(Last Updated On: October 22, 2018)

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Camel safari in deserts – hot and cold! The snow capped lands of Ladakh is popular for its trekking trails, Yak safaris and breathtaking monasteries. However, contrary to the general belief that camel safaris are available only in the hot deserts region of Rajasthan only, there is camel safaris carried out in the cold deserts of Ladakh also. This is one memorable experience of exploring the rugged mountain region on a camel back.

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Say hello to the ‘Ship of desert’: Camel is a gentle giant that has proved to be the lifeline for the desert people by serving as the major mode of transportation in deserts. Their thick hides protect them from the harsh heat prevalent in the desert. It is commonly believed that the camels store water in their humps at the back, but this is a myth which is not true. These humps are actually a store house of fatty tissue. By concentrating body fat in their humps they minimize the heat that is trapped throughout the rest of their body, which is an interesting feature that they have enabling them to adapt to live in hot climates.

camels in ladakh

The mesmerizing combination of an exquisite ride through an exotic paradise:The camel safari in Ladakh takes you through some of the old and the most beautiful passes of the region and also gives you a wonderful opportunity to have a firsthand experience of the lifestyle of the locals at the remote Ladakhi villages and valleys through which you would be riding atop camels.

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Also, this ride gives you the best chance to take in and relish the natural scenic beauty at this Himalayan paradise with its colorful Buddhist monasteries, green valleys, misty rugged terrains and also you could have a dip in one of the popular hot springs of the region, which are all believed to be blessed with medicinal properties.

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The eventual scenic change from lush green apricot orchards to the frozen desert and then the snow-clad peaks offers you unexpected surprises and gives you wholesome entertainment to make for an experience to last a lifetime.

Important points to keep in mind before venturing on a camel safari:Riding on a camel requires a certain amount of technique, which is however not too hard to learn.

  • One needs to master the balancing act and get used to the rolling and wobbly movements of the camel.
  • While exploring rugged mountain terrains of Ladakh, you might feel nauseated due to the rickety movement of the camel; make sure you are not on an empty stomach or a completely full stomach while on this ride. Eat just right before getting atop the camel for your safari.

Popular places for Camel Safari in Ladakh: Some of the popular centers for camel safari in Leh are situated in the Nubra Valley, Deskit and Hunder villages. An interesting aspect about Camel Safari in Nubra is that here, they have the shaggy double-humped Bactrian camel. Currently, these double humped camels have emerged as the hot favorites amongst the tourists who choose them over the regular camels during camel safaris in Ladakh.

Best time to go on a camel safari in Leh-La

dakh:Camel Safari in Ladakh is available from the month of July to September, when the climate is pleasantly warm and the routes are relatively cleaner than the monsoon months.

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