Things to Do in Zurich

Activities to Do in Zurich

Visit Zurich Lake, Hike Uetliberg mountain, Explore Old Town, Visit Lindenhof, Visit the Museum of Art, Visit Zoo Zurich, Enjoy a cruise on the Limmat, Shop at Bahnhofstrasse, Visit Zurich Opera House and Take a trip to the chocolate factory.

Promising the most scintillating trip of your life, an itinerary filled with the best things to do in Zurich is a one-stop solution for every vacationer planning a trip to Switzerland. Zurich is a city that offers many enchanting activities to explore its dreamy landscapes, quaint vibes, and a basket of activities and ultimately leaving you craving for more.

Zurich offers plenty of adventures which could vary from a casual stroll amidst the green backdrops to binging on chocolates and pastries. Moreover, shopping and visiting museums are one of the best things to do in Zurich with family to have an engrossing time.

Whether we talk about how Zurich is a dazzling playground for adventure junkies, a hotspot for culture vultures or a dream waiting to be explored by the gastronomes, the number of activities to do in Zurich are sure to leave you spoiled as a tourist.

A vacation to Zurich promises you numerous memories when you get to indulge in things to do in Zurich at night like cruising on the Limmat river, dining at one of the internally renowned restaurants or attending a play at the Zurich Opera House. With so much to offer, Zurich is certainly a tourist destination that is bound to captivate the travelers.

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Rapperswil Castle

Discover the allure of Rapperswil Castle, a stunning medieval fortress in Rapperswil, Switzerland. Perched atop a hill overlooking Lake Zurich, this historical gem offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes. Explore its well-preserved ramparts, courtyards, and towers, immersing yourself in the rich history and architectural beauty of the castle. A must-visit destination for history enthusiasts and travelers seeking to embrace the charm and cultural heritage of Rapperswil Castle, a timeless treasure in the heart of Switzerland.

Lindt Home of Chocolate

Indulge your senses in the ultimate chocolate experience at the Best Lindt Home of Chocolate! Immerse yourself in a world of delectable Swiss chocolate delights, where passion and craftsmanship come together. Explore a captivating journey through the history of chocolate, witness master chocolatiers at work, and treat yourself to an array of irresistible treats at this chocolate lover's paradise. A true haven for cocoa enthusiasts, the Best Lindt Home of Chocolate promises a sweet escape like no other.

Swiss National Museum (Landesmuseum)
Swiss National Museum is acclaimed as the most significant establishment offering insights into the cultural history of Switzerland, and is a must visit spot in the country. It is located at the confluence of Sihl and Nimmat rivers, adjacent to Park Platzspitz.Through numerous permanent as well as temporary exhibitions, the museum complex has a wealth of information to offer about the various aspects of Switzerland’s history, culture, and art during different eras. The museum houses amazing assortments of paintings, photographs, and texts that walk the visitors through the late Middle Ages, the era when Switzerland established itself as a federal state to the present.
Kunsthaus (Museum Of Fine Arts)
Kunsthaus Zürich is an epitome of art that acknowledges the work of many prominent artists of the past and the present, such as Alberto Giacometti, Picasso, Backmen, Claude Monnet and Edvard Munch. The museum has made its mark internationally for presenting a huge collection of artworks including the old and the new ones.
Fraumünster Church

Cradled on the west banks of Limat, Fraumunster Church is one of the most renowned destinations in Zurich. Its close proximity to a pristine river flowing to Grossmunster further enhances its charm. A popular name among the history buffs, Fraumunster dates back its existence to the 9th century.


Bahnhofstrasse, a tiny and yet so imposing street of Zurich is all centred with luxurious fashion brands, Swizz-chocolate shops, warm cafes, art galleries and much more. This extravagant high street of Zurich is well known as one of the most exclusive and expensive shopping arcades in Europe while being the third most expensive on the global list.


A famous mountain lying in the Swiss Plateau, Uetliberg is a mountain situated towards the northern terminal of the Albis chain, which is located in the canton of Zurich, Switzerland. The mountain is considered to be the best point of the Albis hill range since it provides a birds-eye view of the entire Zurich city, the lake of Zurich, and the alps mountains.

Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich is a picturesque Swiss lake located in the heart of Zurich. Surrounded by stunning landscapes, it offers recreational activities, boat rides, and a serene atmosphere for relaxation and enjoyment.

Zurich Zoo

A captivating wildlife sanctuary in Switzerland, home to over 400 species. Explore stunning exhibits, witness animal conservation efforts, and enjoy educational experiences for all ages.

Old Town (Altstadt)

Steeped in history and packed with a whole lot of sightseeing and shopping, Altstadt is the oldest part of the city and among the best tourist places in Zurich. The Roman Empire of Zurich came into being in the Old Town which makes this attraction more than 2000 years old.

St. Peter's Church

Dating back to the first century, St. Peter's is the only baroque church in Zurich. It is known for its tower clock face which is the largest in the whole of Europe with a diameter of 8.7 metres. The five bells in the tower dating back to 1880 are also of prime importance with one of them weighing over 6000 kgs, without clappers.

Lindenhof Hill

Another historical site and among the many tourist places in Zurich is Lindenhof Hill in the city’s Old Town. It is a moraine hill and a public square around which the city has developed over the years. The hill is also in close proximity to the central Limmat River, where tourists often flock for a 360° view of the town.

Rietberg Museum

Housing a diverse collection of artefacts from America, Asia, Africa and Oceania, Rietberg Museum, also known as ‘Emerald’ is situated in Zurich, Switzerland. Primarily focusing on the non-European arts and designs, the museum has become a great site of historical splendours. 

Zurich Opera House

Built in the 19th century, this famous performance hall is still used today to host several musical as well as dramatic events. It is among the most noteworthy Switzerland tourist places and a haven for enthusiasts of classical music as well as those who appreciate exquisite architecture.


An exquisite lake shore promenade, Bürkliplatz is a town square in Zurich canton of Switzerland. Located in the historic Alpenquai region near the sublime Lake Zurich, the Quay Bridge is also situated next to it which crosses the river Limmat at the outflow of Lake Zurich known as Quaianlagen.


Irchelpark stands out as one of Zurich's most sprawling and spacious parks. Since the 1980s, it has been a dedicated sanctuary for nurturing and preserving indigenous flora.


Nestled near the Limmat River in Zurich, Niederdorf is a cosy town stretching to Bellevue. It is known for its shopping centres, bars, and street vendors. It is also famous for its medieval history, picturesque squares, and a beautiful view of the lake. You can take leisurely walks there during the day or night. You will see old churches like the Grossmunster and Limmatquai promenade. At night, there are plenty of fun things to do, like shopping, going to clubs, having cocktails, and eating at nice restaurants.

Pavillon Le Corbusier

Situated on the Zurichsee Lakeshore, Pavillon Le Corbusier is an architectural marvel and a Swiss art museum dedicated to renowned Swiss architect Le Corbusier. Corbusier wanted to showcase his best works in a building that he personally loved and since there was nothing around, he worked on designing the Pavillon himself in the 1960s.

Street Parade

Get ready to experience the ultimate party vibe at Zurich’s annual Street Parade! It is a must-see event in the city where thousands of music fans gather around Lake Zurich to dance to awesome electronic and techno tunes. The streets come alive with amazing DJs, live shows, and delicious food and drinks.

Ubs Polybahn

Probably the most adorable tram ride you can experience amidst the vast expanse of beautiful Zurich is the UBS Polybahn. The UBS Polybahn funicular is a short railway journey connecting Zurich to Central Square. Dating back to the late 19th century, this funicular is popular among tourists and locals who want to ride to the top of the viewing point and admire spellbinding views of the city!

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Zurich Things To Do FAQs

Which are some of the best things to do in Zurich?

1. Take an Excursion to Zurich Lake: Bask in the views of Zurich Lake when you are there to take home some resplendent memories of the city. Zurich Lake is a place which is always bustling with activities and you can enjoy bathing in the clear waters, sailing, water sports or a quiet picnic in some corner of the lake. One of the most amazing things to do in Zurich is take a boat tour around the lake and then dine at a lake view restaurant to relish Swish delicacies.

Location: Zurich Lake, Zurich, Switzerland
Price: Free
Timings: No timings

2. Go on Hiking at Uetliberg Mountain: Known for its hiking paths and superb aerial views, Uetliberg mountain offers a number of thrilling activities to do in Zurich. The mountain is located in the Swiss plateau and can be reached by train. Some of the popular activities to enjoy here include biking and paragliding along with enjoying the 360-degree view of the city during night.

Location: Uetliberg, Southwest of Zurich, Switzerland
Price: Varies
Timings: Varies

3. Know about History at Old Town: Take a step down the lanes of history by taking a walking tour of Old town in Zurich. It is one of the spots in Zurich which is bustling with cultural activities and also offers a number of clubs and shopping places. This is a place in Zurich where you can appreciate the historic architecture and stroll along the cobblestone alleys. Whether you pass by the quaint coffee shops of Niederdorf or come across some cultural activity at Fraumunster, visiting Old Town promises to go down as one of the best things to do in Zurich with family.

Location: Old Town, Zurich, Switzerland
Price: Varies
Timings: Varies

4. Enjoy a Serene Escape at Lindenhof: If you are looking for some relaxing things to do in Zurich then enjoying some quiet time at Lindenhof is a wonderful way to make the most of your Zurich holiday. Lindenhof was a centre spot for many historic events in Zurich and now a major tourist spot in the Old Town of Zurich famed for its Roman ruins. It is one of the best recreational spots where you can enjoy a laid-back day with a picnic and appreciate the calm green surroundings of the place.

Location: At the top of Fortunagasse, Zurich, Switzerland
Price: Varies
Timings: Anytime

5. Indulge your Curious Mind at the Museum of Art: Known as Kunsthaus Zurich, this place is a bustling collection of modern art from the 13th century by Edvard Munch to Alberto Giacometti. A must visit for art lovers, Museum of Art in Zurich also keeps hosting exhibitions and events along with having a stunning art gallery. Some of the most popular works of art which you can find here are Vincent van Gogh's "Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear" and Andy Warhol's "Big Torn Campbell's Soup Can."

Location: Kunsthaus Zürich, Heimplatz 1, 8001 Zürich
Price: 23 Swiss Francs
Timings: Tues, Fri–Sun 10 a.m.–6 p.m. Wed, Thurs 10 a.m.–8 p.m. (Mondays closed)

6. Visit Zurich Zoo: Considered as one of the best zoos in Europe, visiting Zoo Zurich is one of the most recommended activities to do in Zurich for wildlife lovers. It boasts of having more than 340 animal species and is known for its conservation initiatives for wildlife. The zoo is acclaimed for keeping the animals in their near natural habitat by creating ecosystems like the Masoala Rainforest and South American grasslands.

Location: Zoo Zurich, Zürichbergstrasse 221, 8044 Zürich, Switzerland
Price: Adults-CHF 26 and Children-CHF 13
Timings: 9 am–5 pm

7. Take a Cruise on the Limmat: Soak yourself in the picturesque views of Zurich while enjoying the Limmat cruise on your holiday. One of the most exciting things to do in Zurich, Limmat cruise takes you from the National Museum to Lake Zurich as you get to see the numerous sights on the way through the glass roofs of the boat. The boat tour lasts for about 1 hour and offers some of the most amazing views of Zurich.

Location: Schiffsteg Bürkliplatz, Zürich, Switzerland
Price: CHF 4.4
Timings: 8 am–5:30 pm

8. Have a Shopping Spree at Bahnhofstrasse: One of the most shopping avenues in the world, Bahnhofstrasse is a place where you can empty your pockets and still not be satisfied with your spoils. This shopping boulevard is lined up with multiple boutiques, departmental stores and other famous places where everyone can find something or the other for themselves. Moreover, the visitors here can enjoy a stroll along with their shopping and indulge in a cup of hot chocolate or a glass of mulled wine to call it a day in Zurich.

Location: Bahnhofstrasse 8001 Zürich
Price: Varies
Timings: Varies

9. Attend an Event at the Zurich Opera House: From Mozart to Beethoven, Zurich Opera House is a hotspot of cultural events. Zurich Opera House is a place where you can catch multiple concerts, opera and ballet events featuring internationally acclaimed artists like Cecilia Bartoli, Diana Damrau, Joyce DiDonato, Anna Netrebko, Emily Magee, Nina Stemme, Stephen Gould etc. For its cultural events, Zurich Opera House was also awarded the Best Opera Company of the year in 2014.

Location: Falkenstrasse 1, 8008 Zürich, Switzerland
Price: Varies
Timings: Varies

10. Take a Trip to the Chocolate Factory: One of the unmissable activities to do in Zurich is to witness how world-famous chocolates are made in the city. This is a guided tour where you get to visit the chocolate factories and see the production process from beginning to end. Along with learning how delicious chocolates are made, this activity also allows you to snack on the chocolates and indulge in a delicious cup of hot chocolate.

Location: Maestrani’s Chocolarium, Toggenburgerstrasse 41 9230, Flawil, SG
Price: 15 – 25 people CHF 14 (with guide); CHF 10 (without guide)
Timings: Varies every day

What are the things to do in Zurich with family?

1. Enjoy outdoor Family Activities: If you’re going to Zurich in summer, swimming, hiking, and sailing are some of the activities you can do with the family. There are also a number of parks where you can visit with your family such as Park im Grüene and The China Garten.

2. Visit the Zurich Zoo: If you are fond of animals, a visit to The Zurich Zoo is a must. This zoo is home to native animals, such as foxes, deer, and bears. There are also playgrounds where you can play a sport.

3. Explore Children’s Museums: Whether science, history, or technology, there are many museums that are specially designed for children. There is Cathal Dinosaur Museum, Kyburg Castle near Winterthur, Swiss Children’s Museum in Baden, and the University of Zurich Zoological Museum are just some of the favorite places in Zurich to visit with children.

4. Go for a Chocolate Experience: Your visit to Zurich is incomplete if you don’t visit The Lindt & Sprüngli Shop Kilchberg Shop. This shop not far from Zurich’s city borders will definitely make your mouth water. An amazing experience to be witnessed with your family. Right from Lindor chocolate balls and pralines, to chocolate bars, you find the exquisite chocolate products that Switzerland is famous for here. The diversity of chocolate creations is a treat not only for children’s eyes but for everyone.

5. Go on a Trail: This is an easy 2-hour hike on an elevated trail which is the best for the family. Starting from the Uetliberg to Felsenegg, it shows the distances in the solar system. Each meter of the path represents 1 million kilometers.

What are the most romantic things to do in Zurich for couples?

1. Enjoy a dinner date on the Limmat river: Capture the splendid views of Zurich as you enjoy a romantic cruise on the Limmat river. For the most ecstatic experience, one can book a round trip on a boat with a restaurant and take home some of the best romantic moments of your life.

2. Enjoy a train ride with views of Zurich: Gear up for a romantic adventure as you hop on a train riding through the exhilarating landscape of Zurich to Uetliberg. The scenic ride offers some amazing views of the town of Zurich and the Swiss Alps during the journey which lasts for about 30 minutes.

3. Dine amidst the clouds at the Prime Tower: If you want to do something totally unique when you are in Zurich, one of the recommended romantic activities is to have dinner at the Prime Tower in Zurich. This is the tallest building in Zurich with the famous Clouds Restaurant from where you will get sweeping views of the city along with lip-smacking European cuisine and tantalizing cocktails.

4. Take a boat ride to Rapperswil: One of the most beautiful and romantic ways to enjoy your time in Zurich is to take a boat ride to Rapperswil. The boat ride lasts for about an hour and takes you through some of the most picturesque spots of Zurich like Old Town, Rapperswil Castle, etc.

What are the best adventure activities to do in Zurich?

1. Take a Ski Tour in the Swiss Alps: For the mountain enthusiasts, ski tour in the Swiss Alps is supposed to be an adventure to remember for a lifetime. It is blessed with snow clad peaks where one can have an enthralling ski trip with their loved ones.

2. Enjoy Canyoning at Chli Schliere: With high rappels, big jumps and fast slides, Chli Schliere is acclaimed to be one of the best places to enjoy canyoning when you are in Zurich. The canyon is a perfect place for rappelling lovers as there are various gorges and waterslides that will give you an adrenaline rush in just a matter of minutes.

3. Have a Mountaineering Adventure at Jungfrau: One of the most fascinating peaks of the Swiss Alps, Jungfrau is a great place to get your hiking boots in action. Offering a challenging hike, it is one of the most classic places for mountaineering lovers in search of adventure activities to do in Zurich.

4. Enjoy Rock Climbing at Oberland: For climbing lovers, this is an ecstatic activity to relish your time with a pinch of adventure when you are in Zurich. The place is a nice getaway even if you are going with family and wish to learn a new activity under the guidance of experienced climbers.

What are the things to do in Zurich at Night?

1. Enjoy Jazz Music at Jazz Club Moods: For music lovers, attending a bustling night at Jazz Club Moods is one of the best activities to do in Zurich. This place is internationally acclaimed for its music activities with local and international acts for Jazz and other styles of music in this stylish bar.

2. Have a meal at LaSalle Restaurant: Serving delicacies of Italian and French cuisine, LaSalle is one of the most exquisite restaurants in Zurich. Along with their mouth-watering food, this place offers a quaint ambience where you can enjoy a superb night with your loved ones in Zurich.

4. Enjoy an entertaining night at Cabaret Voltaire: For culture lovers, enjoying a night of Cabaret Voltaire should definitely be on the itinerary when you are in Zurich. This is a place where you can spend an entertaining night enjoying concerts and regular events.

Which are the best museums to visit in Zurich?

1. The National Museum Zurich: If you’re a history lover and love to delve into the history of any new country, then there is no place other than this to know and understand the history of Switzerland.

2. Money Museum: With the sole focus on the history of money and a critical take on the future of money, this place offers one of the most offbeat things to do in Zurich with family. While visiting here, one can enjoy a collection of coins, banknotes, digital photo galleries, publications etc.

3. Museum Rietberg: This is the only art museum which is dedicated to the Non-European Art in Switzerland and is one of the biggest in Zurich.

4. Kunsthaus Zurich: In this museum, you’ll witness the best of Swiss fine art. Not just this, you will also find the work of the internationally renowned artists that extends back to the Middle Ages.

Which are the best hikes in Zurich?

1. Jungfrau region: With views of some gorgeous cliffs on one side and waterfalls on the other, Jungfrau region calls all the hikers to have a memorable day in the Lauterbrunnen valley. It is a challenging yet enjoyable hike for all the adventure lovers.

2. Lake Oeschinen: This is an easy trail to enjoy a joyful day besides the lake in Zurich. The hike can be completed in an hour and one should be prepared for some breathtaking views of the mountains from there.

3. Giessbach Falls: Giessbach Falls is a nice way to enjoy one of the most thrilling things to do in Zurich by enjoying a hike to the falls. To reach here, one can take a ferry to the base and then enjoy a splendid day adventure to be treated with delightful views.

4. Lucerne-Mount Rigi: One of the popular spring hikes in Zurich, Lucerne is a place where you bask in the views of the mountains and enjoy lake cruises. It is famed for its panoramic views which shouldn’t be missed when you are in Zurich.

What can you do in Zurich for free?

1. Visit Art Gallery: There are two art galleries in Zurich that offer free entrance on specific days. Visitors can see the works by Rembrandt, Manet and Giacometti at the Kunsthaus for free on Wednesdays. At Migros Museum, contemporary art can be seen at free of cost on Thursday evenings from 5pm-8pm.

4. Enjoy views from The Polyterrasse: A platform in front of Zurich University from where you will have incredible views of Zurich’s old town. You need to take Polybahn (a tram) which will take you up from the city center to the Panorama Terrace. The ride will be of 3 minutes, at a very cheap price of CHF 1.20. This is an ideal spot to enjoy the mesmerizing views on a sunny day.

5. Hike Uetliberg: From Zurich’s central mountain, you can enjoy the stunning panoramic views of the city, Lake Zurich, Limmat Valley and on a sunny day, even the Alps. Everything on Uetliberg is free of cost and you can reach here via any public transport.

What is there to do in Zurich in 2 days?

Things to do in Zurich on Day 1:

1. Go Shopping at Bahnhofstrasse: Boasting of all the luxury brands from H&M to Zara, Bahnhofstrasse is your one stop solution for having a good time in Zurich. It is the main shopping street where you can find a number of things like jewellery, Swiss chocolates, perfumes along with various restaurants and famous departmental stores.

2. Visit Lindenhof: Your 2-day itinerary will remain incomplete without getting up here. Lindenhof offers magnificent views of the city and is considered as one of the places to visit in Zurich. This is a place to relax and chill alongside enjoying the incredible views of the Limmatplatz.

3. Explore the Old Town: What is Zurich without the Old Town? Before arriving at Lake Zurich, take a stroll in the old town of Zurich. With many cafes and restaurants lined up here, you can have lunch/dinner at one of the cafes.

- Things to do in Zurich on Day 2

1. Go on a Boat Tour: A boat tour on a lake Zurich is something that you should look forward to. There are 3 kinds of boat tours available-short, medium, and long cruise. While the short cruise is available at free of cost with Zurich card at a cost of 5 Euros, the other cruise tours are chargeable. If you have Swiss Travel Pass, you can enjoy all the tours at free of cost.

3. Visit the Opera District: Located close to Lake Zurich and the old town, this place is a must-go for the first time tourists to enjoy a day of entertainment with ballet and opera. The place is also renowned for hosting popular plays, famous singers and premiers of various shows in Zurich.

How can I reach Zurich?

- By Air: Most of the major airlines fly to Zurich Airport (ZRH), the largest and busiest airport in Switzerland. There are direct flights running to Zurich from India (Mainly from Delhi and Mumbai). It takes about 8-9 hours to reach Zurich from India by flight and this is the only option to reach Zurich from India.

- By Road: If you are traveling from another European city, then you can opt for this option also. Most highways in Switzerland lead into Zurich, so driving can be looked out as an option if you’re entering Zurich from another part of the country.

- By Train: This option is for people who are already traveling within EU countries. To travel via train, you need to have the Swiss Travel Pass. Board a train to Hauptbahnhof (HB), the main railway station and then stop at Bahnhofstrasse to reach the city centre of Zurich.

Which is the best time to visit Zurich?

The most ideal time to visit Zurich is between the months of June to August. The weather is at its best during this time and the average temperature is around 21 degree celsius. You can enjoy the outdoors during sunny days and go for a walk in the cool breezy evenings. This is also the best time to go swimming in the lake.

If you’re someone who wants to go on ski trips then winter season (December-February) is the best season. As skiers and snow lovers rush to Switzerland during this time, and Zurich being a popular stopover, also experiences a major footfall. Zurich comes alive during the Christmas season. You can witness festivities even at freezing temperatures.

Why Zurich is so famous?

Ranked as one of the best cities to live in the world, Zurich is famous for its high-end shopping, fancy chocolates, and opulent lifestyle. Known for being the economic centre of Switzerland, Zurich is also one of Europe’s largest financial centres. It is a delightful place for art lovers. The museums and old town make it a fascinating place for art lovers. Going to museums is another interesting thing to do in Zurich.

How do I get from Zurich airport to city Centre?

Zurich Airport is just 10km away from the city center, so it is quick and easy to get there just after your plane has landed. There are various ways of traveling from the airport to Zurich.

By Train: Trains run regularly from Zurich Airport to Zurich Main Station every 5-10 minutes. Moreover, one can take S-Bahn lines S2, S16, and S24 as well as various regional and InterCity trains that will take you to Zurich Main Station.

By Taxi: The journey takes 15 minutes if you take an airport taxi to reach the Zurich city centre.

By Streetcar: The ride on Line 10 from Zurich Airport to Zurich Main Station takes approximately 35 minutes.

By Shuttle bus: The minibuses run at least once an hour between the city centre and Zurich airport.

Can you see the Alps from Zurich?

There is a point called Bürkliplatz along the lake shore from where you can see the Alps. Seeing the Alps from this point could be an amazing thing to do in Zurich with family.

What language is spoken in Zurich?

There are four national languages recognized in Switzerland: German, French, Italian and Raetoromanisch ( mainly by Swiss nationals only). If you know one of the four national languages, or at least can understand one European language, then language would not be a big problem for you.

What is the local cuisine of Zurich? Which are the best places to try the local food of Zurich?

The local cuisine of Zurich is käsefondue (cheese fondue), a hot soup of cheese and white wine which is eaten by dunking cubes of bread in it. Raclette is another cheese specific dish. It is prepared with melted cheese on potatoes served with different pickles and sides.

The best places to try the local food are:

1. Fondue at Zunfthaus: They, undoubtedly, serve the classic Swiss cuisine and their fondue is supposed to be noteworthy.

2. Champagne Truffles at Teuscher: When it comes to Truffles, there’s no other place than this. And the top pick among their truffles are the Champagne truffles.

3. Luxemburgerli Macarons at Sprungli: This place is known for their macarons known as Luxemburgerli and has been known to charm the people over the years with their signature dishes.

What are the different types of day & night tour packages you can book with Thrillophilia?

Here are different types of the day and night Switzerland tour packages that you can book from Thrillophilia:

  1. Switzerland 5 Days Tour Packages
  2. Switzerland 7 Days Tour Packages
  3. Switzerland 10 Days Tour Packages
  4. Switzerland 14 Days Tour Packages
  5. Switzerland 15 Days Tour Packages

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Purchasing the Zurich card turned out to be one of the best decisions we made. We took the 3 day card for 72 hours. It included free transfer on public transport, discounted entry price and also discounted tickets into multiple attractions. If you’re looking to save some money, I’d definitely recomm... Read More
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Getting free chocolate, surrounded by chocolate fountains and bowls is simply amazing. Thrillophila offered great deals on the pass and my friends and I enjoyed the guided tour. The interiors of the place are so classy and we got a lot of amazing pictures.
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