Scuba Diving in Panchgani

Are you thinking about trying scuba diving in Panchgani? Well, it is definitely one of the best plans you can make there! Encapsulated between a number of beaches, Panchgani is ideal for scuba diving! The spotless beaches over here offer you an enthralling experience to get close with the unique underwater creatures! And if you haven’t done it before- even better! This will be an experience you’ll never be able to get over! So pump up your adrenaline for some real action by scuba diving is Panchgani. The best thing is that you can choose guided dives as well as special excursions depending on your experience level at the lush beaches over here. Some of the famous diving sites like Tarkarli Beach and Malvan Beach are a heaven for the scuba diving enthusiasts with blue water, amazing water beauties and rich coral reefs. You can go up to 30 feet deep to discover the hidden treasure trove under the beach! These beaches are extremely safe and trained lifeguards are always there to help you out!
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Panchgani Scuba Diving FAQs

Which are the best places for Scuba Diving near Panchgani?

Tarkarli Beach
This beach is the best place for scuba diving in Panchgani as it has a wealth of flora and fauna underneath! Here, they will allow you to go up to 30 feet under the water in Devbaug. In the package, they include scuba diving (cylinder diving) along with taking underwater high definition photos and videos. They will also give you professional help in the form of diving assistance.

They advise you to carry a camera, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, and bathing suit. The only issue with the deal is the cancellation policy. If you cancel before the trip, they will take the whole fee as a cancellation fee. If the weather does not suit the diving trip, in that case, they will provide you with an alternate sport but not give a refund.
Location: Devbaug
Cost: Rs 1200 for an adult if you book there. But you may get good offers if you book online.

Malvan Beach
The packages here include pick up and drop off and even offer you complimentary drinks, so they are bound to be a little higher priced. They even include parasailing and banana rides with the basic scuba diving. You will be picked up from Baga or Candolim beach at 7 in the morning.

Then you will be driven to Malvan beach on a bus. A speed motorboat will take you to the diving area on the beach. Here they will give you a thorough scuba diving training before they let you hit the water and that too after assessing your ability. The dive will be of about 20 minutes and 20 feet deep with PADI master dive. You can then opt for banana or bumper rides.
Location: Malvan
Cost: Rs 2050 for an adult if you book there. But you may get far better offers if you book online.

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