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The only country and continent which is abutted by the Indian and Pacific ocean whose size gives a wide variety of landscape with tropical rainforest in the northern-eastern hemisphere, mountain ranges in southern-eastern crevice and dry desert in the center. One of the most unforgettable sailing experiences is the the best cruise and sailing tour in Australia through the majestic Great Barrier Reef. A memorable way to get up close and personal with the marine life and stunning destinations, a unique cruise or sailing experiences proffers you to grab the opportunity to wake up in a new destination every day, absorb some skills which are in trend and take a glance of some more Australia’s remote regions which are only viewed by the lucky travellers. These sailing experiences proffer mini cruises, large ships, style and comfort and vessels small enough to access some of the more remote areas. Half day, full day and night cruises are available allowing you to discover this splendid wonder of the world.


Explore the Whitsunday Islands with spectacular cruising and sailing adventures, showcasing some of the world’s best snorkeling and diving spots on fringing coral reefs. Opt for Whitsunday cruises for a more intimate holiday experience with restricted traveler numbers, allowing spacious lounges and decks. Delight in the serene waters of Sydney Harbors, offering a splendid panorama of the iconic Sydney Opera House and other harbor locales. For absolute value and one of the best cruising and sailing tours, consider Australia holiday packages for Murray River cruises. Immerse yourself in typical Australian culture with breathtaking panoramas and fascinating wildlife, complete with on-board dining for an all-encompassing holiday experience. In summary, Australia guarantees to surpass your expectations in thrill and adventure.ical Australian culture. Proffering a breathtaking panorama and fascinating wildlife, all on board dining is included for a complete holiday experience. All in all, Australia will not disappoint your expectations in the bracket of thrill and adventure.

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Australia Cruises FAQs

Which are the best cruises in Australia?

Sydney Whale Watching Cruise: Enjoy the sightseeing cruise from Sydney harbor and witness the enchanting views of Harbor Bridge, Opera House, and the modern cityscape. Head towards the Pacific Ocean to catch the beautiful sight of the biggest mammals on earth actively moving through the migratory period.

Melbourne Cruise: Board the Yarra River Cruise on the Yarra River to uncover the history of Melbourne through a guided tour. Witness the amazing views of Melbourne’s skyline including high towers, skyscrapers, and green gardens from the open-air sun deck.

Derwent River Cruise: You can take one of the best historical sightseeing cruises in Australia from Murray Street and discover the past of Perth city. Pass by the iconic sights like Tasman Bridge, Botanical Gardens, Government House, Rose Bay, Montagu Bay, etc to understand their history.

Brisbane River Cruise: The 90-minute Brisbane Cruise lets you cruise in the Brisbane River and take a quick overview of the city. You can catch the beautiful sight of Kangaroo Point Clicks, Story-bridge, Brisbane City Center, etc.

Which are the best places for cruising in Australia?

Sydney: Sydney is one of the best locations for cruising in Australia as it makes you witness the country’s most iconic landmarks. The Sydney Harbor bridge shines during the night and the reflection into the waters makes it appear double from the cruise. The iconic attractions like the Sydney Opera House look breathtakingly beautiful during the sunrise and sunset hours. You can enjoy the look of migratory whales moving in the waters as you click their wonderful pictures.

Melbourne: You can start from Port Phillip Bay and many other locations to witness shipwrecks, docklands, and islands. The enchanting view of the modern skyline of Melbourne with the greenest valleys is visible from the cruise as you head towards Yarra’s edge Marina.

Gold Coast: The Gold Coast is yet another beautiful location to cruise in. Catch the fantastic sight of the lush hinterland and say hello to the dolphins playing in the waters.

What are the best romantic cruises in Australia?

There are many romantic cruises in Australia but the best one is the sunset 3-hour cruise from Darwin. The sunset cruise takes you from Darwin Harbor on a large catamaran cruise across the Australian waters. The cruise includes a 7-course tapas dinner, unlimited wine, and an air-conditioned saloon. You can enjoy some of the best sunset views while cruising in the waters of Darwin with your date for the night.

What is the biggest cruise in Australia?

Quantum of Seas is so far the biggest of all the cruises in Australia that travels internationally. The cruise is a Royal Caribbean ship that departs Australia and weighs 168,666 Tones and 347 meters in length with a 49-meter beam.

What is the best time to cruise in Australia?

The best time to enjoy cruising in Australia is during the summertime from late November to March. These months are the best to enjoy various water sports as the weather conditions are favorable.

What cruise line goes around Australia?

There are many lines for cruising in Australia including Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, Cunard Line, and also Coral Expeditions.

How many Australian cruises are there?

There are 1240 Australia cruises that are docked across 47 ports of the country.

Are cruises still operating in Australia?

Yes, there are many Australia cruises operating in 2022 after two long years of halt. Cruising was paused in the country for part two years by the Australian Federal Government, due to the pandemic and some reasons as such but it has now again started on April 17, 2022.

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