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Explore Paradeplatz, a central tram stop next to the tranquil Lake Zurich, tucked away in the middle of the lively Bahnhofstrasse. Once referred to as "Saumart" or "pig market" in the sixteenth century, it is now inextricably linked to Switzerland's financial strength. Paradeplatz, lined with branches of major Swiss banks, welcomes you to Zurich's historic district, Bahnhofstrasse, and the peaceful shores of Lake Zurich.

Explore Paradeplatz, a lively city square and tram junction, tucked away amid the lively Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich. This area, which was formerly called "Neumarkt" in the 1800s, is today the renowned Paradeplatz, a symbol of the city's prosperity. Experience the charm of Paradeplatz in Zurich, a must-visit destination featured in Switzerland tour packages.

Today it is home to the top financial institutions in Switzerland, high-end retail stores, and famous chocolate makers. Here, you can admire the Credit Suisse Zürich skyscraper and Türler-Clock, two architectural wonders that perfectly capture Zurich's rich history. Enjoy opulent shopping at Armani and Gucci, as well as delectable chocolates at Sprüngli café. Paradeplatz also has a store of the candy company Sprüngli, where you can buy their famous "Luxemburgerli." A must-include in your Switzerland travel packages, this iconic Zurich landmark invites visitors to delve into its rich historical roots and feel the dynamic energy that characterizes the heart of the city.

While enjoying coffee and sampling the famous Luxemburgerli macaroon, you can watch the wealthy citizens of Zurich stroll past. In addition, you can enjoy a variety of delicacies and sample gourmet breakfasts at the eateries here. Paradeplatz’s central location in Zurich makes it an ideal starting point for excursions. Thus, you can round up your tour by setting out to explore to the old town, the Limmat River, and the world-famous Fraumunster. 


• Take in the energy of Switzerland's financial hub, Paradeplatz which is surrounded by recognisable insurance and banking buildings.
• Enjoy the lively atmosphere created by the coming together of seven tramlines as shoppers, workers, and businesspeople move around the square.
• Admire Zurich's architectural legacy with a tour of iconic structures including the Credit Suisse Zürich building and the Türler-Clock.
• Enjoy high-end labels such as Armani, Gucci, and Jimmy Choo's haute couture creations while browsing Paradeplatz's chic shops.
• Taste world-class chocolates at Sprüngli café, a renowned chocolatier, and savour cake and coffee among Zurich's social elite.

How To Reach

Paradeplatz is located in Zürich’s Canton and here are some way you can reach this Swiss financial hub.

1. By Car: The Paradeplatz is 901 meters away from the heart of Zürich. Therefore, if you're driving, the Gessnerallee route will get you to Paradeplatz in six minutes. The 1.7-kilometre journey will take you roughly 7 minutes if you are travelling via Uraniastrasse.

2. By tram: If you are travelling by tram, Paradeplatz can be reached from the Zürich city centre in around 5 minutes by riding the Line 11 tram.

3. By Bus: If you're arriving by bus, you can get on any bus that VBZ runs. These leave from the Bahnhof station in Zürich Stadelhofen. If you take any of the buses, you may be at Paradeplatz in roughly 3 minutes.

Best Time To Visit

Paradeplatz welcomes you all year round with a range of activities and attractions.

1. Best Day of the Week: You can visit Paradeplatz any day of the week. Nevertheless, since it is a business centre, weekends are quieter than weekdays. So it's preferable to explore during the weekends.

2. Best Time of the Day: For the best photo ops, you can visit Paradeplatz either late in the afternoon or early in the morning. This time offers mellow lighting which is perfect to snap pictures of the square's stunning architecture and vibrant culture.

Other Essential Information

Tips to Visit:

1. Take a walk on the wide, flat streets, if you are in charge of people with wheelchairs or strollers.

2. Pack warm clothes for the winter and an umbrella because Paradeplatz is an outdoor attraction.

3. Make sure you wear attire appropriate for the season and take the weather into account when packing.

4. Make sure the card can handle transactions in Swiss Francs (CHF), even though credit cards are widely used.

5. Acquire some Swiss German vocabulary to improve your conversation skills, even if English is widely spoken here.

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Point of Interest for Paradeplatz
Pay a visit to the financial Institutions

Pay a visit to the financial Institutions

If you want to learn more about Switzerland's banking system, you can visit the banks in Paradeplatz. Here you'll find well-known banks and finance firms like Credit Suisse and UBS, which are known all over the world for their services. These organisations have a big impact on the business and finances of the country. Also, Paradeplatz is where many other financial services and insurance companies are located. If you are interested in economics and finance this is where you can be. By looking around this square, you can get an idea of how strong Switzerland's economy is and how it affects the world market.

Visit Bahnhofstrasse

Visit Bahnhofstrasse

You should go to Bahnhofstrasse, which is a famous street in Zurich near Paradeplatz. It has a lot of high-end shops that sell expensive things like brand clothes, jewellery, perfume, and chocolates. It's a great spot to view exquisite watches as well. The high-end shops on Bahnhofstrasse make it one of the most expensive shopping streets in Europe and are known all over the world. It's a fun spot to visit even if all you want to do is gaze at the storefronts! Additionally, the street is full of cafes and restaurants where you can unwind and enjoy tasty food.

Savour the treats of Sprüngli café

Savour the treats of Sprüngli café

You can taste chocolate at the famous Sprüngli café, which is one of the best eateries in Paradeplatz. Savour a small lunch, a slice of cake, or coffee. Sprüngli's signature macaroon is the popular Luxemburgerli, which you can try. A highlight of the café's menu is its gourmet brunch. Thus, you can try the house-made breads, jams, and cream-soaked Birchermüesli. To take home, you can buy a variety of tarts, cakes, candies, and dark chocolate made by hand at the Sprüngli shop.

Stop by the St. Peter Church

Stop by the St. Peter Church

Built before 900 CE, St. Peter's Church near Paradeplatz is Zurich's oldest church. Over time, it has undergone numerous additions and changes. It was originally Catholic, but during the Reformation, it became Protestant. Its towering spire served as a fire watch tower. Inside, there is a big clock, a baroque baptismal font, crystal chandeliers, and faded paintings. You can also see the grave of Rudolf Brun, who was Zurich's first mayor here. It is a famous spot where you can learn about Zurich's past.

Seek blessings at Fraumünster Church

Seek blessings at Fraumünster Church

You can step into a world of beauty and history when you visit Fraumünster Church near Paradeplatz. Since its founding in 853 AD as a women's abbey, this beautiful church has been restored and improved. Stunning stained-glass windows by famous artists like Augusto Giacometti and Marc Chagall catch your eye as soon as you walk in. Take a moment to look around the crypt, which was just reopened after decades of being closed. Also, admire the peaceful grounds and courtyards outside. You might be lucky enough to hear a soothing organ concert in the morning here. Or, one of the many beautiful concerts in the night.

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