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Amidst all the experiences one can acquire here, the best house boating tours in Alleppey can be the most relishing encounter for any age, size or type of the people. From the breathtaking panorama to serene hill stations, Alleppey has it all. The center of attraction are the backwaters combined with the coconut trees and innocence of the village, that leads you to an entirely different pathway of tranquility. If you are nurturing your idea to spend the vacation in the lap of greenery then step into a country boat in Alleppey and you will get all the pleasures through the strict and narrow canals. Throughout the entire boating journey, you will able to take a glimpse at flourishing paddy fields, coconut lagoons and the islands which lies in the hinterlands. The charisma and elegance of this entire boating expedition will blow away your mind and will leave you spellbound.


There is a never a day when you will set out for boating and not learn something new. The best watersports is just plain fun like towing youngsters in a tube, wakeboarding and wakesurfing, white water rafting in a kayak, skimming at high speed over flat water, heeling a sailboat into the wind, diving into dark blue water in the middle of a lake, trolling for fish, or just rocking gently at an anchor in a quiet cove and reading a book or magazine. No matter how much stress you have at work, at home, or at school, when you can embark on the best boating tours in Alleppey and leave that stress behind. Boating is all-consuming of your attention. You are aware of each minute, what is happening right now, and what is ahead. The more daring your trip, or the more you venture into a new place or try out a new seamanship technique, the more you get away from terrestrial worries.

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25 May 2015
Bheeshma Guha Kerala Backwaters Tour
My money spent on this trip was totally worth it and i strongly recommend this as a holiday point for you.Especially i liked that ride on the houseboat, which is a typical and very famous tourist attraction in Kerala and you gonna love that too.
11 November 2015
Mayoor Pothuvaal Kerala Backwaters Tour
This trip was my anniversary gift, and last month i went there with my wife, it was such an awesome experience to spend some quality time in kerala area. Everything was just perfect from management to entertainment and all thanks to our organizers.
Do not miss this when you are at Alleppey, this package would wow you with many surprises, definitely valuable expereince.
This is awesome, it was my first time doing this activity it was really fun in the water, the boat was clean and in good-condition along paddling it was a unique expereince the place covered with amazing views in every place we are, the sunset was breathtaking, not only we enjoyed canoeing but we get to learn the people lifestyle by walking in the village, the tuk-tuk ride was unforgettable...Humble staff and well-organized tour... the 3-hours was worth the cost
The tour was truly special for us we love every bit of it, the crew there was warm and friendly, we had so many memories in this houseboat, the foods they served was traditional and taste delicious. Totally Worth it
This package is fulfilling, this is a lifetime expereince, My family were happy with this coz its fills with joy
A must-do activity when you are at Alleppey, nice warm-welcome with a welcome-drink, can't express the experience because it's huge
It was my first-time experience, really this is the experience I won't forget my entire life...well-organized and fulfilling package. A must-try when you are at this place, the price is not expensive at all if you compared with the expereince...
An excellent boat! beautifully built and well-set, the ride on it was enjoyable, the crew were nice and humble, witness the daily life of the locals was great, we purchased a souvenir on this tour... the 3-hours was fully satisfied
Last time I booked with the 3-hours expereince I like this activity so much in which it can't stop me from booking another one and this time I took with this the whole day package... Last time expereince was not bad but this time the expereince was double of it... Nice-boat, nice-people, mouth-watering foods, and lots to see and learn.