Thekkady Houseboats: Upto 20% Off on Houseboats in Thekkady

If travelling is all about discovering the calm, thrill and escape for you then Thekkady houseboat experience a re-framed version of the older Kettuvallams is a perfect fit for you. Used for transportation in old times, these canoes are now converted into floating hotels for an on-face fairytale adventure. Located near Kerala-TamilNadu border, this destination is well appreciated for its dense deciduous forests and grasslands.

It is a unique attraction which has been thronging tourist crowd from all across the globe, is known for its magical aura in the ‘God’s own country’. What is better than misty weather or a hot summer day and a cosy houseboat sailing through the calm water with a perfect natural landscape canvas right in front of your eyes. It is a perfect retreat for anyone who loves adventure, wildlife and nature. Watch the amazing fauna at the surrounding sanctuary and capture the herds of hungry and apparently grumpy at first sight animals wondering what brings you to their home.

Don’t forget to frame the perfect candid pictures in this serene environment to flash off your instagram. Let people drool over your pictures, and crave for this bliss! The best of the scenery to get you great pictures is during the monsoon drizzle. The boat trip is more of a cruise than an opportunity to see wildlife. Most of the houseboats are made of thatched roofs using coconut leafs, bamboo poles, coconut fibre and ropes. This proves to be an add-on charm of this exceptionally natural beauty, untouched by the modern world building. The wizardry lies in finding the true rural Kerala.

Get the taste of the local lifestyle,where the dawn begins with fishnets and oars rowing, men in lungi will not fail to be apparent about their working style. People and children use canoes to move around just like how we use bicycles and bikes on our city land! Although there are several categories of houseboats to choose from choosing a premium for the best in less experience. This tour could also be your honeymoon escape with all the romantic arrangement available on request. End the beautiful eve with a candlelight dinner with your partner and set ablaze on water!

During the peak season the availability of quality houseboats drop dramatically and the prices are hiked, book in advance to avoid the inconvenience. Avoid opting for a multi-sharing house-boat as it it would somehow mellow down your personalization, instead choose to be in a one bedroom two people plan. In any houseboat, cruise food is also included as a part of the cost incurred by the guests. Complete course meals right from the breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening Kerala special snacks are provided onboard of a houseboat. These pretty sailing giants are stocked with private balconies, sun deck, comfortable furniture, a kitchen and a washroom.

The houseboats are anchored at different places for the guests to see the lifestyle of the localities in the alignment of the tour package opted for. While some houseboat operators might charge for the same, some would make it inclusive in your tour. Roam around the rurality and set your voyage through the Periyar lake at thekkady houseboat tour. Have a tranquil fun-filled and stressless houseboat cruise worth remembering to keep just like a souvenir down the lane.

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People Also Ask About Houseboat in Thekkady

  1. What do you mean by Thekkady houseboat?

    Thekkady located in the district of Idukki is one of the major destinations that is most visited in Kerala. To enhance your holiday, the Thekkady houseboat tour is a must to do the activity. Set yourself on Cruise mode as you sail through the waters and gaze at the mesmerizing fauna all laid back in your comfortable boat house made up of eco-friendly materials with modern amenities like rooms with fancy fixtures, European styled washrooms, antique furniture, good food and butlers at your service, if opted for. Note not to pollute the beauty of the place by throwing your snacking down the lake.

  2. What are the different categories available in a houseboat?

    There is everything for everyone at Thekkady just in case you are wondering about the budget being crossed and your fun meter taking a dip. The Theddaky houseboats are categorized from economical to fancy ranging from:

    Standard houseboats- This will be a basic boat often too basic! However, they aren’t a bad option if you are willing to spend a cheap yet the best time on board.

    Premium/luxury houseboats-These are houseboats with better amenities and comfort and also include uniformed butlers at your service, Deluxe houseboats, Super deluxe houseboats give you an average hotel like comfort.

  3. What kind of room facilities are there in Thekkady houseboat?

    Room facilities in the Thekkady houseboat is a buffet to choose from whatever suits you whilst two to three men shall remain at your service. There lies an entire choice card from standardised room services to the kingly treatment of course depending on how much are you ready to shell out for this blissful experience. Right from your food being served on your houseboat bed or a massage after jacuzzi bath is your call! You are also free to have a moderate and sober low key experience if not choosing a fancy stay.

  4. Is houseboat available on multi-sharing basis?

    The Multi-sharing is also an option if you wish to split the fun and expenses. Choose your staying starting from a one cosy bedroom houseboat for two people, two bedrooms houseboat for four people, three bedroom houseboat for six people and a five-bedroom houseboat for ten people. Multi-sharing is a less preferred option by the tourists as the private houseboats are hassle-free and more comfortable. Moreover the personalization lets you have an unforgettable experience with your own troop!

  5. What kind of food and dishes are available on Thekkady houseboat?

    Don’t raise your anxiety as Thekkady houseboat does not fail in keeping up with a vast demographic preference of a cosmopolitan clientele. Apart from the obvious south Indian delicacies, the A-la-carte offers you much more than you expect while touring. Choose from continental, North Indian or the local flavoured specialities.

    Also, you can binge on the local snacks available with tea/coffee. In case you are exceptional in fishing, you can catch your own food and get it cooked on board. The guests can also opt for live seafood bought right before the cruise starts.

  6. Is houseboat tour available in monsoon season?

    The Thekkady houseboat is a year-round attraction however avoid visiting the same in the monsoon season as sudden showers might spoil the fun for you, but if you don’t mind the rain then this is a perfect opportunity for you to go touring. Peak season is from December to the end of January when the weather is cooler and dry. March to May gets very hot and humid therefore getting an air-conditioned houseboat is highly recommended.

  7. Is vegetarian food available on the houseboat?

    Fooding is not at all a stressful thought at Thekkady houseboat as it has everything stocked on board as per demand of the guests, vegetarian or non-vegetarian diets both are an open option for you. The houseboats offer you a personalised fooding experience as the tour keepers realize that good and prefered food acts as a bonus to a great tour! Apart from the meal course plans you’d be served with local Kerala snacks savouries like crispy banana chips or along with your evening tea or coffee.

  8. Is the stay comfortable in Thekkady houseboat?

    In general terms everything is safe at Thekkady houseboat, however, safety also lies in your own hands the basic precautions should be born with at all times. Try to avoid anchoring your houseboat near remote or isolated locations. It’s suggested to carry mosquito repellents as there are a lot of mosquitoes on some stagnant water areas.

    Take proper precautions to avoid any kind of severe infections. If on a honeymoon trip, just as a respectful gesture avoid a public display of affection as south India being tourism hyped locale has a conservative lot of people as well.