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We have been to Wayanad before also, but this tour gave us a different opinion about the place. We were crossing the jungles and water bodies. Bamboo rafting was something new to all of us. But it was really superb. I personally felt that more days should be there for enjoying each activity because all of them need good amount of energy. After all, this trip becomes so special to me and my friends.
I enjoyed this adventurous activity trip in Wayanad very much. My family was also with me. My kids were so excited to do the activities. The people I met here were so friendly. The guides and instructors were also good to us. I thank the service providers for making my holidays beautiful. Cave camping was the best part of this tour.
It was an unplanned trip for me and I was confused how to book this tour when I saw it on Thrilophilia site. But booking was hassle free through this site and I am so happy that I got the best experience. Wayanad is simply awesome. The forest covers, streams, tea estates etc are the main attractions. All the activities mentioned are also amazing in spite of the fact that we feel tired at the end of the day. The trip satisfies the value for money. I suggest it for all those would like to be in some adventurous spot for your holidays.
My friend suggested me to check Thrillophilia page and I have gone through a lot of tours and finally, I found this tour in Wayanad. I looked at the pictures and activities and I decided I should definitely try this. Thus I contacted the people and I could book the tour in no time. The location is a remote place in Wayanad but literally I felt it like paradise. So silent and green all over there. The guides have taken us through the forests, tea estates, waterfalls and all. I am so happy that I chose this package.
Thank you Thrillophilia for giving such different tours. Me and my family had a great time in Wayanad. I liked trekking through the jungles, very silent and peaceful. The pleasant fragrance of tea was everywhere. When the wind blows it spreads across. I did not know that Wayanad has such beautiful places. I am planning to go for a long vacation to Wayanad to have some peaceful days.
A definite value for money tour is this one as it has a lot of activities and the place is obviously amazing. Bamboo rafting is very uncommon, all of us have tried cycling and trekking before also and we like rafting very much. The guides were very helpful and good. Looking forward to have such good experience ahead.
Very Good
Very apt tour for people like me. I like adventurous tours anywhere in the world and this is the second time I am going to Wayanad. But I am booking through Thrillophilia for the first time and I liked it. Thank you.
First of all, thanks Thrillophilia for providing the platform to book this tour because I was not able to find such a complete package anywhere else. I met a lot of different people there, talked with them, spend some good time with them. I liked the entire tour though I am not an adventure freak or never done something adventurous before. The location is so marvelous; a lot of greenery and cold water make you feel relaxed. I was doubtful that if it is worth spending this much amount but now I can say this package won’t let anyone feel disappointed.