Museum Für Gestaltung Overview

Noted as one of the most ancient museums in the world, Museum für Gestaltung provides a lot to the tourists in terms of design, history and technology. Starting from innovative uses of science and technology to the finest art portrayals, this museum in Zurich has gradually developed to become one of the most popular tourist spots.

It is also referred to as the museum that paved the way for a design for the rest of the world. As a part of the Zurich Museum of Arts, this museum conducts a number of study programmes apart from the exhibitions every year.  An integral stop on your Switzerland trip, explore the influential exhibits that have shaped artistic perspectives worldwide

Thus, apart from being important academically because of its course of study, research programmes and so on, Museum für Gestaltung Zürich has become quite a popular tourist spot over the years. The museum hosts a series of exhibitions every year both for its students as well as tourists to showcase its huge collection of design and visual arts.

Tourists also visit the place because of its various photography competitions and workshops that the museum conducts as an academic institution. Overall, Museum für Gestaltung has developed as a prominent tourist spot over the years and if you are in Zurich, you should make a point to visit it, especially if you are fond of arts. 

How To Reach

There are several ways of reaching Museum für Gestaltung from Zurich airport. You can either take a bus from the Zurich Airport and get down at Zurich HB. You need to walk for a few minutes from the nearest bus stop in order to reach Museum für Gestaltung.

You can additionally take a bus, line 10 tram or even taxis. Trams and buses are, however, the cheapest but taxis are the fastest. You can choose your mode of transportation based on your priorities. No matter which transport you take, it should not take you more than 25 minutes to reach Museum für Gestaltung from Zurich Airport. 

Other Essential Information

Museum für Gestaltung Zürich is located at Pfingstweidstrasse 96, 8005 Zürich, Switzerland. 

Entry fee-
regular entry fee is CHF 12 and reduced entry fee is CHF 8. There is also a combined ticket of 15 CHF and a combined reduced ticket of 10 CHF. 

Opening hours-
All days apart from Wednesday: 10 AM-5PM. Wednesdays- 10 AM-8 PM. 

Distance from Zurich Airport-
Museum für Gestaltung is located at a distance of 8 kilometres from Zurich Airport. 

History of Museum für Gestaltung

The Museum für Gestaltung was earlier a part of the Museum of Arts and Crafts, which was founded in the year 1875. It was in the year 1933 that Museum für Gestaltung formed a separate museum because the Museum of Arts and Crafts shifted from its original place to a building that was designed by Adolf Steger and Karl Egender.

 Museum für Gestaltung was designed by Julian Bloch which incorporated a separate section of beautiful and artistic buildings to accommodate its vast collection. 

Exhibitions at Museum für Gestaltung

The Museum für Gestaltung hosts a number of exhibitions throughout the year which has become a significant source of tourist attraction, especially the ones fond of design and visual arts. Here are a few exhibits that you should mandatorily attend-

1. Collection highlights- Museum für Gestaltung comprises collections from ancient history depicting various scenes from history.  Starting from the Apocalypse to Emile Galle’s art vases, this exhibition showcases an array of objects which people seldom know to have existed or were never seen along the light of art, if they ever did. 

Starting from the Apocalypse to Emile Galle’s art vases, this exhibition showcases a number of curious and objects unknown to most tourists. The aura of the exhibition is mainly upheld by the various objects that it presents to you from ancient history, which have often been forgotten. Thus, if you are fond of historical pieces of art, this exhibition is sure to have all your eyes on it. 

2. Ideal living- This exhibition mainly showcases various finely furnished objects and also the gradual change in the components of furniture. Starting from pure wood to a conglomeration of wood, teak and even steel, this exhibition shows the perfect mingling of ancient, modern and postmodern pop culture in terms of furnishings.

The exhibition takes place in seven rooms which comprise of various swiss furniture and also the ones belonging to various countries. Thus, rightly called the ideal living exhibition, it takes you through a journey of evolution in terms of the different furniture used all over the world. 

3. Poster stories-  As the name suggests, this exhibition showcases various aspects of design and technology through an artistic representation of posters. These posters represent different styles of presenting various narratives through a conglomeration of pictures, photographs or even writing.

Thus, this exhibition highlights multiple things through an eye-catching representation that is, through the posters. The poster exhibition is not only attractive but is also a simpler way of learning and understanding various features of design over history. Thus, even if you aren’t technologically advanced, you would have a gala time exploring the exhibition. 

4. Swiss design Lounge- This is one of the most popular exhibitions at the Museum für Gestaltung. It takes you through a journey of gradual evolution and the present-day use of furniture, especially Swiss furniture.

Thus, as the name suggests, you could explore a variety of designs in carpets, lampshades, sofas, tables, armchairs, and so on. This exhibition would take you to a different zone of comfort when you venture the various beautiful furniture exhibited overlooking the entire area.

You can simply sit and relax on the sofas or chairs while you are here!

5. Design laboratory- materials and technology – This exhibition offers its tourists what they cannot think of! If you are fond of watching science fiction movies, you get to experience it for real here! Starting from attempting to use bacteria instead of leather in shoes to concrete columns by robots, there is a lot that this exhibition has to offer to the visitors.

Not only that, the exhibition also provides a site for various scientists to come together for various scientific discoveries. 

Collections in Museum für Gestaltung Zürich

Museum für Gestaltung exhibits some of the most significant pieces of art and design. It is a perfect match of architecture, science and technology. Starting from bizarre scientifically innovative collections to ones belonging to ancient art and culture, the collections of the museum are unmatchable.

There are various exhibitions and different rooms which cater to exhibiting a particular kind of theme in design and visual communication. While some of the places that show the most exquisite architecture, the other depicts the most elegant furniture.

There is a separate studio for everyone above 16 for attending various workshops and activities. These not only keep you attracted but give you more knowledge on the functioning of the entire museum apart from details about the history of design and visual communications.

 There is a separate studio for everyone above 16 for attending various workshops and activities that not only keep you attracted but give you more insight on the functioning of the entire museum and also details about the history of design and visual communications. Here are a few collections that you should look up to-

1. School of Embroidery- this school mainly showcases various forms of hand-stitched artistic presentations. It was in the early 19th century that women folks started to take up arts and crafts to an exceptional level which helped in the emergence of the school. If you are fond of beautifully artistic embroideries, visiting this is a must.

2. 3D lettering on Buildings- this is a new section introduced at the Museum für Gestaltung. It caters to various forms of 3D imprints on-premises, with multiple patterns and letters. This exhibition has considerably brought about a revolution in 3D prints giving a new dimension to the sphere of designs and arts. 

3.  Materials and Technology- this collection at the Museum für Gestaltung comprises around 90 objects. These objects mainly strive to encourage people, especially designers, to create sustainable objects through innovative use of materials and technology as the ones exhibited here. 

Tips on Visiting The Museum

 It is better that you read a little about the history of the museum before visiting it so that you know the background of the museum and why it was established. 

1. Make sure you are fond of art and crafts if you are planning to give an entire day to the museum alone. Incase, you aren’t, you might want to spend your day otherwise. 

2. You should always check the timings of the exhibitions and the details of them before visiting the museum. Some exhibitions do not take place the entire year and hence it is better that you know the timings of the exhibitions which you think would attract you. 

3. Different exhibitions and galleries have different timings and entry fee. If there are any specific exhibitions that you want to visit, you should check for the timings and details online.

In case you are visiting the place for the first time, you should take the e-guide that would help you understand each and every section of the museum better. it also helps you realize which are the galleries and exhibitions that you being an art lover should mandatorily visit.

You must also look for discounts which the museum offers on the entry fee and tickets on certain occasions
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Museum Für Gestaltung FAQs

What is Museum für Gestaltung famous for?

Museum für Gestaltung is famous for its unparalleled collection of various objects from the history of design and visual communication. Not only that, it has various other objects which exhibit intrinsic artistic excellence along with scientific technological excellence.

How big is Museum für Gestaltung?

Museum für Gestaltung covers a vast area consisting of various galleries and buildings, each having its own theme of design showing unparalleled scientific technological innovation. The museum in fact requires an entire day if you want to explore each and every corner of it.

How old is Museum für Gestaltung?

Museum für Gestaltung was first built in the year 1875 when it was a part of the Museum of Arts and Crafts. Thus, this museum is not only a tourist spot now but is also a heritage site upholding various objects from history.

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