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About Victoria Harbour

Dividing the island of Hong Kong into two main regions, Victoria Harbour is the modern-age harbour, visited by thousands of vacationers every year. The coastline of this harbour has everything from the scenic promenade, overlooking the lapping water waves, to enigmatic skyline views. Many of the corporate buildings like HSBC and IFC Two Tower stands near to it, contributing to the everlasting importance of Victoria Harbour.

In fact, earlier it was known by the name of “Hong Kong Harbour.” The history related to this harbour dates back to the 1st and 2nd Opium War, which China lost to Great Britain. Afterwards, as a tribute to Queen Victoria, this harbour got its current name. Also, multiple reclamation projects on both sides of Victoria Harbour have helped reconstruct its infrastructure to what it is today. Many of the local residents have stood up against the reclamation construction because of environmental issues. Despite that, this harbour has remained top-most attraction sight amongst the global visitors

In fact, you can sit down and relax with no one to disturb and enjoy some more relaxing activities in Hong Kong. The whole scenario of this harbour is picturesque. There are multiple glass buildings around, some of which are top restaurants, shopping centres, and others are the leading business houses. Whereas, on the other hand, you will see the vast expanse of the seawater floating and crushing against the numerous ships and vessels docked at the corner of the promenade.

Moreover, a rather famous show called “Symphony of Lights” takes place at this harbour every day at a fixed time. It has been in the media so much so that it had won the award from the Guinness World Record itself; the title was “World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show. During the show, the skyscraper buildings famously beam out laser lights, tuned with the background music, every night at either side of the Victoria Harbour. 
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Essential Information:

Victoria Harbour is in the south of the main Hong Kong land. It basically divides Hong Kong into two parts. At the north is the Kowloon Peninsula. Its proper address or location would be Hong Kong Island, China - 999077.

Timings: You can visit Victoria Harbour at any time of the day. But visitors prefer at 8 PM for watching the Symphony of Lights show at night.

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Places To Visit Near Victoria Harbour

Here are some of the places that are near Victoria Harbour:

Symphony of Lights:
 Stay near the Victoria Harbour for the world-renowned Symphony of Lights where the tallest building around the promenade, lighten up with the laser and other colourful lights. The musically lighted show lasts up to 14-15 minutes every day, starting from 8 PM. This is a must-watch show near the harbour.

Golden Bauhinia Square
: This is mere 2-minutes’ walk away from the main Vitoria Harbour lane. This is a national emblem of Hong Kong. This is actually a golden-coloured flower, gilded at the frontend of the harbour itself. The Hong Kong Cultural Center is right behind it, a few meters away.

Hong Kong Arts Center:
 This centre is at the 2 Harbour Road of Wan Chai. Multiple works of art by homegrown artists are exhibited here. This institution is Hong Kong’s only non-profit centre for multiple arts like performances, exhibitions, plays, as well as screenings. Recently, it has completed 40 successful years of its establishment. Till date, it has presented more than 2000 events through different artistic mediums like plays, exhibitions, visual arts, etc.

Lennon Wall: 
Near Harcourt Road, this wall is nothing but a state-of-the-art mosaic. This is a historical site where you can see the stickers and artistic expression of views by the public during the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong. The whole wall is covered with notes, poems, memories, speeches, and so much more. People have literally poured their hearts out about their sufferance during the freedom war.

Tamar Park:
 This is a modern park around the area of Admiralty near the Victoria Harbour itself. It is widely stretched with 17,000 sq. meters. The majority of this park usable and accessible to the general public. It has an amphitheatre along with a wooded area for live performance. The circumference of this area is wide open for 240-250 people to be seated at once.

The Cenotaph:
 It is a quite respected war memorial of Hong Kong, located at the middle of the State Square and the City Hall. It has written the names of the soldiers who died in the 1st and 2nd world war. In fact, this Cenotaph is almost the exact same copy of that one in London. This memorial tomb is purely made out of limestone.

The Hong Kong Observation Wheel:
 This wheel is located at the centre of the Harbourfront, consisting of 42 gondolas. Wherein, each gondola has air-conditioner and communication service to handle emergencies. Within 15 minutes, this Ferris Wheel spins 2-3 times with a maximum capacity of 8 people in normal gondolas. Hong Kong Observation Wheel Ticket, Hong Kong, Book Now!

Avenue of Stars:
 It is tucked at the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront, straight at the opposite of the Victoria Harbour. It takes about 12-15 minutes to reach premises of Avenue of Stars. This avenue pays a thankful contribute to Hong Kong’s film industry, reaching up to a level where it’s now compared to Hollywood movies and their quality.

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Cruises At Victoria Harbour

Take the best ferries or cruises to explore the magic unravelling around Victoria Harbour.

Star Ferry Harbour Cruise:
 From Hong Kong Island to the Kowloon Peninsula, this mostly-ridden ferry has been operationalizing since 1888. This ferry operates from 3 tiers, namely Tsim Sha Tsui, Central Pier at MTR Hong Kong Station, and the Wan Chai Pier. As of now, this cruise service has around 12 ferries’ fleet. 70,000 passengers aboard this cruise daily. 

In addition to that, music systems, air-conditioned rooms, and furnished decor are things to be found on this cruise. 
This cruise is, in fact, like a hidden gem that  National Geographic Channel has featured once to increase its presence. From thereon, tourists have chosen this cruise for quality time with their families. Star Ferry Harbour Tour, Hong Kong @ Flat 22% Off, Book Now!

Duk Ling’s Cruise: This cruise sails from two piers: Tsim Sha Tsui and Central Pier 9 from Hong Kong Island. And the ticket price of this cruise is calculated to be HK $ 150-200. Within this cost of a regular course, you get a complimentary drink and free commentary from the tour guide about this junk’s historical background. 

This cruise also offers other short journeys where the cost might be different. The examples are Birthday special and cultural voyages. Moreover, it also has a provision of booking tours 30-days in advance. 

Aqua Luna Cruises: Did you know that Aqua Luna was a famous pirate of his time in Hong Kong? His loot and endeavours have been marvellous enough to name a cruise after him. 
This is one of the traditional wooden junk boats left in mainland Hong Kong, China. It sails the sea between Tsim Sha Tsui Pier No. 4 and Pier of the Central Queen. Amazingly, you can also hop on the blue and white sails for this cruise.

But for the specific red sails, you might have to wait a minute longer around the junk. The total trip of this cruise stretches up to 45 minutes or so with one complimentary beverage added in your ticket. 
There are journeys under the flagship of Aqua Luna namely Day Tour, Stanley Cruise, Dim Sum Cruise, and also the Symphony of Light Cruise.

Try Wing On Water tours also if you do not want to go on a cruise extensively. This boat is quite laid back, but it surely has a tenfold benefit with your entry ticket. One of the many benefits is that you get unlimited drinks. 
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Bauhinia Cruise:
 It tours around the harbour of Victoria for 2-hours straight. You can enjoy a nice dinner or a show on the cruise itself. The price of this ticket can be moderately high ranging from HK $ 350 to $ 510. But you get to taste one of the most scrumptious meals around Victoria Harbour on this cruise. Bring along your partner or a bunch of friends. None of you will ever forget this evening, we know that.

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Hotels Near Victoria Harbour

Intercontinental Hotel: This 5-star hotel is located at the waterfront of Victoria Harbour. Your stay here will be remarkable with endless amenities like 3 infinity pools. 
Spend your free hours on its lounge on the upper floor with a panoramic view of the harbour.  This hotel is known for its I-Spa offering a myriad of services like sauna and hot tubs.

The Salisbury: Travellers have loved this hotel for its staff, maintenance, amenities, decorations, and so much more. You will reach this hotel within 30-40 minutes from the Hong Kong international airport, whereas it is half a KM away from Victoria Harbour itself. Easy ways to enjoy your stay at this hotel can be through squash courts and gym centres inside the hotel premises.

Grand Hyatt: 
This hotel is very enriching located at the Harbour Road, quite near to the Victoria Harbour in the southern region. It has suites ranging from Grand Suite, Diplomat Suite, Ambassador Suite, to Plateau Suite, and Presidential Suite. Each of these suites has at least 110-degree angle of the view of the skyline as well as the Victoria Harbour. 

Empire Hotel: It’s merely a 15-18 minutes’ drive away from the waterfront of the Victoria Harbour, making a sound choice for a weekend stay. 
Best reasons to prove this hotel to be a genuine choice are its endless amenities. From suites, bar, free internet connection, to the buffet, conference rooms for attending meetings, laundry and gym this hotel takes care of everyday needs.

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Restaurants Near Victoria Harbour

Ruth’s Chris Steak House at Admiralty: Treat yourself with one of the finest steaks in the house in Hong Kong. It arrives at your tables on the 500° plate. Their bar is another attraction of this steak house. Conduct your business meetings or private dinners at their wide table corners, which you can book in advance.

One Harbour Road at Hyatt Hong Kong: You can switch back in time while dining at this restaurant with your travel partners. Order Chef Tim’s special dish of the day to make the most of it. Moreover, the overall interior is sleek and resembles the era of the 1930s with transparent and effervescent tall windows, and second to none wooden flooring.

Clipper Lounge at Mandarin Oriental: This restaurant is perfect for the international cuisines and fine dining. They have massive sitting space, offering a world-class buffet for more than 20-30 guest at once. Try a cup of afternoon tea while you are here because it’s so healthy and tasty.

Man Wah At Mandarin Oriental: Check this restaurant out for the best business meetings. It’s on the 25th floor, offering finger-licking-good Cantonese dishes at your beck and call. The aroma of the local dishes has found to make long-lasting partnerships here.

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Best Time To Visit Victoria Harbour Hong Kong 

As per the favourable weather conditions, we recommend you to visit Hong Kong from October to December. During this season, the monsoon has long gone by. The summer has also passed. You will be able to roam around much more during this peak season for exploring Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong.

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Tips For Visiting Victoria Harbour Hong Kong

- Buy the Hong Kong Octopus Card in advance if you are taking to Hong Kong for the first time. This card helps a traveller commute by public transport except for the taxi. You can also dine out at multiple places—availing special discounts using this card.

- Wear comfortable shoes while you are strolling around Victoria Harbour. If your primary motive is to explore the central district of Hong Kong by walking, you need them to save you from getting sore feet at the end of the day.

- Keep a raincoat as it protects you from getting drenched by the frequent water splashes.

- Reach the Harbour 30 minutes before the Symphony of Light show starts to grab the best spot.

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How To Reach Victoria Harbour Hong Kong From Airport? 

Train: Take the Airport Express train, which will you drop you off by Hong Kong Island Station within half an hour. You can walk to the front side of the Victoria Harbour, which is a 15 to a 30-minute path away. Otherwise, you would need to hail a cab to reach Victoria Harbour Peak.

Cab/Taxi: You can hire Urban Red Taxi or Green Taxi straight from the Airport. Generally, the cabs take a mix of route 8, 3, and 5 roads to drop you off at the Tsim Sha Tsui side of the Victoria Harbour.

Bus: Step onto the bus starting from the Airport Ground Transportation Center. It departs after every 10-15 minutes from the Airport. It will take you to the Middle Road, Tsim Sha Tsui within an hour or so. It’s the cheapest mode of transport.

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1. What Is History Of Victoria Harbour?

The Victoria Harbour was back in the date called “The Hong Kong Harbour.” According to the historical evidence and speculations, this harbour has been quite prominent since the 15th century. Victoria Harbour majorly dealt with the fragrant wood logs. Their smell was quite recognized by the traders and the woodcutters around the promenade. For a limited period, it was also called the Fragrant Habour because of the same reason.

This harbour holds the significant memorial footprints of the British era.  The moment when Chinese lost the battle of Opium War 1 and then 2, the Britishers recognized this harbour in the name of Queen Victoria. The beauty of its promenade, waterfronts, and the sidewalks draw the utmost attention of the families and solo-travellers. The unending skyline, dipping sunsets, and a reverberating echo of water lapping against the promenade is something every visitor has loved about this harbour for decades.

2. How Deep Is The Hong Kong Harbour? 

It has been calculated that the Hong Kong Harbour is almost 12.2 meters deep. As there is hardly any presence of silt, ships can ride and pile easily for daily voyage and trading. Around 10,000 tons of weight can be carried on the Victoria Harbour sea daily. Therefore, the current depth of this sea is totally apt for Hong Kong’s marvellous cruise trips and other daily naval activities.

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3. What Time Is The Light Show In Hong Kong?

The show called Symphony of Light is torched and beamed across the different corporate building at the backdrop of the Victoria Harbour. At 8 PM sharp, daily, the lasers dance around the skyline and parallel to each other. The lights illuminate the whole expanse of Victoria Harbour and its sea.

Tourists find these 15-minutes show to be the highlight of the travel diaries of Hong Kong. If you are going with kids, they will absolutely love it. Make sure you do all the shopping and exploring in the day, so you can have free time at 8 PM sharp for this wonderful musical and light show.

4. Where Is The Best Place To See The Symphony Of Lights?

Without doubt, of course, Victoria Harbour’s promenade or waterfront is the best side to view this magnificent show. Stand on whichever side of the bank you would like. Or you can be on any cruise at night to enjoy the peaceful dining along with the lights beaming across both ends of the Victoria Harbour.

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5. How Wide Is Victoria Harbour?

After the reclamation Phase III has been constructed and rolled out, the width of the Victoria Harbour has been shortened from 2,300 meters to around 910-920 meters.

6. From Where I Can See The Harbour Views?

Pick a hotel or a cruise, it’s your call because there are so many options to have a panoramic view of the Harbour. Hotels like the Ritz-Carlton, Intercontinental Hong Kong, Mandarin Oriental, and Hotel ICON are one of the best choices for an expanded Harbour view from your suite. Other than that, cruises like Star Ferry and Aqua Luna are famous for their spectacular trips around the Victoria Harbour and sea.

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