Uetliberg Overview

A famous mountain lying in the Swiss Plateau, Uetliberg is a mountain situated towards the northern terminal of the Albis chain, which is located in the canton of Zurich, Switzerland. The mountain is considered to be the best point of the Albis hill range since it provides a birds-eye view of the entire Zurich city, the lake of Zurich, and the alps mountains.

The same reason accounts for this magnificent mountain positioned at 2850 feet above sea level to be one of the favourite spots for tourists. Standing on the boundary between Zurich and Stallikon, Uetliberg offers unimpeded views for its tourists. To reach the top, you first have to complete a short trail of 10 minutes, which leads you to the summit where Hotel Uto Kulm is also situated. This breathtaking experience is a must-add to your Switzerland package from India, ensuring an unforgettable alpine adventure.

At the top of this mountain, tourists can engage in different activities including hiking, bike trailing, camping, and paragliding. Bike tours are always fun, they call it Toptrek Touren at the site. Also, camping at Uetliberg is free of cost, it is preferably the best part of the tour because the night sky gives a full sight of shiny studded stars.

Another option is to climb the lookout tower for a more breathtaking, panoramic view of the whole city of Zurich where even when the sky is cloudy, you can see the Alps and amazing mountains.

How To Reach

Uetliberg is situated at a distance of 20 KM from Zürich Airport. You can cover this distance by the following means of transport:

By Train:
You could take Line 16 from Zurich Airport until Zurich HB which would take around 10 mins. From there, you could walk until Zurich HB SZU and then take Line 10 and reach Uetliberg in 20 mins. The entire journey would cost you around 1,400 INR.

By Tram:
You could take Tram on Line 10 and cover the distance in 50 mins which would cost you between INR 380 and 500. 

By Bus:
You could take bus line 768 and drop at Zurich Oerlikon, Bahnhof which would take around 16 minutes and INR 320 to 420. From there, you could cross the road to reach Zürich Oerlikon, Bahnhof Nord and take bus line 80 which can drop you at Zurich, Triemlispital in 35 minutes by charging you around INR 380 to 500. From there you could walk the 2 KM distance till your ultimate destination.

By Car:
You could get a hired taxi which will take around 30 minutes and cost you between INR 6,500 to 8,000. Besides this, you could also drive on your own or book an online cab service which will prove to be cheaper options than a hired cab.

Other Essential Information

Uetliberg is a mountain located in the swiss plateau, above the city of Zurich in Switzerland.

Entry fee: There is no fee for visiting Uetliberg; however, if you wish to climb up to the Uetliberg look-out tower from the summit, you need 2 Swiss Franc (CHF which are equal to 2.07 US dollar.

Distance from Zürich Airport: The distance from Zurich Airport to Uetliberg is 13 Km if you go through train. While if you drive through the road, the distance will be 20 Km.

History of Uetliberg

The place is much older than you would predict and also considered to be one of the most ancient fortifications in Switzerland. The hilltop ‘Uetliberg oppidum’ dates back to the Latene era of early iron age. Uetliberg was first dug in the 1830s, and later on while the construction of Uetliberg railway station, an old cemetery was destroyed in 1874 which proved that this hill is from an ancient era.

It is uncertain from where Uetliberg gets its name, but most people consider the toponym to be derived from its Celtic roots. It is considered that the Mount was already occupied during the Early Bronze Age. Apart from the Celtic oppidum, a tomb was also discovered in the form of a mound. And its remains tell us about a wall system that protected the inner forts.

The walls of the forts were 14m tall and 35m wide, whereas, Inside these walls, there were two rings of fortifications. One was surrounding the Aegerten–Plateau (present-day site of Uetliberg tower), and the other ring was circling the Uto Kulm (present-day site of look-out tower). During the medieval period, there were six castles on the Uetliberg mountain. These castles even expanded to the neighboring mountains.

Places to Stay at Uetliberg

Uetliberg offers you the best luxurious hotels to stay in which are well facilitated, and you can choose the one just according to your budget. 

1. Hotel Uto Kulm
This famous hotel is the most visited spot of tourists to satisfy their hunger, because it is situated right on the summit or Uetliberg. And it is also the reason this place stands number 1 on our list. A short walk from the hotel (approx. 10-15 mins) will get you from the Uetliberg railway station to Uto Kulm, and from there, you get easy access to numerous restaurants, bike trails, and the lookout tower.

Facilities like Sauna and free car parking for visitors arriving by car are also provided at Uto Kulm. 

2. Atlantis by Giardino
For those who search for premium quality service with some extravagant facilities without worrying about the budget, Atlantis by Giardino near Uetliberg is a must check out. The hotel is situated at the base of the Mountain, and the distance to Uetliberg top is 1.5 km. Well-conditioned rooms, free wifi, balcony for views, indoor and outdoor pool, and spa facilities await the customers planning to stay at Atlantis.

3. Arabella Sheraton Atlantis
Facing the untarnished pristine tropical vegetation, Arabella Sheraton Atlantis is another cozy place to stay near Uetliberg. You will have comfortable rooms with huge balconies giving you sweeping views of the untouched nature to rejoice your senses. Also, Arabella Sheraton offers you Free wifi access, parking area, swimming pool, and a hair salon.

Restaurants at Uetliberg 

Here is a list of the few best places where you must visit to relish on the various swiss cuisines:

1. Restaurant Allegra
This restaurant lies on top of Zurich and provides for the best rooftop view of the entire city and neighboring mountains. The restaurant specializes in Swiss and European cuisines and has both indoor and outdoor dining. The restaurant is not overly priced and presents a cozy place to dine out with friends and loved ones.

2. The High Heel Gourmet Café
The menu of The High Heel Gourmet Café is limited but very delicious at the same time. The restaurant specializes in American, Asian, Spanish, and Latin cuisines and even provides a variety of meals for meat lovers as well as for vegetarians.

3. Hotel Hide and Seek
The restaurant, Hotel Hide and Seek is estimated to be 1 mile away from Uetliberg and specializes in International and Central European cuisines. The place is especially known because of their vegan and gluten-free dishes on the menu. The non-veg meals are equally mouth-watering. Though the restaurants are a little expensive but worth experiencing. 

4. Uto Kulm
Uto Kulm serves the most delicious meal with a lavish laid out on your table. In their menu, you find a long list of delicious food, which includes seasonal classics and exclusive specialties for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with a tasty variety of Wine. 

5. Restaurant Gmüetliberg
In Restaurant Gmüetliberg, tempting food is always ready to be served in front of food lovers. Though their specialty is the swiss menu, there you will also find a variety of your favourite fast food. Not only its menu is incredible but also the panoramic view from this restaurant is enough to make the visitors say a more for a couple of hours.

Tips for visiting Uetliberg

In case you are a tourist, driving on your own would not be a good idea for your pocket as well as comfort.

In Zurich, Pickpocketing is common in public transports, so be alert and take care of your luggage and money.

Carry some snacks if you wish to experience a lovely picnic at various spots where you can rest and enjoy with your family.

Do visit the beaches on the weekdays as these are the days when the beaches are the least crowded.
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Uetliberg FAQs

How high is Uetliberg?

Uetliberg is situated about 869 m (2850 ft) above the sea level. This mountain towers over the rooftops of Zurich, providing breath taking views. It is 68 m above Uetliberg station, which is the nearest station to the Uetliberg summit.

How do you get from Zurich HB to Uetliberg?

You have four options to do this.

1. Take a train from Zurich HB SZU to Uetliberg station, which takes around 20 mins to reach your destination. The train is available every 30 mins.

2. You can take a line 13 Tram from Zurich Hb to Uetliberg, and This ride takes around 15 mins.

3. Take a line 32 bus from Zurich HB to Uetliberg station; the journey covered in 25 mins.

4. You can even opt for a taxi from Zurich HB to Uetliberg any time.

How long does it take to climb Uetliberg?

From Uetliberg station, it takes 10-15 mins to climb to the top of Uetliberg. If you are walking directly from Zurich HB central station, it takes approximately 1 hour 35 mins to reach Uetliberg. You need to take an additional walk of 10 mins to reach the summit of Mount Uetliberg.

How do I get from Zurich to Felsenegg?

There are two routes to reach Felsenegg from Zurich. The first is to take a train or bus from Zurich's central railway station to Adliswil, Walk five minutes to the cable car, which will get you to Felsenegg. The alternative route is to reach Uetliberg station from Zurich HB, climb the mountain top, and trail to Felsenegg, and This trail takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.

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