visitors come over to this place to take part in an array of watersports in the calm and peaceful bay. The turquoise waters of the bay make it one of the most beautiful bays in Europe. 

Mountain visits are something that defines the beauty of Switzerland. The entire nation is surrounded by various mountain ranges and provides a chance to the visitors to immerse themselves in the crisp and calm alpine air. Lake Thun makes available for great views of spectacular mountain ranges starting from the summit of Neiderhorn at 1950 meters to the Bernese Alps.

You can visit these places all over the year and get to witness the wilderness of Switzerland in their natural habitat. You can choose from numerous tour packages and get a chance to see the ibex, chamois, beavers, marmots, and golden eagles.

The mountains are also a place for carrying out adventure activities by renting scooter bikes and tripping down the valley. You will also be welcomed by countless caves on the mountains that are accessible by both roads and waterways. Tourists love to walk along the pathway and visit the Stalactites and Stalagmites inside various limestone caves. 

Winter on Lake Thun

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Winters on Lake Thun are just wonderful because of the serene atmosphere and panoramic views of the majestic mountains. You will definitely fall under the charming magical spell of the imposing landscapes that surround the lake. Tourists prefer going on boat rides to the lake for witnessing the snow capped peaks and the sparkling natural surroundings for a fairy tale experience. 

On your visit to the lake, you will be welcomed by the cool breeze in your face and breathtaking sights of nature. The best way to enjoy your trip in the course of your winter trip to Lake Thun will be taking a boat ride in the icy waters and discovering the magic of the atmosphere. In the course of the trip, you will be visiting the fishing villages, castles overloaded with history of the bygone times and landscapes wrapped in the winter coat.

Places to Stay around Lake Thun

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Check out some of the best places to stay around Lake Thun in the course of your trip to Interlaken:

1. Freienhof
Freienhof is located in the middle of the city centre and it is just a minutes’ walk from the old town. This place is widely held among the tourists visiting Interlaken for its amazing views and super friendly staff. You will be having all the luxury and modern amenities in the rooms with free high-speed Wi-Fi access round the clock.

The hotel offers a wide range of menu for tourists in its inhouse restaurant starting from innovative swiss delicacies to a number of international cuisines. 

2. Boutique Hotel Schlossberg
If luxury is what you are looking for then Boutique Hotel Schlossberg is one such place in Interlaken that will wave your mind with its offerings. The hotel has a multi-cuisine in-house restaurant, wellness area, steam bath corners and lounges.

You will get to stay in the soundproofed rooms that come equipped with desks, safety deposit boxes, flat screen tv, and coffee makers. The hotel is located at one of the posh locations of the city and you will find a number of shops and other restaurants nearby it. 

3. Hotel Emmental
Located in the middle of the Interlaken city, Hotel Emmental is a heritage hotel that dates back to 1898 and is styled in Alpine architecture. The hotel has a beautifully designed sun terrace that overlooks the castle of Thun and is at a distance of mere 200 meters from the surrounding mountain ranges of Grindelwald, Gstaad, Lenk, Jungfrau and Eiger Mountains.

All the rooms of the hotel are decorated with high ceilings, cosy white furniture, LCD cable TC and private bathrooms with bathtubs. 

4. Ferienwohnung Schwert
If you have a plan to spend a long vacation in the city of Interlaken near the lake Thun then there is no better place than Ferienwohnung Schwert to stay with your loved ones. It is located in the old town next to the castle. This stay has an amazing rooftop garden, freestanding bathtub, open plan kitchen, living and dining room, and a covered barbeque area for those evening get-togethers.

Tips on Visiting Lake Thun

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Here are some of the traveller's tips that you should keep in your mind while visiting Lake Thun in Switzerland:

You should carry all the essential travel documents with you.

You must go for booking travel insurance at the beginning of the trip to keep things secure.

You must carry warm clothes with you as the temperature of Lake Thun remains low all through the year. 

You must carry extra clothes with you if you are looking forward to carrying out any adventure activity in the course of your stay.

If you are going ahead for trying out any water sports in Lake Thun, then you must make sure that you have undergone the sessions of introductory training.

You should strictly follow all the rules and regulations set by the authorities at the adventure sports arena.

You should try to avoid going for mountainous treks alone. 

It is at all times recommended to be very cautious when entering into any of the caves on the surrounding mountains. 

You should carry enough cash with you when visiting places of tourist attraction around the lake.
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Lake Thun FAQs

Can you swim in Lake Thun?

Yes, you can swim in Lake Thun enjoying the breathtaking views of the Bernese Alps. Tourists specially choose to swim in this lake for its scenic surroundings as well as for its amazing lakeside bathing places, swimming pools, diving towers. There is an ample amount of opportunities to take part in this lake even if you are a regular swimmer. You can just have fun in the heated swimming pools with your loved ones.

How far is Lake Thun from Interlaken?

Lake Thun is about 19 km from Interlaken and it takes about 30 minutes to cover this distance. You can take the readily available public transport like Train, Bus, Taxi, and Ferry services to reach the lake. If you are well acquainted with the routes of Interlaken, you can also drive down the well-maintained roads and reach your destination within 25 minutes.

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