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    Rappelling in Karnataka

    Rappelling in Karnataka - Karnataka and places around offers the adventure seeker a plethora of options to choose from.

    Go out there this season and experience the challenges of nature in all its raw form. And this time we are talking about rappelling in Karnataka. Rappelling as an adventure sport activity is a must thing to experience and do. With rappelling you would be descending a very steep rock face solely depending on the equipment you have, which would be the gear, the harness, a rope and the anchor.

    With the help of well trained and certified instructors, rappelling would be done without any fears and hassles. Unlike in rock climbing where you go from down to the top of the cliff, in rappelling you go from the cliffs top all the way down.  It is a different feeling altogether descending a steep slope or the face of a cliff, and watching the flora and fauna around. Put yourself in the rappellers shoes for the moment, winds hitting your face while you go perpendicular to the cliffs face and descend slowly. In the beginning it could seem like a task and your fears may give you the jolts, but once you get a hang of it within the first few slips, rappelling would be easier than thought, thrilling and exciting as well.

    Where in Karnataka can you go rappelling?

    You can go rafting, kayaking, trekking and even rappelling in this beautiful state Karnataka. There is an abundance of natures blessings with regard to rocky terrains and undulating platforms available for you to show your adventurous skills on. Today we have selected the top five places for you to have a lot of fun when you want to go rappelling.

    1. Coorg
    2. Dandeli
    3. Makalidurga
    4. Machinbele, and finally
    5. Ramnagaram

    To know more about these adventurous places, please read on and be well informed for the same.

    Beautiful and challenging Coorg

    It is a well known fact that Coorg is a paradise down south, especially with the purple colored hills, rugged mountain slopes, deep valleys, streams and plenty of waterfalls to its name. Throughout the year, the district has large number of tourists thronging its region to experience nature at her best and to have fun engaging in adventurous wildlife and camping activities. At any time of the year you can visit Coorg, she is always a delight and would give you a warm welcome, especially the locals.

    Known popularly as Scotland of India, the scenic beauty of Coorg still remains unspoiled and breathtaking. Human intervention and commercialization hasnt taken a toll on Coorg and the locals take every pain and pride in looking after Coorg, as a child would with its mother. Coorg has an abundance of lush green forests, perfect for jeep safaris, dense thick flora and fauna spread over the whole landscape, and plenty of wildlife to see.

    Never would there be a time when you are in Coorg and boredom attacks you, because there is so much to see and experience whilst your stay in the district. Rappelling in Coorg can be done at the wooded slopes alongside tiny villages. While the activity is on and when you get to descend down, you would come in close contact visually with the breathtaking colorful scene around. One does get lost and mesmerized with the unfolding majestic landscapes and the undulating valleys that snake yonder.

    No wonder Coorg amongst all places in Bangalore has large number of tourists from all across the globe coming to visit her. Apart from rappelling, one could even go trekking, bird watching, on photography trips, sight seeing, or even kayaking in the still waters below waterfalls as well. Another thing to mention about Coorg is that the famous Western Ghats can be used for exploration and other fun activities, such as rock climbing. You can go climbing the highest peaks and feel like a king with such an achievement done, conquering a peak is no childs play.

    Coorg offers you a wide range of activities to do with her mountain ranges. And this is one place where trekking in Karnataka can be great fun and adventurous too. Be a free spirit and allow your souls to go wild and unhindered in the arms of natural beauty. One cannot define the beauty of Coorg in a few words and it doesnt justify doing so.

    Charming Dandeli has plenty to offer

    When you go down south in Karnataka the demographics and the weather becomes all the more pleasing, it is more of an adventurous paradise waiting to be explored. You can do this by joining one of the trekking in Karnataka teams and camp around with them. Dandeli is full of panoramic views and amazing picturesque scenery. From Goa it is around 125km and while you drive down from Goa to Dandeli, you would be engulfed in the panoramic settings of the mighty Western Ghats. Dont forget to bring along your cameras, since the breathtaking beauty poses in all her glory.

    Dandeli has a mysticism and charm of her own, and those who have been to Dandeli know what we are talking of. The lakes, temples, hills and the very place has an aura which captivates the adventure seekers, right from the moment you set foot in the region. Imagine walking or rappellingin Dandeli with cool winds blowing through your hair. Or even kayaking in the waters of the famous River Kali, a river which jubilantly welcomes you to relax and unwind. You can even embark on an overnight camping trip by the banks of the River Kali, trek along the jungles of Dandeli, engage in bird watching, fishing, jeep safaris through the thickets, engage with the locals and tribal inhabitants, go croc spotting etc, when you are in Dandeli.

    In short, whether you choose to go rappelling or venture out on other adventurous activities, Dandeli will keep you content and satisfied.

    Makalidurga is a haven for adventure seekers

    Makalidurga is another perfect destination for those who would like to experience rappelling. If you want to escape the madness of the city and want to experience nature at her best, Makalidurga wouldnt disappoint. From Bangalore reaching this place is a 60km drive, and worth every moment behind the wheel. Tourists in search for serenity and tranquility throng this place every year, and there are plenty of adventurous activities to engage in.

    Makalidurga is a haven for trekkers who join the trekking in Karnataka teams. You could even engage in camps that stay overnight, and go along rappelling with them as well. Adventure activities at Makalidurga can be done throughout the year. And one of the main attractions here for sight seeing is the mighty Makali Durga fort, which is sort of a pilgrims haven which can be explored for hours.

    Small but full of adventurous promises, Manchinbele and Ramnagaram at your service

    Manchinbele from Bangalore is around 40kms apart, and it is a dam which was built to help with irrigation needs. The dam is built across the Arkavathi River, and hence in recent times many adventure seekers have started coming to this place for activities such as rappelling and kayaking. Ramnagaram on the other hand is a haven for those who love the rugged features of nature. The area is actually a valley full of rocky slopes and in the vicinity of Bangalore.

    The famous elevation spot for rock climbing and rappelling would be the Handi-Gundi and the Anna-Thama rock formations.  Savandurga, SRS BETTA, Ramadevarabetta and even Thenginkalbetta are famous spots for adventure sports around. The granite slopes across Ramanagram give you enough to tire your muscles out in a day; one wouldnt need to hit the gym after that. And if you would like to spend more time in Ramanagram, camping the night out is always an option, simply make your wish and thrillophilia will make it happen!

Rappelling in Karnataka

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