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13 Things You Must Do On Your Kerala Tour

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    Kerala Tour

    Image Credits- Ramesh NG- Flickr

    Owing to the natural beauty, striking backwaters, delicious cuisines and other natural marvels of Kerala, it is often called as “God’s Own Country” by its admirers. Nothing is more relaxing or breathtaking than taking a long stroll down Kovalam beach or maybe trekking through the dense forest of Thekkady and Periyar. The state is also home to yoga, meditation and ayurvedic healing. Individuals can just relax and enjoy a few days of complete pampering to soothe their senses! Making a kerala tour is definitely worth the time and money invested as it offers the chance to escape from the different schedules of a chained life, and embrace a few days of relaxation of mind and soul. 

    Listed below are some of the famous places to see on a Kerala Tour:

    1. Soochipara Falls


    Photo Credit- Rejoyce Jose

    These falls are considered to be among the prettiest waterfalls in the region of Wayanad. The 300 foot drop is actually quite spectacular considering it is located amidst towering mountains on both sides. In order to reach the spot, one would have to undertake a small trek which is also equivalently intriguing. One can indulge in some rock climbing as well as a nature walk to explore the adventurous side of the journey.

    2. Spice Plantation, Wayanad

    Spices have always formed an important part of the culture and history of Kerala. Some of the famous spices that are grown in the region include ginger, cinnamon, pepper and cardamom. An individual can also engage in some other activities like bird watching, nature walks as well as the chance to taste some of the fresh spices that are cultivated. The visitors can also purchase these farm-fresh spices and bring home the aroma and essence of Kerala’s spices.

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    3. Bekal Fort, Kasargod

    This towering fort located in Kasargod offers a towering view of the area beneath. The fort has also attracted a lot of tourist attention over the years and stands as a symbol of the rich and varied history of the area. The structure seems to rise from the seas since a significant amount of it is submerged with the waves hitting against the edifice. Flight of stairs leading to the fort, the Observation Tower as well as a place for storing ammunition are just some of the highlights of the fort. The observation center that was once used to locate enemies reveal numerous stories related to the historic era of Kerala. Visiting this fort is considered to be among the best things to do when on a Kerala tour.

    4. Athirappilly Waterfalls, Thrissur

    Photo Credit- Karthick Ramacharndran

    Kerala is just not known for its backwaters, it is also famous for its waterfalls. The Athirapally Falls definitely ranks among the best in the region! Individuals are advised to visit this site during the monsoon when the natural beauty of the place is absolutely breathtaking. Scenic views, pleasant ambience and the captivating echoes of the waves hitting the rocks take the visitors to a world that is full of beauty and offerings of the nature. Tourists throng the area because of the natural beauty as well as for a chance to catch a glimpse of the flora in the area.

    5. St. Mary's Forane Church, Alleppey

    This particular church located in the Alleppey district is considered to be one of the oldest Catholic-Syrian churches in India. The old-world white façade along with the brilliant craftsmanship adds to the charm of the structure. Devotees from India and around the world make it a point to visit the church and offer prayers. There are rock inscriptions which detail the history of the church. In fact, the church is surrounded by some ancient artifacts which are important to the culture and heritage of the place. Therefore, this church should definitely be visited for the very fact that it stands as a beacon of religious austerity.

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    6. Tea Plantations, Munnar

    Photo Credit- Steenberg

    Blessed with rich tea plantations, Munnar is definitely a place to visit whilst in Kerala. This hill station is quaint and is visited by tourists all through the year. Munnar, which means ‘three rivers’ in local language is nestled between three rivers. There are close to 30 tea estates in Munnar which still continues tea production and contribute to India’s tea culture.  Apart from visiting these plantations, one can engage in rock climbing, paragliding, nature walks, trekking and bird watching while on these Kerala tours. Overall, the beauty of the place definitely makes it a standout in the region.

    7. Varkala Beach, Thiruvananthapuram

    Image Credits- Tejas Panarkandy- Flickr

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    If you are looking for a quiet getaway, then Varkala Beach is perfect due to its location, formation and offerings. A unique feature of the beach lies in the fact that the cliffs are adjacent to the Arabian Sea. An ancient Vishnu Temple can be found perched on the cliff that offers a breathtaking view of the entire beach. There is also a belief that if a person dips himself in the water, they will immediately receive atonement for their sins. A day on this beach is a sure shot way to get away from the anxieties and pains of hectic schedules.

    8. Periyar National Park, Thekkady

    Take a walk on the wild side by visiting the Periyar National Park which is rich in biodiversity. Located in the heart of the Western Ghats, this sanctuary is visited by tourists all through the year. It is home to some of the world’s endangered species like the Malabar Giant Squirrel or the lion tailed Macaques. Apart from the wildlife, the sanctuary houses varieties of grass species, flowering plants, mammals and rare birds; therefore, one can indulge in some bird watching or just enjoy the sight of an elephant roaming freely in its natural habitat.

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    9. Poovar Island, Trivandrum

    Photo Credits - Rakhee- Flickr

    If you are looking for a romantic getaway, then Poovar Island should be your place of choice. The entire island is surrounded by thick forests that add to the charm and mystique of the place. Upon arrival, make it a point to visit the famous elephant rock or just take a stroll with your loved one down the golden beach for a much needed time of rest and relaxation. The highlight of visiting this place would have to be visiting the Floating Cottages which are situated right in the heart of the backwaters.

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    10. Mattancherry Palace, Kochi

    If you enjoy a historical day out, then visiting Mattancherry Palace is a must for you. It was built way back in 1557 and represents a typical mansion found in Kerala. The entire palace is littered with murals that tell stories which date back to ancient times. The palace also houses some rare artifacts. You can reach the palace by taking a boat ride from the town of Ernakulam.

    Listed below are some of  the things to do on a Kerala tour:

    11. Para Sailing at Payyambalam beach

    Image Credits- Chris Goldberg- Flickr

    Kerala is home to an array of water sports including parasailing which involves the use of a parasailing wing along with a motor vehicle coupled with the necessary gear required to stay protected. The rope propels a person 300 ft off the ground, making for an exhilarating ride that is definitely worth it for adventure junkies. The view from the top is spectacular, making it worth your time and money to invest in something that truly takes adventure to an entirely new level.

    12.  Banasura Hill Trek

    Image Credits- Jagadees SJ- Flickr

    Wayanad offers some of the more interesting and enjoyable treks in Kerala. Banasura Trek runs through trails that overlook some gorgeous sights like a view of the Banasura Lake which is quite splendid. The trek can be quite challenging owing to the difficult terrain. Make sure that you carry a sufficient supply of water and food to stay replenished throughout the journey. Also, keep your camera handy as you might come across some rare bird and reptile species in the vicinity. Get closer to nature by going on this exciting trek, a possible highlight of your Kerala tour.

    13.  Boating in Banasura Sagar Dam

    This dam is perfect for a day of boating owing to the natural surroundings which create the perfect backdrop for such an activity. The best time to go boating is during the monsoons when one can feel the full effect of the breeze. The paddle boats are very popular with the tourists. Catch a glimpse of tiny fish in the water even as the boat makes its way through the placid waters.

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