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    Trekking in Kerala

    Trekking in Kerala - The call of the backwaters in Gods own country.

    Gods own country is what we know the lush green state of Kerala as. And for those of you who love the idea of thrills and adventures, Kerala treks should be up on your sleeves. This is one place where you can be free to your hearts content and camp around, enjoy paragliding or trek as much as you want. The adventures ahead when you trek around the state of backwaters are incomparable to any other experience you may have had while trekking elsewhere.

    Kerala has the best of both worlds encompassed to the thrill the adventurous at heart. Right from her rugged mystical beauty of the Western Ghats to the flat grasslands that run across Munnar, Kerala will keep you coming back for more. Dont miss out on her enchanting rain forests, Periyar, which is known all over the world by experienced trekkers as a haunt and the best place to live the experience of trekking. And if you still need to bask in pure adventure, Kerala has her mountain ranges to offer.

    These are some of the best trekking locations trails in Kerala:

    1. You dont need to have too much time on your hands when you visit Kerala for a trekking experience. For example, you could opt for the well known Chimmony or the Rainforest Trekking. And for all of this you would need three days maximum to enjoy and explore around. What you would see over here would be breathtaking dense lush forests. Apart from that the species of birds and animals around would keep you hooked and clicking. This is an amazing experience for wildlife and adventure seekers. You can trek through the forests, camp at night, stay at jungle huts and even raft in the forests lakes.
    2. Once again, for another three days to the max you could opt for Parambikulam, which again is Rainforest Trekking. The wildlife population here is high and considered to be the best in southern India. When you are here dont forget to check the Tramway Trek, which is an abandoned trail built for the tramways in 1905. You would get to learn first hand how wood from these forests were taken to the nearest towns using this mode of transportation. The forest is also known to house endangered herbs, rare and very useful for medicinal needs.
    3. If Jungle trekking catches your fancy, one should then look at Periyar or Gavi. You would need to have a week in hand to experience it in full. The trails to trek on at Periyar are well known all over the country, and the wildlife department has various elephant safari and adventure trekking trips on its platter to serve you with. Right from safaris, to bamboo rafting, elephant camps, to plantations, the forest beckons one and all.
    4. For those of you who would like to get a little more close to the natives and tribes of the hills in Kerala, you should check out the Chinnar Trekking plans. For this one would need to keep around four to five days in hand. What you get to see by biking around over here would be dense hills inhabited by the settlers of these jungles. And while you trek around, you would find pre historic rock art and paintings, holy groves sacred to the tribal folks, settlements and a chance to look closely and learn the culture and traditions of the natives around.
    5. Finally, dont forget the famous Munnar to Kodaikanal trekking experience. And for this it is best to have a week or more in your hands to enjoy the experience. You would come face to face with the plantations of tea, grasslands, hills, and amongst all of that, you can camp as well.

    With so much said already about trekking in Kerala, wouldnt you want to adhere to the call of the sultry siren down south?


Trekking in Kerala

About the Activity:Make your weekend trips more energetic with a three day trekking and rafting trip to Paitalmala in North Kerala. Paitalmala is a beautiful hill station located in the Western Ghats.The trip starts from Bangalore on Friday evening after picking you up from different locations. The destination is lying amidst unbeatable serenity, 280 kilometers away from Bangalore. The hill station is situated at an elevation of about 4500 feet and from the top, you will be offered mind blowing views of the ranges spreading across Kerala and Karnataka range. Paitalmala is an irresistible spot l
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About the Activity:Group departures on : June 23rd 2017Have you ever felt awe-struck by seeing some amazing location in South India? If not, head out at the earliest to amuse at the beauty portrayed by Meesapulimala in Munnar.This long weekend, you are invited to treat your eyes with the incomparable serenity of the second highest hill in the Western Ghats. The high altitude garden plants and ancient structures are an unforgettable delight.After getting picked up from different locations in Bangalore, take an overnight journey to the site. Hike to the altitude, meander through the grasslands an
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About the Activity: Every person that decides to take advantage of this trip will be able to try rappelling, trekking, a dam site and Eco point visit, camp fire, camping and a whole lot more. In addition, you can go through the High Mountains and the tea plantation, a wonderful trekking experience in itself.Munnar is breathtakingly beautiful and has been described by many as a haven of tranquility and peace. It is an idyllic destination for all adventure lovers. This is an excellent hill station surrounded by undulating hills that are swathed in soothing green made possible by tea estates, one
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