Hot Air Balloon in Australia

Australia Hot Air Ballooning Packages

Duration Price
Hot Air Ballooning in Melbourne3 hours
INR 262.78

Hot air ballooning in Australia is a popular adventure sport, delighting thousands of tourists annually. This enchanting ride elevates you 2000+ ft above Aussie skies with utmost safety and enjoyment. The unique experience allows you to soar effortlessly as the pilot navigates. Enjoy the best hot air balloon rides in locations like Melbourne, Sydney, Yarra, Canberra, Gold Coast, Cairns, and more. Witness Australia's bright lights during sunrise or in the dark, offering 360-degree panoramic views of modern cityscapes, green valleys, and water bodies. Consider an Australia trip package for an adventure-filled journey, followed by options to enjoy morning and dinner with your loved ones.

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Australia Hot Air Ballooning FAQs

Are there hot air balloons in Australia?

Yes, there are many hot air balloon flights in Australia starting from Melbourne, Sydney, Yarra, Canberra, Gold Coast, Cairns, and many more places. But the best hot air balloon Australia starts from the enchanting flight from the Queensland Gold Coast.

Is hot air ballooning safe in Australia?

Yes, hot air ballooning in Australia is safe as it holds an impressive record of safety and pleasure. The air balloon ride carries 250,000+ people every year in the Australian skies and accounts for a great revenue in the country’s tourism sector.

What do you wear on a hot air balloon?

It is recommended that you must wear warm clothing like jackets, sweaters, and coats throughout the ride of Hot Air Balloon Australia. The temperatures are usually lower and it is quite cold at the height of an air balloon ride. You must cover your head with a cap or scarf in case temperatures are shallow during winter.

How do you prepare for a balloon ride?

For hot air ballooning in Australia, you need to eat a light breakfast before the flight and stay hydrated throughout the ride to beat altitude dizziness. Don’t overeat before the ride as it may make you uncomfortable. You must wear appropriate warm clothing, shoes and consider wearing sunscreen and sunglasses.

What is the most famous hot air balloon festival in Australia?

Canberra Balloon Spectacular or Canberra Balloon Festival is the most popular annual hot air balloon celebration. The festival is held in March every year on the Old Parliament House’s lawns in Canberra, Australia. Each day the festival launches 50 hot air balloon Australia rides for up to 2 weeks. The festival is celebrated in honor of the movie Looney Tunes: Back to Action (2003). To meet the theme of the festival, beautifully designed balloons in the shapes of sky whale, hummingbird, frog, honey bees, turtle, etc are launched into the sky.

Is a hot air balloon in Australia worth it?

Yes, hot air ballooning in Australia is definitely worth it. The captivating panorama of the Australian cityscapes of high-rise buildings and natural landscapes like forested mountains, green fields, vineyards, and waterways is worth your time. Moreover, the thrill of navigating 2000 ft across the sky with utmost safety is exactly what adventurers seek.

Where is the best place for hot air ballooning in Australia with family?

The most suitable Hot Air Balloon Australia ride for a family starts from the Yarra Valley. Home to 90 vineyards, and 35 wineries, the Yarra Valley is the greenest part of Melbourne surrounding the Yarra river. Starting from such a valley to witness its breathtaking views is among the best things to experience in Melbourne.

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