Kuala Lumpur Walking Tours

Walking tour Kuala Lumpur could be fun if you are interested to observe the lifestyle and the local culture thriving in the place. Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia, and you can expect to spot urban lifestyle wherever you go. However, in between the streets and alleys, you can also spot different cultures co-existing with the Malaysian city style. Besides, a walking tour can lead you to visit the famous places in Malaysia. So, choose a flexible package and set out for the Malaysian walking tour as soon as possible. By opting for the walking tours in Kuala Lumpur, you can visit places such as Taman Negara National Park, Templer Park, a walk through the mesmerizing forest reserve in Kuala Lumpur, Port Dickson tour, and the famous alleys in the city. All these places are famous parks and beach where you can visit with your family/ friends can take a memorable trip. Different tourism packages offer different facilities to the people which can also be customized as per demand.

The Taman Negara trip is a 14 hours day trip starting with a package of Rs 9520 per adult. The trip takes you to the mentioned places and allows you to take part in activities such as boating, trekking or canopy walk. Lunch is included in the package. If you are looking forward to taking a bath under waterfalls, then the Templer Park will be the perfect choice for you. The package starts with Rs 2884 per adult and takes you on a 4 hours journey. Likewise, Port Dickinson is a famous spot for beach lovers who want to relax under the sun in the calm and peaceful atmosphere. The package to port Dickinson starts with Rs 3525 per head. Walking tour Kuala Lumpur is the perfect choice for people who want to observe the nature and the places closely. So, pack your stuff such as camera, sunglasses, etc. and get ready for an awesome walking tour of the city.

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