Paragliding in Turkey

Have you ever wondered why paragliding in Turkey is so popular? Well, we can tell you that it is that way for all the right reasons. Imagine being up in the sky, gliding over the lush green landscapes, ancient wonders, and busy markets. Excited already, are you? It's no surprise that paragliding happens to be always a part of all Turkey packages as well.

Paragliding experiences in Turkey combine scenic views of natural landscapes with the thrill of flying in the sky. Especially if you're a honeymoon couple visiting Turkey for the first time, it is highly recommended to get onboard a paragliding experience. Most of the couples usually limit their itineraries to sightseeing tours. But, we look at it from a different angle. We believe that including some thrill to Turkey tour packages for couples adds more energy to the trip.  

The activity is available across all hotspots in the country. You could opt for it in Cappadocia, Antalya, Pamukkale, Belek, and many other destinations. You could choose to do paragliding any day as it is available throughout the week. The expert pilots guarantee a smooth flight so that you never have to worry about your safety. They will also click pictures of you as you glide above the scenic landscapes. 

This season, go for a paragliding experience in Turkey and enjoy the beautiful views as you glide across a variety of scenic landscapes.

Best Places to do Paragliding in Turkey:

1. Fethiye: Fethiye is the most popular paragliding spot in Turkey. Get a chance to fly above the Dalaman mountains and the Blue Lagoon in Fethiye. And enjoy taking a look at the parallel streets and luxurious hotels from the top in Oludeniz. We can bet you're going to fall in love with the clear skies and pretty landscapes.

2. Pamukkale: Pamukkale translates to 'Cotton Castle' in Turkish, and is popular for its mineral-rich thermal water that flows down the white terraces. You'll find the contrast of bright blue waters among the white deposits to be very fascinating. Go on a magical paragliding experience over Pamukkale, and admire the Cotton Castle from the sky.

3. Oludeniz: Oludeniz, is one of the most famous Mediterranean cities, located along the Lycian coast of Turkey. It is also known as the most famous photo-stop among tourists as it is surrounded by the Oludeniz beach, lush green mountains and hills. While paragliding over Oludeniz, watch the gorgeous combination of the turquoise waters, sandy beach, and the Blue Lagoon.  

4. Kas: Kas, is another hidden Mediterranean gem, home to many historic ruins such as the Sunken City of Kekova. As you paraglide over the town, admire the views of Kas Harbor, Antiphellos ruins, and the Local Markets. You will also be able to witness the beauty of Kaputas Beach, Kekova Island, and Saklikent Gorge. Get amazed by the sight of the white houses with bougainvillea all around them.

5. Istanbul: Istanbul is among the most popular places for paragliding in Turkey. It offers a beautiful blend of modern thrill and scenic landscapes. As you take off from the hills, you'll get to see the Bosphorus Strait, and the town's ancient monuments. Get amazed by the views of the bridges, minarets, and sparkling sea waters. 

6. Cappadocia: If you're thinking about where to go for paragliding in Turkey, Cappadocia is the perfect place. You'll find that Cappadocia offers a paragliding experience like no other region in the country. Get a chance to see the ancient caves, fairy chimneys, rock formations, and a beautiful landscape. Fly over the stunning valleys, and experience beautiful scenery during the sunset or sunrise.

7. Bursa: Bursa, is the country's 4th largest town, known for its nature, culture, and history. As you glide across the sky, take a look at the town's ancient beauty - markets, mosques, and classic architecture. We can guarantee that whether or not you've done it before - the views will forever stay in your memories.

8. Marmaris: Marmaris, is a coastal town on the southwestern end of Turkey. It offers a great blend of adventure and natural beauty. It holds a special place in the hearts of tourists when it comes to paragliding. Take a look at the views of the Marmaris Castle, Marmaris Carsi (Old Town), and sandy beaches. You will also be able to admire the views of the Marmaris Marina, also known as the Monaco of Turkey.

9. Kayseri: Kayseri, is a cultural gem located in central Anatolia. While paragliding over the city, you can witness the beauty of the town at its finest. Get a chance to look at the Erciyes Mountain, which stands tall at approximately 3800 meters above sea level. The town is also known for the challenges pilots face while paragliding. It is the top spot for paragliding tournaments in Turkey.

10. Kemer: If you're someone who loves resort towns, Kemer would be the perfect spot for a paragliding adventure. You will fall in love with the wonderful views of the Moonlight Beach from the top. Admire the impressive Taurus Mountains as you glide past them. Experience the thrill of flying high in the sky while enjoying the beautiful views of the resort town.

Best Time to do Paragliding in Turkey:

Paragliding in Turkey is an awesome experience that you wouldn't want to miss out on. Most of the adventure enthusiasts prefer to opt for paragliding experiences between April and November. This time of year, the weather in Turkey is considered to be outstanding for taking off. 

A variety of regions are available to offer paragliding experiences in Turkey. You could pick one of the several places like Pamukkale, Kas, Cappadocia, Marmaris, Istanbul, and more. Enjoy an excellent climate for paragliding, with relaxed airflow and smooth northbound winds. At some of them, you'll enjoy the views of ancient monuments and markets. While at the others, you'll get to see the beauty of mountains, beaches, and sea waters.

We'd suggest checking out the local forecast before going for it. By doing this, you'll be able to keep an eye out for stable air, minimal rainfall, and consistent winds.

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Turkey Paragliding FAQs

Is paragliding safe in Turkey?

Yes, paragliding in Turkey is completely safe. The only thing that you need to do is, choose a dependable operator with certified pilots. Such operators keep solid guidelines for security, particularly when it comes to routine inspections of equipment and safety instructions. Even though there's always a default risk in adventure activities, chances for mishaps are next to zero. Given the fact that you are taking part in it with expert pilots who know the weather conditions.

What you should wear for paragliding in Turkey?

When planning to take part in paragliding in Turkey, aim for both comfort and safety. Pack a loose T-shirt that allows you to move freely. Choose to go for comfortable trousers or shorts that keep you relaxed. It is recommended to carry a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the winds while you're flying. You should wear a pair of durable shoes that provide proper support during takeoff and landing.

What is the duration of paragliding in Turkey?

The duration of paragliding in Turkey may range anywhere between 30 to 40 minutes. But, it may change a bit depending upon the condition of the weather during that time. So, we'd recommend that you dedicate approximately 4-5 hours for the whole adventure. This duration includes the time spent on preparations and the main experience itself.

How high is paragliding in Turkey?

Turkey offers a variety of altitudes for paragliding. The available range of altitudes covers the requirements of both amateurs and professionals. The highest available place is Babadag Mountain, located in Oludeniz. You'll be amazed to know that it is the highest paragliding spot globally. It is at a height of approximately 6000 feet, and it is always voted as the best spot for paragliding internationally.

Do you wear a parachute while paragliding?

Yes, it is highly recommended to wear a parachute while paragliding in Turkey. All the expert pilots as well as the beginners wear one to ensure safety in case of any mishap. In fact, we'd suggest keeping a second (reserve) parachute handy in case the primary one doesn't work. You should always check the equipment before heading out to paraglide. The operator usually ensures regular inspection of all the gear, but there's no harm in doing it again. As a paraglider, you'll feel more relaxed and safe while flying. 

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