Khan Market, Delhi: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips

About Khan Market

Classy and posh, in Delhi is one of the most expensive and well known shopping plazas across the world. The double storied market in the heart of Delhi is home to the best known brands from within the country as well as outside it, and caters to the interests of people across all ages. Khan Market is a favourite hub of the expat and the diplomat community in Delhi. The market is known for its assortment of high-end brands across all products, including clothing items, footwear, jewelry, artefacts and handicrafts, stationery, and even grocery items.

Khan Market also offers restaurants, eateries and cafes. The sprawling marketplace is littered with a number of eateries, suitable for all budget ranges. From roadside roll stalls to authentic fine dining diners, one is spoilt for choice here. The market is also well known for its unique book stores. The quaint little bookshops found here are often accompanied by adjoining themed cafes, offering a one of a kind reading experience for visitors. 

Although there are Street side retail wares available in Khan Market, options of these are few. However, if one is looking for intricately crafted handicraft items, traditional souvenirs or handcrafted junk jewelry, the market offers an array of shops selling these as well. 

History of Khan Market

Established in 1951, the double storeyed market complex initially consisted of 154 shops. The shops were allocated as seed land to immigrants coming in from the North West Frontier Province following the Partition of India in 1947.

The first floor of the complex  comprised of 74 flats for the shopkeepers who set up shop here and their families. The first traders who set up shop here named the complex after the renowned freedom fighter Khan Abdul Jaffar Khan, as a tribute to his efforts of helping the migrants arrive safely into India.

Khan Market lies very close to the India Gate, and is practically unmissable for tourists coming here. It is well connected by road to almost all parts of the city. To make the commute to the market even more hassle free, the Violet Line of Delhi Metro has the Khan Market station which opens directly into the market premises.

How to Reach Khan Market

There are a number of ways to reach Khan Market from the Indira Gandhi International Airport,Delhi:

1. One can avail a metro to reach Khan Market. From the Airport, one must take the Orange Line and get off at Shivaji Stadium. From there, take a 16 minute walk to Janpath, and then take the Violet Line to Khan Market. The entire journey would cost around Rs. 70 and take around 40 minutes.

2. One can also take a direct bus travelling from the Airport to the Khan Market. However, this would be inadvisable as the journey would take around 2 and a half hours to complete.

3. The quickest way to travel between the two destinations would be to hire a cab or take a taxi. The journey would take around 20 minutes, although this would probably be the most expensive route to travel between the two places.

Best Time to Visit Khan Market

The best time to visit Khan Market in Delhi is during the winter months, between November to March. Delhi experiences an extreme of climatic conditions throughout the year. It becomes extremely hot during the summers, and too cold during the winter months.

However, the frigid winters provide a better setting for market hopping than the sweltering summer months. Winters in Delhi are also fairly dry. There is hardly any rain, and shower spells are minimal if not absent. This allows visitors to enjoy the outdoors as well as indoor shopping experience provided at Khan Market.

What Not to Miss at Khan Market

Shopping in Khan Market

1. OGAAN- Khan Market: Established in 1989, Ogaan is an apparel store and  one of the first stores in India to house products of multiple designers under the same roof. It is one of the best known designer stores in India and aims to promote the best craftsmanship from all over the country. 

The shop, a pocket venture of which was installed in Khan Market in the year 2013, houses modern, western and contemporary clothing along with Indian fashion, bridal and casual items as well.

2. Innisfree: A Korea-based natural cosmetic and skin care brand, Innisfree is known for its hospitable staff and its value for money. Innisfree’s products are made out of 100% organic products, and the store is famous for their line of Green Tea-based items. The customers at Innisfree are not only fitted with the best item that goes with their skin type, but also demonstrated on how the product is to be used.

3. Neel Sutra: Started by designer Deepika Govind, Neel Sutra in Khan Market combines an unprecedented style of needlework and textile. Although providing for both genders, the shop is especially known for its bridal and wedding wear options. A specialty of Neel Sutra is the Aromatic Sari, woven out of fragrant threads, which has the ability to retain its aroma up to 30 washes.

4. Kama Ayurveda: Kama Ayurveda was launched in Delhi in the year 2002 with nine Ayurvedic treatments aimed at reducing hair fall and skin care concerns. To complement the treatment, the store developed their own brand of skin and hair care products called
‘Les Jardins D’Inde’, inspired by Ayurvedic treatment methods. The store develops their products from authentic natural ingredients, and work with forest communities and small scale artisans to meet their purpose.

5. Anupamaa Stores: A Boutique offering the best that fashion has to offer, Anupamaa Stores prides in its variety of Indian, western and fusion wear. The store is known for its extravagant combination of colours and textile variety. Anupamaa Stores also offers free home delivery across the country.

6. Anand General Store: Anand General Store is a grocery store providing a top-class shopping experience by putting the shopper first. The friendly and hospital staff is always close at hand to assist you. The shop is always well-stocked with items one might need on a daily basis. Their exclusive offers and value for money makes one come back for more.

7. Anand Stationery: Well stocked in stationary essentials from multiple brands, Anand Stationery makes shopping simple with a straightforward service and great product choice available at budget-friendly prices.

8. Hamster London: A venture of the original London based enterprise, Hamster London is a go-to shop for gift items. Hamster is not merely a stationary store- it is a fashion stationary store that houses products from all around the world. From writing equipment to sticker packs to quirky embroideries for decorating your writing desk- Hamster London has it all.

9. The Big Chill Cakery: One of the best confectionary shops in the area, The Big Chill Cakery prides in its selection of freshly baked cakes, a variety of desserts and other confectionery products. Their specialty items include the Banoffee Pie, Chocolate Mousse and the Chicken Mushroom Croissant.

Places to visit near Khan Market

1. Qutub Minar:
The Qutb Minar in Delhi is a demarcated UNESCO World Heritage Site. The structure is an exemplary example of Mughal Architecture. The Minar was constructed by Qutubuddin Aibak, the founder of the Delhi Sultanate, and completed by his son Iltutmish.

The Qutb Minar is popular for its architectural and historical significance.  Numerous inscription in the Parso-Arabic and Nagari script made on the structure detail the history of its construction, and consequent restoration by Feroz Shah Tughlaq. Although the Tower was initially open to the public for viewing, public entrance was eventually prohibited following an accident in the year 1981. 

2. Red Fort: This historic Fort served as the main residence for the Mughal Emperors. Also known by its colloquial title, Lal Quila, the Fort was constructed in the year 1639 by the emperor Shah Jahan.

The Red Fort is another stunning proof of Mughal architecture, featuring double domes and marble and floral decorations on the ceiling and walls. The Fort’s artwork is a beautiful synthesis of Persian, Indian and European art styles. The Fort complex houses number of smaller structures, like the public hall known as the Diwan-i-Aam, or the treasury known as Chatta Chowk. Mumtaz Mahal, also housed within the Fort complex, is now the seat of the Red Fort Archaeological Museum.

3. Humayun’s Tomb: Maqbar-i-Humayun was the first garden tomb to be built in India in tribute of the Mughal Emperor Humayun. The tomb, made out of red sandstone and rubble masonry, showcases a topnotch application of Islamic architecture. The tomb is placed between a 30 acre gardens, known as the Char Bagh.

There are a number of other monuments lining the path that leads to the Tomb from the main gate. A prominent structure is the tomb and mosque of Isa Khan, built twenty years before Humayun’s Tomb itself. One can also find here the tomb and garden of Bu Halima, although not much is known about the personality to which it is dedicated.

4. Lotus Temple: Notable for its flowerlike shape, the Lotus Temple in Delhi is a Baha-i place of worship. The structure of the temple consists of 27 marble clad free standing petals. Being a Bahai worship place, the Temple is open to people from all regions for worship. The sacred works from not only the Bahai faith, but also all faiths of worship can be read or chanted here. One can also chant hymns and sing religious songs, but no musical instruments can be played within the temple. 

5. India Gate: Originally known as the All India War Memorial, the India Gate is a memorial located on the Rajpath in New Delhi. The magnanimous archway, reaching across the two ends of the road, was built as a tribute to the 72,000 soldiers who were a part of the British Indian army and were lost in war.

Following the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1972, a second structure made of marble plinth was built under the Gate archway. This structure, known as the Amar Jawan Jyoti or the Flame of the Immortal Soldier, is India’s first and only tribute to Unknown Soldiers.

Other Essential Information About Khan Market

 61A, Khan Market, Rabindra Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110003

-Timings: The market remains open between 10.00AM to midnight on all days of the week except Sundays.

-Price: There is no entry fee to visit the Khan Market.

Places to eat Near Khan Market

1. Sidewok Restaurant:
Offering the best of Pan Asian cuisine, this loft restaurant in Khan Market offers a wholesome gastronomical experience with its accommodating menu.  This casual dining restaurant remains open until midnight every day, and is one of the best rated restaurants in Khan Market known for its value for money and impeccable service.

2. The Chatter House: Know for its delightful interior setting, the Chatter House contributes significantly to the nightlife of New Delhi. This multicuisine restaurant is well known for its choice of music and offer of beverages. One is spoilt for choice here by a menu that boasts of Japanese, Lebanese, Italian, Chinese and North Indian delights.

The Chatter House also organizes match screenings and live music gigs, making it a frequent visit for youths around the city. The must-tries of Chatter House include the Gulab Jamun Cheesecake, the white sauce pasta, and the Long Island Iced Tea.

3. Mr Choy: Mr Choy in Khan Market prides in its ability to deliver a fun and pop cultured Asian dining experience. The Head Chef at the enterprise is the eponymous Mr. Choy himself, working with a group of extremely talented chefs to deliver the best dining experience.

The authentic Asian dim sums and flour-based Bao bread are absolute crowd favourites here. The restaurant also boasts of a wide selection of seafood options, especially the giant mud crab preparation, where diners get to select their own style of preparation.

4. Café Turtle: This charming little café in Khan Market was set up to complement the adjoining Full Circle Bookstore. The idea was to set up a casual space where people can come together to enjoy a laid-back, lively snack over cakes, coffee, tea and much more.

The dishes and drinks are always prepared from local produce, and the café tries to steer clear of added colouring items or preservatives. In winter months, the café arranges a special lunch menu on every Saturday, so that diners can try multiple cuisines from across the world. The café also organizes multiple events, such as book readings, painting workshops, art exhibitions and live music gigs. It also provides an outdoor seating option on the balcony, accompanied by a hearth fire in winters.

5. Yum Yum Cha: This authentic Chinese restaurant offers the best of its cuisine in Khan Market. Designed in traditional Chinese style, the interiors offer a befitting setting to enjoy the authentic cuisine. The staff here is known for its hospitality, quick and impeccable service.

6. Khan Chacha: Initially started off as a one-man business, Khan Chacha is now the best known street food hub in Khan Market. The delicious and budget friendly food served here is a massive hit among tourists as well as locals, and is especially popular among younger crowds. Khan Chacha’s rolls is a must try.

Tips for visiting Khan Market

Make sure to carry enough cash while visiting Khan Market, as the shops here are fairly expensive.

2. Beware of pickpockets, and keep belonging safe.

3. Delhi is prone to frequent showers. Make sure to carry adequate items such as umbrellas and raincoats.

4. Carry paper or cloth bags and avoid using plastic to keep the environment healthy and safe.
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People Also Ask About Khan Market

  1. What is famous in Khan Market?

    Khan Market is famous for its sheer range of items. Almost all products are available here, from clothes to food items to stationary products. The Market is also popular for its eateries and restaurants, most of which are luxury dining options and provide the best that the city has to offer in the culinary line.
  2. Is Khan Market open on Sunday?

    No. Khan Market is not open on Sundays. However, a lot of pubs, eateries, restaurants found here remain open throughout the week and operate independently of the market timings.
  3. How far is Khan Market from Metro station?

    The Khan Market Metro Station is situated close to the Market premises. Geographically, the station entrance is 0 nautical miles away from the market. Gate 4 of the Khan Market metro station opens directly into the market premises.
  4. What things you can buy in Khan Market?

    One can buy almost everything in Khan Market. The double storeyed marketplace houses clothing items, footwear, lifestyle stores, opticians, jewelry stores and much more. The market also houses a number of food stalls and restaurants and is a perfect abode for foodies across the city.
  5. Can we bargain in Khan Market?

    Bargain lovers will be disappointed in Khan Market. Although the market does contain certain street side retail stores, most of the shops in Khan Market are ventures of high-end brands that sell their items at a fixed rate only.

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