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Gear up for an unforgettable journey through the mesmerizing landscapes of Turkey through Thrillophilia’s Turkey tour packages. Thrillophilia offers various options tailored to suit your budget and preferences. With top-notch services, customisable itineraries, and a seamless booking process you can explore Turkey hassle-free.

Turkey is a beautiful country with cultural heritage, scenic coastline, and ancient ruins. Cruises in Turkey give a unique perspective, allowing you to explore its diverse beauty from the tranquil waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. These cruises take you on a trip of discovery, showing ancient ruins, lovely coastal towns, and scenic islands. Enjoy cruises on the Bosphorus Strait in Istanbul and admire the city's stunning waterfront and iconic landmarks. You can enjoy cruising on the famous Bosphorus Dinner Cruise, a Turkish boat known as a "gulet" and have a delicious meal. From the iconic city of Istanbul to the beautiful harbours of Bodrum and Antalya, you will see Turkey's rich heritage and different landscapes. On the cruise, you can explore the ruins of ancient civilizations, enjoy delicious Mediterranean cuisine, or bask in the sun on deck. You can board some of the famous cruises in Turkey like Blue Voyage, Celebrity Infinity, and Costa Cruises, and indulge in luxurious facilities.

So, pack your bags, book Turkey cruises with Thrillophilia, and get ready for a journey filled with fascinating history, and unforgettable memories. Whether you are looking for adventure, relaxation, or cultural immersion, Thrillophilia’s tour packages provide a memorable journey to this wonderful destination.

Best Cruises In Turkey:

1. Celebrity Infinity: Have a wonderful cruising experience with Celebrity Infinity, having luxurious amenities and exceptional service. The cruise sails from Istanbul to Kusadasi in Turkey and you can enjoy stunning coastal landscapes along the way. On the cruise, you can enjoy a range of dining options including the elegant Trellis Restaurant and the Tuscan Grille. Also, the cruise has a Celebrity Theater where you can enjoy shows and live performances. The cruise has spacious suites, comfortable staterooms, and luxurious AquaClass to make your journey comfortable.

2. Gulet Cruise: Experience the charm of a Gulet Cruise in Turkey as this traditional wooden sailing vessel has a blend of luxury and authenticity. On the cruise, you will enjoy personalized service, gourmet cuisine, and stunning views of the Turkish coastline. It departs from ports like Bodrum or Marmaris and glides on the pristine waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas. The cruise has cosy cabins and open-air dining areas, from where you enjoy scenic views of clear blue waters.

3. Greek Isles Cruise: Gear up for a wonderful journey on Greek Isles Cruise from Turkey, having a blend of cultural exploration and scenic beauty. You will sail from ports like Istanbul or Kusadasi to enchanting destinations such as Santorini, Mykonos, and Rhodes. On the cruise, you can enjoy delicious cuisine at onboard restaurants like the Main Dining Room or speciality venues. You can also enjoy entertainment at the theatre while staying in comfortable cabins with ocean views.

4. Blue Voyage: Take a journey through the pristine waters of the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas as you board a traditional Turkish gulet, Blue Voyage. Depart from ports like Bodrum or Fethiye and see ancient ruins, charming coastal villages, and secluded coves. The Blue Voyage has cosy cabins where you can enjoy stunning sea views during your tour. You can have personalized service and the chance to savour freshly prepared Turkish cuisine onboard.

5. MSC Cruises: Take a memorable trip along the scenic Turkish coastline with MSC Cruises, having modern luxury for visitors. You can enjoy gourmet dining including Mediterranean and International dining and various indoor and outdoor activities. You can either try your luck in Casino, experience the joy of MSC Formula Racer, or enjoy movies in the 4D Cinema during your journey. Also, you can rejuvenate yourself in a Spa with high-tech beauty treatments, a soothing sauna, or a Balinese massage.

6. Royal Caribbean International: Enjoy your journey from Turkey to destinations like the Greek Isles, Croatia, and Italy with lavish Royal Caribbean International. On the cruise, you can enjoy luxurious accommodations and exciting entertainment options during your journey. Take part in joyful activities like rock climbing, zip-lining, and surfing simulators. You can visit the dedicated youth clubs to have a blast or try your luck at the casino.

7. Costa Cruises: Gear up for enchanting voyages from Turkey to destinations such as Greece, Italy, and Croatia with Costa Cruises. Enjoy authentic Italian cuisine at onboard restaurants like Club Restaurant and Samsara Restaurant on one of the amazing cruises around Turkey. You will admire the scenic views of the blue ocean while relaxing in your comfortable cabins. You can experience world-class entertainment at theatres, feel comfortable at the spa, or try your luck at the casino.

Highlights On Cruises in Turkey:

1. Ancient Ruins: Turkey cruises give a wonderful opportunity to explore ancient ruins scattered throughout the country. You can see the ruins of the majestic Ephesus with its well-preserved Library of Celsus and the iconic Temple of Apollo in Didyma. You can have a glimpse into the ancient world as you see the ruins of Troy, Pergamon, and Aphrodisias.

2. Blue Mosque: With Turkey cruises like Royal Caribbean International and Costa Cruises, you will get a chance to visit the iconic Blue Mosque in Istanbul. Also known as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, its wonderful architecture includes cascading domes and six minarets adorned with blue tiles. As you step inside, you will be amazed by intricate tilework, stained glass windows, and a serene ambience.

3. Hagia Sophia: One of the highlights of cruises around Turkey is exploring the magnificent Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. On Turkey cruises, you will be amazed by the grandeur of Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, serving as a church, mosque, and now a museum. The architecture has a blend of Byzantine and Ottoman influences including stunning domes and intricate mosaics. You can see the Imperial Lodge, a secluded gallery where emperors once observed religious ceremonies.

4. Ephesus: With various cruises in Turkey, you can take a visit to Ephesus, an ancient city steeped in history and mythology. During shore excursions from the cruise, you can enjoy guided tours to Ephesus. You can see the well-preserved ruins such as the Library of Celsus and the Grand Theater. You can marvel at the ruins of historic sites like The Library of Celsus, The Great Theatre, and The Fountain of Pollio.

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Turkey Cruises FAQs

What destinations do cruises cover in Turkey?

Cruises around Turkey cover destinations like Istanbul, famous for Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. You can visit Kusadasi where you can explore the ancient city of Ephesus. The next destination is Bodrum, a popular port, which is known for its castle and nightlife. With cruises, you can visit Antalya, which is famous for its beaches, ruins, and old town. These ports offer a rich blend of history, culture, and natural beauty.

Which month is best for a Turkey cruise?

The cruise season runs from April to October as the weather typically being warm and sunny during these months. June to August tends to be the hottest and busiest while April, May, September, and October offer milder temperatures and fewer crowds. These months are favourable for cruising in Turkey. However, the best month for a Turkey cruise depends on personal preferences.

What are the most affordable Cruises in Turkey?

Several cruise lines offer affordable options for exploring Turkey's coastline. Budget-friendly options include cruises like MSC Cruises, Celestyal Cruises, and Louis Cruises. These cruises often include shorter itineraries or sailings that focus primarily on Turkey and nearby destinations. By booking during the off-season, you can enjoy a lower cost of your cruise experience.

Which port in Turkey is near Istanbul?

The Port of Istanbul, also known as the Istanbul Cruise Port or Galataport is near Istanbul. Located on the European side of the city, it is a major hub for cruise ships visiting Istanbul. From here, you may have easy access to the city's historic sites, including the Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, and the Grand Bazaar.

What are the major ports in Turkey?

There are five major ports in Turkey, which are mentioned below:

1. Port of Istanbul (Galataport): Situated on the European side of Istanbul, it is known as Istanbul's primary cruise terminal. The port has historical significance, being located close to landmarks such as the Galata Tower and the historic Karakoy district.

2. Port of Haydarpaşa: This port is one of the city's oldest and most historically significant ports. Built in the late 19th century, the port played a crucial role in Istanbul's maritime trade. 

3. Port of Izmir (Alsancak Port): The port is situated in the heart of Izmir, Turkey's third-largest city, on the country's western coast. It is one of Turkey's busiest ports, it is a major gateway for both commercial and passenger maritime traffic. 

4. Port of Mersin: One of Turkey's largest and busiest ports, the port is situated on the Mediterranean coast of southern Turkey. It serves as an important gateway for maritime trade, connecting Turkey with Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

5. Port of Antalya: This port is located in the city of Antalya. Primarily a commercial port, it also serves as a popular destination for cruise ships so that tourists can explore the region's stunning beaches and historical sites.

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