Lindenhof Hill Overview

Another historical site and among the many tourist places in Zurich is Lindenhof Hill in the city’s Old Town. It is a moraine hill and a public square around which the city has developed over the years. The hill is also in close proximity to the central Limmat River, where tourists often flock for a 360° view of the town.

Lindenhof Hill, with its charming pathways and historical significance, offers not just a scenic viewpoint but also a tranquil escape in the heart of Zurich. The cobblestone walkways lead you through a journey of the city's past, making Lindenhof Hill a delightful stop for history enthusiasts. So, Include this as a key highlight in your Switzerland tour package, ensuring an enriching and serene experience within the vibrant cityscape of Zurich.

The hill once housed a Roman Castle, followed by the famous Carolingian Kaiserpfalz, but today serves as a recreational space for all. There's a lush green oasis on the slopes of the hills that makes for a great picnic spot. Being an automobile-free zone, you can be assured that you can relax on top of the hill, soaking in the beauty of old Zurich for hours!

Highlights: Overview of Zürich's history, picnic spot

Location: 8001 Zürich, Switzerland

Entry Fee: Free 

Timings: 24 hours

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