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Indonesia Elephant Safari Reviews

Bhagvan Varman
Reviewed: 05 Jun 2022
During our honeymoon in Bali, we booked our elephant safari with Thrillophilia and went to meet the Sumatran Elephants at Taro tropical park. It was a heck of an experience, enjoying the thrilling elephant ride and learning about these critically-endangered mammals.
Devi Mishra
Reviewed: 04 Jan 2022
We had the best experience during our Bali trip as we sat atop a massive Sumatran elephant and explored the very green Taro village. We booked the safari ride tickets through Thrillophilia and enjoyed great discounts as well!
Vasudeva Marar
Reviewed: 27 Jan 2022
Bali is famous for its elephant parks and during my holiday here, I got a chance to enjoy an elephant safari in Ubud. It shall remain something that I will never forget in my whole life. The elephants were so friendly, and me and my parents also had an interactive session here, along with other acti... Read More
Madhuri Prajapat
Reviewed: 21 Sep 2021
Meeting with Sumatran elephants was the highlight of our family's trip to Bali. Not only did we enjoy the safari, also the natural beauty of the Taro Tropical Park was mesmerizing. Above all, the Thrillophilia team's service was commendable. Thank you for making this trip so memorable.

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