Kunsthaus (Museum of Fine Arts), Zurich: How To Reach, Best Time &
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About Kunsthaus (Museum of Fine Arts)

Kunsthaus Zürich is an epitome of art that acknowledges the work of many prominent artists of the past and the present, such as Alberto Giacometti, Picasso, Backmen, Claude Monnet and Edvard Munch. The museum has made its mark internationally for presenting a huge collection of artworks including the old and the new ones.

The blending sight of natural scenery, fascinating architecture, and bewildering art is an added perk of the docklands Kunsthaus Zürich as it escapades the joy of visiting the museum. This popular art museum of the Zurich city experiences a major footfall for its prime location and promising exhibitions.

Kunsthaus is located at the heart of the city and is well connected with public transport to aid the tourists and locals to reach in no time. As the museum is close to many other tourist places like Grossmuster and Lindenhof Hill, you can mark your presence at Kunsthaus and also enjoy nearby places. 

The museum, Kunsthaus is not only popular for its collection, but it also hosts many events every now and then for children. Also, it provides a guided tour, room for birthday party celebration, study room, shops that sell artifacts, restaurant and special booklets for children.

To visit Kunsthaus, Wednesday is free for the visitors whereas private tours can be planned on Tuesdays. On the weekends, Kunsthaus holds up several engaging activities for the kids and adults alongside special exhibitions.

How to Reach Kunsthaus (Museum of Fine Arts)

Once you reach the busiest airport, Zurich, the 17-minute distance from Zurich airport to Kunsthaus Zürich can be easily traveled in no time via train, tram, bus or taxi. 

By Bus:
There are direct buses from the Zurich Airport that will take you to the Kunsthaus stop, from where you can walk the distance to the art museum.

By Train:
Direct trains from Zurich Flughafen to Zurich Stadelhofen are available that will take 20 minutes and will give you an opportunity to have a sneak peek into the lifestyles of the locals. 

By Taxi:
If you are in a hurry to reach the art center then the approximate distance of 11.7 km between the Zurich airport and the Kunsthaus can be covered in less than 10 mins by taxi.

Best Time to Visit Kunsthaus (Museum of Fine Arts)

Despite the museum being quite big with ample art, a tour of the museum would take two hours on average. Kunsthaus can be visited any day except for Monday and for someone who wants to have a private guided tour, Tuesdays would be the best. You can also benefit your visit from free Wednesdays or weekend activities at the museum. 

If you are looking forward to enjoying Kunsthaus at its best then you must visit Zurich in the spring season. You can leverage from the pleasant temperature and not only enjoy the museum but other tourist places as well.

What Not to Miss at Kunsthaus (Museum of Fine Arts)

Kunsthaus exhibits the art at the museum frequently and invites people from around the globe. The history of the exhibitions in the museum goes back to 1986 that showcased Louis XIV, Paula Cansley, Dan Graham and many other famous names, whereas the ongoing exhibition of Wilhelm Leibl can be witnessed at the museum.

Kunsthaus Zürich has organized a significant number of exhibitions that displayed collective works of legendary artists or private exhibitions that contained the art of a particular artist. If you are planning on experiencing the exhibitions at the Kunsthaus museum then are some of the upcoming events to catch up with.

1. Wilhelm Leibl, The Art of Seeing
The exhibition is until 19 Jan 2020, celebrates the work of the 19th-century painter, Wilhelm Leibl.

2. The New Photography, Upheaval and New Beginnings
It depicts the changes in photography during the 1970s and 1980s. This exhibition is on display until 9 Feb 2020. 

3. Olafur Eliasson, Symbiotic Seeing
The solo exhibition is from 17 Jan 2020 to 22 March 2020. It is based on the theme of the interaction of humans and non-humans and supports the theory of coexistence in nature. 

4. The Poetry of Line, Masterpieces of Italian Drawing
As the name signifies, the Kunsthaus will display its collection of Italian art from 31 Jan 2020 to 26 April 2020.

5. Ottilia Giacometti, A Portrait
The exhibition of Ottilia, the lesser-known member of the Giacometti and Giovanni family is going to be held in Kunsthaus from 7 Feb 2020 to 3rd May 2020. 

6. Smoke and Mirrors, The Roaring Twenties
This exhibition from 24 April 2020 to 19 July 2020, is an attempt to shed light on the artists of the 20th century.

Collections in Kunsthaus Zürich

Over the years, the Kunsthaus experienced an abundance of paintings with varying time and generations. You can see the paintings from modern painters to the decades-old paintings from the veteran artists. The major works of artists like Claude Monet, Edvard Munch, Picasso, Alberto Giacometti and many more, can be seen decorating the walls of the museum.

The most famous Zurich museum not only offers a striking range of Swiss artworks but also it gives a remarkable sight of paintings from artists across the world. The museum flaunts its 4000 breathtaking paintings and sculptures along with 95000 drawings and prints that vary from the past to the present. Here are the collections that Kunsthaus Zürich has to offer you:

1. Old Masters
As the name signifies, the collection Old Masters captures the spirit of the Dutch art in its own way. Most paintings in Old Masters are from the 15th, 16th and 17th century thus, they give an insight into the artistic past. The paintings by Henry Fuseli, Claude Lorrain, Giovanni Lanfranco, Peter Paul Rubens, and many others.

2. Swiss Painters
The Kunsthaus displays the charisma of Swiss art through its collection, Swiss Painters. It celebrates the paintings of 20th-century artists such as Albert Anker, Paul Klee, and Giovanni Segantini. Among the paintings of the collection, Koller and Zund’s landscapes, the fantasy worlds by Böcklin and Welti and Jugendstil of Augusto Giacometti are the soul of Swiss Painters collection.

3. Impressionism
This collection of Kunsthaus is inspired by the famous art movement, Impressionism of the 19th century. These paintings are characterized by thin brush strokes, light, and its underlying changes. The Water Lily Painting and other significant works of Monet are of major attraction to the visitors. The collection also has paintings from post-impressionism and the early 1900s. 

4. Expressionism
Kunsthaus has a collection of paintings from the 20th-century movement, Expressionism. It has the largest collection of Munch paintings and a number of paintings of Oskar Kokoschka, Hans Richter, and others like Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Herman Scherer’s colored sculptor ‘Lamentation of the Dead’ is worth seeing in this collection. 

5. Classical Modernism
Through Classic Modernism, the Kunsthaus finds its way to abstract paintings and sculptors. The remnants of the Dada movement can be seen in abundance with over 750 documents and artworks. The artwork of Hans Arp, Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Man Ray as well as paintings by the surrealists Max Ernst and René Magritte adds on to the beauty of the museum. 

6. Contemporary Art
The collection of the art museum is growing with the artworks of the modern artists, Jeff Wall, Pipilotti Rist, Sigmar Polke, Anselm Kiefer, and others. The 21st-century sculptors, photographs, and paintings adorn the museum as a collection of Contemporary Art. 

7. Prints and Drawings
There is a big collection of over 95000 prints and drawings out of which some are original ones of the artists. John Cage, Paul Klee, Dieter Roth are among the artists whose drawings and graphics are displayed in Kunsthaus. Theodore Gericault’s sketchbook, Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘The Road to Tarascon’ and Paul Cezanne’s ‘Six Watercolours’ are the most popular ones. 

Other Essential Information About Kunsthaus (Museum of Fine Arts)

Kunsthaus Zurich has a collection of artwork varying from the medieval period to contemporary art. The museum also holds regular events to showcase the brilliance of popular artists. The specialty of these events is that it presents many paintings temporarily for the event along with the permanent colorful illustrations. You can easily find a calendar of upcoming events of the museum and plan your trip to Zurich accordingly. 

To devour the art at Kunsthaus, you only need to lighten your pocket with 23 Swiss Francs or $24.50 which is not much if you want to have an experience of a lifetime, adding on to that, there is no entry fee for the children and they can have a look around the museum without spending a penny.

History of Kunsthaus Zürich

Since the beginning of history, art has been a prominent factor for people with different ideologies to come together and appreciate the works of various artists. The home to famous European artwork, The Kunsthaus Zürich was not founded by the state or an art-lover king, rather in 1787, it was encouraged by a group of artists.

After a few years, in 1794, the members of the Kunstler Gesellschaft started contributing their own drawings or artwork of other artists. In the following years, a series of events took place that made the small collection of Kunsthaus Zürich as a prime attraction of the art connoisseurs. 

The first director, Wilhelm Wartmann, in his work years of 1909 to 1949, first focused on Swiss art primarily but later on the unfolding of events led to the exhibitions that include works from Hans Schuler and Edvard Munch. Under the supervision of Wartmann, Kunsthaus experienced its first exhibition of Edvard Munch in 1922 and a collection of Norweigan art. 

Another important name in the history of Kunsthaus Zürich is Dr. Hans E. Mayenfisch, who in 1929 began buying the Seiss art and increased the numbers in the museum to 450 artworks in 1957. The later directors of the Kunsthaus and some other influential personalities donated the Italic, Dutch and French paintings that are now presented frequently in the exhibitions of Kunsthaus.

Since the inauguration of Kunsthaus, it has organized several small and large exhibitions and collected the experts of art from different corners of the world. Kunsthaus is now funded by Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft, which is the biggest European art association. The current director of the museum is Christopher Becker, under whose direction all the events and major exhibitions take place at Kunsthaus.

Architecture of Kunsthaus Zürich

Kunsthaus has an alluring architecture decorated in Neoclassical style by Karl Moser and Robert Curjel. The Kunsthaus has seen a history of different architectural designs over the years which is why the building can be noticed as a blend of the designs by Karl Moser in 1925, Pfister brothers in 1958 and Erwin Muller in 1976. 

Now the Kunsthaus is extended by David Chipperfield’s version of the new Kunsthaus that elaborates the idea of Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft for a museum. There will be an expansion of around 5,040 square meters of galleries increasing the area by more than 75%.

They will have sections for paintings and sculptures relating to the Bührle collection, classic modernism, some temporary exhibitions and paintings from the 1960s contemporary. The museum will form a space called 'gateway to the arts' joining the Schauspielhaus on the eastern side of Heimplatz. This will lead to the university buildings to the north. 

As both the Kunsthaus buildings stand at Heimplatz, the historical hub of the city, both the buildings complement each other in terms of architecture and offers a stunning view to the spectators. Kunsthaus Zurich also organized guided architectural and art tours for the tourists.
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