Zurich Day Tours

Explore the dreamy city of Zurich for an enchanting vacation with Thrillophilia’s Zurich tour packages. Nestled in the beautiful Alps, Zurich is a captivating city with many iconic attractions and fun-filled activities. 

From cruising on a boat tour in Lake Zurich to shopping in Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich mesmerizes all. Kids will love to sample chocolates at Lindt Home of Chocolate and spend a fun-packed day at Zurich Zoo. If you have some spare time, you can also take a day trip to Grindelwald and Interlaken for some more adventure. 

Walking through the medieval alleys of Zurich in Old Town is a delight for history buffs. The enchanting views from Rhine Falls and Uetliberg will simply leave you awestruck with its striking natural beauty. The foodies will revel in sampling some cheese fondue and pretzels with wine in this city.

With so many exhilarating activities, this destination has rightfully earned its spot as one of the best places to visit with Thrillophilia’s Switzerland tour packages.

Places To Visit in Zurich

1. Zoo Zürich: Visit Zoo Zurich with kids to explore some rich wildlife and enjoy one of the best day tours from Zurich. It is home to 380 species of animals who get to roam around freely in an environment resembling their natural habitat. The unique experience of walking in different types of ecosystems here is loved by all. The zoo has brilliantly created nature-like exhibits of the Masoala Rainforest and Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park that are a sight to watch.

2. Lindt Home of Chocolate: For foodies and chocolate lovers, exploring the Lindt Home of Chocolate is a wonderful option for a 1-day tour in Zurich. It is an hour-long tour where you will be transported into a chocolate wonderland. You will get to see how cocoa becomes your favourite Lindt chocolate bar on an audio-guided tour. Kids can be captivated by the 9 m tall chocolate mountain in the biggest Lindt chocolate shop in the world. Sample some chocolates to feed your hunger pangs and click many pictures of this unique chocolate museum. 

3. Lake Zurich: Marvel at the gorgeous views of the pristine waters of Lake Zurich to spend some quality time with your loved ones. It is one of the must-visit spots in one-day tours in Zurich, Switzerland, offering many activities like swimming and boat rides to indulge in. You can take a boat tour to get some fascinating snapshots of Zurich City. The lakeside promenade offers a perfect escape from the city hubbub to enjoy a casual stroll. If you feel hungry, you can hop in one of the lakeside bars and restaurants and enjoy a meal. 

4. Grossmunster: Discover Zurich’s landmark church, called Grossmunster, which is believed to have been constructed on the graves of patron saints of Zurich-Felix and Regula. The beautiful church across Lake Zurich presents a sight to remember for all photography lovers. It is a Romanesque-style Protestant Church that is well-known for its architecture. Some of the popular sights to enjoy here include the crypt with the original Charlemagne statue, and stained glass windows made by Augusto Giacometti, Sigmar Polke, and Metzler Organ. 

5. Rhine Falls: Gear up to be enchanted by the majestic beauty of Rhine Falls on your one-day tour from Zurich offered by Thrillophilia. It promises an adventurous day with your friends and family with a boat ride included. There are different boat cruises to choose from like a Rock tour, a short round trip and an audio tour. You can capture the thundering waterfalls from one of the viewing platforms on either side of the waterfall. Other activities to enjoy here are canoeing, biking and hiking. 

6. Kunsthaus: Visit the largest art museum in Switzerland to discover a marvellous collection of art. Some of the popular artefacts seen here belong to artists like Van Gogh and Picasso. The museum is also a delight for architecture lovers for the stunning building designed by David Chipperfield. Visiting here is a great activity for history buffs with many workshops, exhibitions and guided tours making it one of the best day tours in Zurich. It also has a bar, a design store, and a banqueting hall to enthral the tourists.

Best Time To Visit Zurich

Zurich is an all-year-round destination that provides visitors with unique experiences in each season.

  • Peak Season (June to September): With cool and pleasant weather, it is the best time to enjoy sightseeing in Zurich. The temperature ranges between 10 to 25 degrees Celsius and the sun-lit landscapes are blooming with splendid natural beauty. It is a great time to enjoy many outdoor activities like cable car rides and a cogwheel train ride. You can try visiting Lake Zurich and Rhine Falls which look marvelous at this time. Some popular festivals celebrated in this season are Zurich Summer Festival and Swiss National Day. 
  • Shoulder Season (March to May): With the beginning of spring, the winds start to wane in Zurich from March. The temperature ranges between 10 to 18 degrees Celsius and the landscapes are filled with colorful spring flowers. You will enjoy shopping in Bahnhofstrasse and visiting the Zurich Zoo during this time. It is also good for exploring nearby hikes and enjoying culinary delights like ceviche and dumplings. You can also visit Sechseläuten, the traditional spring festival of Zurich this time. 
  • Waning Season (October to February): As temperatures range between 0 to 4 degrees Celsius with the onset of winter, it is a good time to visit local cafes and sip on a cup of hot chocolate with a fondue. The landscape is covered with a blanket of snow and it becomes a winter wonderland. Venture out to visit famous churches like Grossmünster and Fraumünster which are enveloped with Christmas festivities. You shop at the vibrant Christmas markets or indulge in adventure activities like ice skating, skiing and snow treks as well.
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Zurich Day Tours FAQs

Is one day in Zurich enough?

Yes, a one-day tour in Zurich in Switzerland is a great way to explore the prominent attractions of this beautiful city. You can try visiting the Old Town, hike to Lindenhof, explore St Peter Church, and take a river cruise on the Limmat River. You can also witness Lake Zurich and take a boat ride there, and go to Rhine Falls and Grossmunster as well.

Why is Zurich famous?

With the backdrop of the Alps, Zurich is a picturesque city in Switzerland that presents a unique mixture of old-world charm with the vibrant energy of a new-age city. Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland along with being famed for its pristine natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. From its energetic nightlife to historic attractions, Zurich day tour packages offer many interesting activities to enjoy. Apart from being a prominent business center of Europe, it is well known for its high-end shopping, lavish restaurants and fancy chocolates as well.

What are some of the must-have things to do in Zurich?

Some of the best things to do in Zurich day tour packages are: 

  • Enjoy a day tour to Lake Zurich: This beautiful lake offers tons of activities to spend a memorable day with boat tours, paddle boating and swimming. It is also a haven for bird lovers as it hosts many exotic bird species in the aviary. You can enjoy a pleasant walk on the lakeside promenade or cherish some lively moments at their open-air bars. 
  • Visit the Swiss National Museum: Explore the wonderful collection of art at the Swiss National Museum. It has many historical exhibits which offer a pleasant insight into the cultural heritage of Switzerland. Apart from being an architectural masterpiece, the museum intrigues all the tourists with more than 84,000 Swiss artefacts. 
  • Explore Bahnhofstrasse: Indulge in a shopping spree at Bahnhofstrasse and buy souvenirs as a remembrance of your vacation in Switzerland. It has many luxury boutiques, departmental stores and Swiss watch shops. It is home to many famous brands like Dior, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. You can also discover cultural sites like Fraumunster Church here. 
  • Discover Old Town: Take a step back in time and enjoy the beautiful boulevards of Old Town when you are in Zurich. History buffs can be captivated by the medieval architecture and the beautiful alleys dotting this part of the city. You can take a walking tour to discover this fascinating place in this splendid city as well.
  • Enjoy the views from Uetliberg: Gaze at the panoramic vistas of Lake Zurich which is surrounded by the Alps. Make sure you catch the sunset view from here after taking a small hike or train ride to the summit of Uetliberg mountain. The scenic hike of 10-15 minutes offers a good escape from the city hubbub and is enjoyed by all photography enthusiasts.

Is Zurich very expensive?

Zurich is a popular destination for many tourists traveling to Switzerland. People come here to bask in the picturesque scenery of the Swiss Alps, indulge in gastronomic delights at its street food stalls or discover history at its museums. Even though it is the third priciest place in the world, Zurich promises priceless enjoyment for tourists. 

There are many other free and cheap things in Thrillophilia’s Zurich Day Packages which you can try like exploring the Old Town, visiting St. Peter’s Church and watching the sunset from Lindenhof Hill. If you are backpacking by staying in hostels or going on group tours with Thrillophilia, the cost of travelling to Zurich will be even less.

What food is Zurich known for?

Zurich is well-known for street foods like roasted chestnuts, wurst (curry sausage), swiss veal and pretzels that have earned its reputation on the global culinary map. On your day tour in Zurich, Switzerland, you can enjoy tasty dishes like Raclette, Cheese fondue, Rösti, Zurcher Geschnetzeltes, Zürcher Eintopf and Bircherműesli here as well.

Zurich Day Tours Reviews

VJ Viju
Reviewed: 20 Aug 2023
Very happy ...the trip was well managed and made us comfy...highly recommended for solo and family travelers
Gopaal Asan
Reviewed: 08 Aug 2022
As an Indian, I never believed that the concept of Tuk Tuk would exist in a country like Switzerland, until I saw this tour on Thrillophilia’s website. Not only was the tour quite affordably priced, but it was very comfortable too, and took me and my friends to popular places here, such as the Natio... Read More
Dharmen Singh
Reviewed: 25 May 2022
We took a tour of Mount Titlis from Thrillophilia. Our package included a guided trip and a cable car ride up the mountain, which was absolutely fantastic. We visited the beautiful lake lucerne, and also did a number of exciting- although scary!- winter sports. I especially enjoyed the Glacier walk.
Tara Trivedi
Reviewed: 10 May 2022
My partner and I were in Zurich for our honeymoon, and decided to book the Jungfraujoch tour. We got an easy booking from Thrillophilia and also got the trip at a good price. We had just the best time! We met with our tour guide at the designated location, then took a train ride and a gondola ride a... Read More
Abani Mahajan
Reviewed: 21 Mar 2022
Visiting Mount Titlis via the world's first revolving cable car and taking in the 360-degree view of the area's scenic magnificence captivated us to the core. We also traversed Europe's highest suspension bridge and put our nerves to the test. We had a fantastic time on this Mount Titlis day tour fr... Read More
Anilabh Pothuvaal
Reviewed: 19 Jul 2022
I went on this short Zurich City Tour With Rhine Falls with my family, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Our journey began in Marthalen and took us to the Rhine Waterfalls, a sight to behold. Then we visited St. Peter's Church, the Swiss National Museum, the Grossmunster and Fraumunster churches,... Read More

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