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Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, and Grand Bazaar Tour, Istanbul4 hours
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Book Turkey Tour Packages and explore the historical bazaars and local markets for shopping in Turkey. For the shopaholics, a trip to Turkey is not complete unless they haggle with the vendors and buy many unique items as souvenirs. 

For the romantics, Thrillophilia’s Turkey Honeymoon Packages promise a lively getaway in these varied markets. You can buy many items like jewellery, lanterns, textiles and other homewares to cherish special memories with your partner in Turkey. You can also visit the local restaurants and cafes to relish a cup of Turkish coffee with Baklava at these bustling shopping markets.

Indulge in retail therapy like nowhere else in Turkey which has various local bazaars and high-end malls. Visit the 15th-century Grand Bazaar to buy Turkish carpets or the Egyptian Spice Bazaar to purchase aromatic spices. Shop for antiques at the 400-year-old Kemeralti Market or get wonderful sculptures at the Bagdat Street Market. Find mind-blowing Iznik-style ceramics at Araasta Bazaar or browse through a collection of books at the famous Book Bazaar in Istanbul. Home to many distinct and unique shops, shopping in Turkey is a great activity to score leather goods and designer clothes at prices cheaper than most countries. 

Best Spots for Shopping in Turkey

1. Grand Bazar, Istanbul: Cited among the best places for shopping in Turkey, Grand Bazaar has more than 4000 shops where you can buy various local products. The vibrant market is known for selling unique items like hand-woven Turkish carpets, Turkish ceramics and hand-crafted gold jewellery. If you desire to know more about Turkish handicrafts, you can also visit various workshops and artisan stores here. 

2. Bagdat Street, Istanbul: Bagdat Street invites many tourists to buy anything from luxury goods and jewellery to designer clothes while shopping in Turkey. The 9 km long market has many shopping malls, departmental stores and boutiques selling several international brands. The market is also full of restaurants and cafes along with cultural delights in the form of live music, theatre or dance performances. 

3. Arasta Bazaar: Arasta Bazaar is one of the popular destinations for shopping in Turkey Istanbul if you want to find the perfect souvenirs. It is great for shopping for items like Iznik-style ceramics, Turkish carpets, textiles and scented soaps. The market also has many open-air cafes where you can enjoy a refreshing sip of tea with Turkish food like kebabs and baklava before you start your exciting shopping experience.

4. Egyptian Spice Bazaar: Find the best spices from cinnamon to Saffron at the Egyptian Bazaar when you are shopping in Turkey’s Istanbul. Also called Misir Carsisi, this market welcomes you with the refreshing aroma of high-grade spices. There are more than 80 shops in this market which sell items like nuts, herbal tea, dried fruits and dates. You can also buy Turkish Delight candy (lokum), baklava and Turkish coffee here.

5. Book Bazaar: Bookaholics are in for a unique experience while shopping in Turkey. Book Bazaar is one of the oldest markets in the city and sells everything from old manuscripts to stamps and gold coins. Boasting a large and diverse collection of books, Book Bazaar has more than 50 shops. You can buy many historical maps, magazines and second-hand editions of popular books here.

6. Kemeralti Market: Dating back to the 17th century, Kemeralti Market is one of the best places for shopping in Turkey and exploring Turkish history and culture. The oriental bazaar is home to many restaurants and cafes where you can relish the famous Turkish coffee boiled in a cup. You can buy the best Turkish handicrafts like handicrafts such as ceramics, porcelain wall panels, wooden products, tombacs, carpets, and leather products in this bazaar. 

What to buy in Turkey

1. Spices: If you love Turkish food, then your vacation is complete with bringing Turkish spices to elevate your cooking game back at home. You can even buy the most unique spices like Turkish chilli flakes, Urfa pepper, sumac and Yenibahar, safflower as a souvenir gift. Make sure you visit the Grand Bazaar and Egyptian Spice Bazaar to get the most flavourful and aromatic spices. 

2. Ceramics: Known for their vibrant colours and rich design, Turkish ceramics are a must-buy. You can buy various ceramics decorated in geometric patterns with beautiful flowers. Some of the high-quality ceramic items sold here include bowls, plates, coasters, dinnerware and coffee cups. Try going to Grand Bazaar or Divaan Bazaar for ceramic shopping in Turkey. 

3. Turkish coffee/tea: If you are impressed by the lovely coffeehouse culture of Turkey, buying Turkish coffee or tea is highly recommended. Make sure you compliment your shopping for coffee with a proper Turkish coffee pot to reminisce fondly about your coffee-sipping memories of Turkey. You can buy Turkish coffee and tea at Grand Bazaar. 

4. Turkish lamps: Among the popular items for shopping in Turkey Istanbul are the mosaic lamps which come in a range of designs, sizes and colours. It is a great souvenir if you wish to decorate your home with some inspiration from Turkey. Turkish lamps are sold in Grand Bazaar. 

5. Backgammon sets: Backgammon is a 5000-year-old game from the Middle East which is played fondly by everyone in Turkey. You can buy a backgammon set as a souvenir for yourself to admire their design and craftsmanship. The best place for shopping in Turkey for backgammon sets is Grand Bazaar. 

6. Leather products: From leather coats to jackets, you can buy affordable leather goods in Turkey. Buy popular items like belts, shoes and other accessories which are handmade in Turkey and can be customised as well for you. Visit the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul to buy an assortment of leather goods from Turkey. 

7. Jewellery: Inspired by traditional Ottoman designs, the eye-catching local jewellery of Turkey is a great addition to your list of shopping souvenirs. You can also buy authentic gold jewellery at a price lower than most countries. Explore the Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar and buy many pieces of jewellery for yourself and your loved ones.

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Turkey Shopping Tours FAQs

Is Turkey expensive for Shopping?

Shopping in Turkey is a great activity whether you are into budget shopping or like to curate a collection of luxury goods. From local handicraft shops to luxury boutiques, Turkey offers a range of goods at affordable prices. The best places for shopping in Turkey are Grand Bazaar, Istinye Park, Mall of Istanbul and Arasta Bazaar.

Can you shop for designer clothes in Turkey?

Yes, you can shop for various designer clothes in Turkey at its popular fashion boutiques. You can find collections from international fashion houses like Prada, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Some of the popular places to buy designer clothes are Atelier 55, V2K Designers and Midnight Express.

Which brands are famous in Turkey?

Turkey is a haven for shopping enthusiasts with a range of fantastic brands. Some of the popular brands in Turkey include Les Benjamins for luxury streetwear, Mavi for denim clothes and DESA for leather goods. Other popular brands are LC Waikiki, Sarar, Network and Vacco. Some of the best places to shop for these brands include Kanyon Mall, Istinye Park and Galataport.

What are the cheapest things to buy in Turkey?

You can find many goods in Turkey at a price generally cheaper than other countries worldwide. The local markets and historical bazaars of Turkey are globally known to sell many unique items at unbelievable prices. Some of the famous items which you can buy while shopping in Turkey include textiles, Turkish carpets, ceramics at leather goods.

Which spices are famous to buy in Turkey?

Turkish spices are known for their aroma and rich flavours that promise to enhance your cooking game. You can buy famous spices like Turkish chilli flakes, Urfa pepper, sumac and Yenibahar, safflower. You can also buy other top-quality spices for daily cooking like cardamom, dried cumin, fenugreek seeds, thyme, turmeric, paprika and nutmeg. Consider visiting the famous Egyptian Spice Bazaar to get quality spices at good prices in Turkey. 

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