Türlersee, Zurich: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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About Türlersee

Reflecting the sky hovering over its head, Türlersee is an absolute gem from nature's treasury. Located around half an hour's drive from Zurich, Switzerland, Türlersee is situated at an elevation of 643 m above sea level. The azure blue water of the pristine lake adds to the lush greenery of the quiet surrounding valley to give the landscape an illusion of a slice of paradise on earth.

The lake is listed in the Federal Inventory of Landscapes and Natural Monuments of National Importance and is a natural reserve. Türlersee happens to be a picturesque haven for those seeking a meaningful time to spend with family. It is a sin to be in Zurich and not sneak away for a day or two to this beautiful place.

The lake offers a plethora of activities for visitors such as - paddle boarding, sunbathing, swimming, angling, picnicking, hiking and camping. The best part about this lake is that it can be enjoyed throughout the year not just for swimming but also for ice skating in the winters.

How to Reach Türlersee

By Train:

The easiest and cheapest way to reach Türlersee lake is via the SBB trains which run at regular intervals of fifteen minutes to half an hour from the Zurich Airport (Flughafen) towards Ziegelbrücke and reach Wiedikon. Once in Wiedikon, there are frequent buses plying from the bahnhof (bus stop) which is right outside the Wiedikon railway station.

The B 236 bus takes passengers to the Hausen am Albis, Turlersee from Wiedikon. From the Türlersee bus stop to the lake is just 9 minutes of pleasant walk. The total travel time is about 1 hour fifteen minutes and the cost of return ticket is 9 CHF.

By Car:
The fastest way to reach Türlersee is to rent a car from the Zurich Airport. It just requires ID proof that shows 25 years of age or above, a valid driver's license and credit card. The travel time of 37 kms from Zurich Airport to Türlersee lake is only 30 mins. A day's rent of Europcar in the non luxury category could be close to 175 euros. The lake also has a parking area close to it.

Best Time to Visit Türlersee

The lake and its surroundings look invigorating in the morning and the best time to reach the place is around 9:00/ 9:30 am. This gives ample time to hike around the lake and finally take a dip around noon while the sun is still high and warm. 

Türlersee sees a footfall of tourists throughout the year but mostly during the warm summer months of June, July and August. The temperature around this time of the year rises to 22 degrees Celsius which is perfect for a dip in the lake and sun bath.

The winter mostly sees some tourists who visit the summits around Zurich for the winter sports and for the Christmas festivities which makes the place quite lively. At this time, the frozen lake provides a great opportunity to the ice skaters.

However the spring or the March to May season is also a good time to visit this place as the crowd is minimal and the trail around the lake is at its colourful best. Also the prices of the hotels around the area are way cheaper.

What Not to Miss at Türlersee

Here are some of the activities that one can do in Türlersee:

1. Swimming
The lake has a small swimming area which is demarcated by the lake authorities. The assigned area is the easiest to access if trailing down to the lake from the bus stop. A small fee of 5 CHF needs to be paid to access this area during the summer months.

There are other places in the lake where swimming is allowed but they are not under vigilance and hence do not have amenities such as changing cabins, showers and washrooms. Also, with children it is safer to be in the area assigned for swimming, purely because the levels are marked here according to the depth of the water. 

2. Fishing
A lot of people gather around the lake to enjoy fishing. It is one of the few places that does not require a licence to fish however there are some restrictions related to the kind of bait that could be used to angle a fish. While bread, larvae, worms and corn beads can be used as bait, no artificial substance can be plastered to the hook.

The lake authorities charge a small fee for allowing a tourist to angle using a single fishing rod, from the docks or from the boats in the lake. One can either go for a daycard if visiting for a single day or the guest card if vacationing in Türlersee for a longer time. Only about 4 day cards are issued per day and costs about 30CHF each. While the guest card costs CHF 100 for two weeks. 

3. Trail walk
One of the most pleasant aspects of this lake is the trail around it. Obviously, the landscape is much greener around May, June and starts to get rustier at the start of the fall and in winter it appears white like a frozen hamlet from a picture postcard.

But a hike is still possible even in the winter because the land is not steep. The best part about this trail is that, unlike the gravelly route around most other lakes in Europe, the path around Türlersee is smoother and is accessible by prams and hence carrying children could literally be a cakewalk!

4. Picnic
The shoreline of the lake Türlersee is punctuated by some fire pits which are used to light a fire for a picnic around the lake. These places also have tables. No firewood is provided but it is not difficult to gather dried branches from the trees around. A picnic in this serene location with family with a view to the beautiful lake could be idyllic.

5. Camping
The area surrounding the lake has camping facilities too. Caravans, mobihomes (or mobile homes), tents can be booked for the entire camping season, that is April to October or on a per night basis. Special focus is given so that neither the environment nor the co-caravaners have anything to complain about.

Spending a night near the lake in a caravan, away from the city, after a day of ball games, fishing, swimming and hiking is the definition of being on cloud nine.

Places to Visit near Türlersee Zurich

1. Albis Pass

It is a very popular mountain pass on the Albis range that connects Zurich with central Switzerland. While traveling to Türlersee, if one travels to the Thalwil station instead of Wiedikon, one can reach the Hausen am Albis on a bus that plies every hour and passes through the picturesque Albis Pass.

There is quite a traffic of hikers on foot as well as on bicycle through the pass as the entire pass is almost at the same level without much uphill climb. This, together with the breathtaking view of Zurich that the pass offers, makes it very popular.

2. Langenberg Wildlife Park
This park which also has a zoo and keeps certain animals in enclosures situated in Langnau, in the Canton of Zurich in the Sihlwald valley. Majority of the park is accessible round the clock throughout the year except for certain enclosures or areas which have restricted access.

The Albis observation tower provides a complete panoramic view of the entire wilderness in Zurich and one needs to climb at least 150 steps to reach the top of the tower. The bears, lynx are a special attraction here along with other species of the fauna. The park also has spots for barbeque, play areas and also forest trails.

3. Sihl Valley
It is a valley on the bank of the Sihl river. The Sihl valley is situated in the district of Horgen in the Canton of Zurich. Every year, the valley attracts thousands of tourists during the winter for skiing and also during the summer due to its spectacle of floral blossom in a myriad of colours.

The Sihl valley comprises several small villages which make the Swiss valleys what they are - rolling green meadows dotted sparsely with the chocolate coloured cottages. The valley is very popular for hikers and several biking tours take place in this region.

The LAF or the Luftseilbahn Adliswil- Felsenegg is an aerial tram or cable car that connects the two villages - Adliswil and Felsenegg on the lower and upper valley respectively. The cable car offers a magnificent view of the valley. Each trip from Adliswil to Felsenegg carries about 60 passengers in two aerial cars and the one way trip takes about 5-6 minutes. One should not miss the LAF while in Sihl valley.

Hiking and Walking Routes around Türlersee

There are several hiking routes around this beautiful lake which can be completed within a span of one hour to three hours depending on the distance covered and trail path followed.

1. The Türlersee loop from Aeugst am Albis
Aeugst am Albis which is where the public transport drops a tourist. This loop around the lake starting from the Aeugst am Albis takes about one hour twenty minutes to complete and covers a distance of 3 miles

2. Hausen am Albis to Baar
This trail is looking longer but easy and obviously takes more time. It begins at Hausen am Albis touches the lake and then takes a roundabout circling the Vollenweid to move straight towards Baar near Blickensdorf.  It covers a distance of ten and half miles and takes about 3 hours.

3. Anlegestelle zur Ewigkeit from Aeugst am Albis
This hike is relatively more difficult but throws a panoramic view of the lake and surrounding area from an elevation of 1250 feet. It covers a distance of 7 miles in three hours circling the whole lake and the areas around it.

It does not require any special training for completing these trails but minimum fitness level is required for the walk and climb. Dogs and pets are allowed on the trail but only on leash.

Other Essential Information About Türlersee

The lake is situated just 30 kms from Zurich, behind the Albispass, in the Canton of Zurich, Switzerland.

Timings: The lake is accessible throughout the year, round the clock. But the official timings for the swimming area of the lake are May to September from 9 AM to sunset. The camping site is open to tourists during the "season" which is April to October

Entry fee: The Badi, (Swiss for the ' outdoor swimming centre') has a small access fee of CHF 5. Tourists can swim in other parts of the lake too (for free). But changing rooms, floating platforms, showers are available in this area. Also, for those who may just want to wade through shallow water, this area is perfect.

Tips to know for visiting Türlersee Zurich

For the uninitiated, although Switzerland is in the EU, Swiss Francs come in handy rather than Euros. Payment made in Euros is certainly accepted but the vendors return change in Swiss Francs making the transaction unprofitable to the buyer.

Türlersee is accessible by strollers and wheelchairs because of the grainy trail around it

The lake is not open to dogs, unlike some other lakes and beaches in Europe

Even if visiting the lake during the summer season, the place gets pretty chilled as the sun goes home. A hoodie or pair of cardigans will come in handy for an overnight trip

The "battered fish" at the campsite restaurant is a must try whether or not one could yield a bounty at the end of the fishing line
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People Also Ask About Türlersee

  1. Why is Türlersee famous?

    Türlersee is famous because of the ironic combinations that it has. It is easily accessible to tourists and yet retains its untouched quality that mesmerizes a visitor. It is so close to the city and yet so far away from the bustle. While at the lake, time may seem to have come to a complete standstill and yet there is no dearth of activities to do in Türlersee.
  2. Is Türlersee worth visiting?

    Yes, Türlersee's clear waters and the beautiful landscape around, offer a pleasant refuge in the lap of nature. One can experience the thrill of swimming, hiking, camping, fishing, sunbathing, caravanning or simply quietude at the lake which will prove to be a memorable experience.
  3. How much time is required to visit Türlersee ?

    A day should be enough to spend in Türlersee. On reaching early in the day, one can hike around the lake, swim or paddle board, enjoy a picnic lunch and angle in the early afternoon. However, it is very much possible to stay for a longer time in this lake valley in one of the caravan buses to replenish the lost vitality of life and living.

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