Kayaking in Panchgani

Row, row, row your boat, gently down the rivers and lakes, because Kayaking in Panchgani is definitely a must-do activity when you’re visiting this pristine hill station! There are plenty of Kayaking tours in Panchgani and around it that you can explore, that are available at reasonable prices, making it worth an experience!

The Koyna River, a tributary of Krishna, offers a wonderful water-activity experience owing to its soft white waters that flow gently across the much-visited Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary. Another great destination is Tapola, a rustic spot which is well-known for camping and adventure sports.

Apart from kayaking, there is rafting, angling, and fishing on the 90 km long Shivsagar Lake, trekking at the Vasota Fort and much more to look forward to. Krishna River, too, is a wonderful destination for kayaking with your loved one by your side as you row through the sunset and stay at the cosy cottages designed for camping.

Kayaking in Panchgani can be great fun if you visit during summers and winters when the waters are calm and especially if you plan an overnight camp stay, to experience the best of dawn and dusk in the midst of beautiful landscapes.

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Panchgani Kayaking FAQs

Which are the best places for Kayaking in and near Panchgani?

Koyna River:
A tributary of the Krishna River, Koyna is a scenic destination that creates a back-to-nature experience, is located amidst the lush Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary. Koyna is known to offer the best flatwater kayaking not only in Panchgani but across India! Rowing away along the calm waters of the river is great fun, so are the motorboats and water scooters which add to the adventure! Following a fun kayaking activity, you can also engage in activities like angling and fishing here.

Known as Maharashtra’s Mini-Kashmir, Tapola has a magnificent lake flowing against the backdrop of dense greenery. This is the Shivsagar Lake which flows to form the Koyna Backwaters and is a major attraction in Tapola, being one of the best spots for kayaking and motorboat rides. If you’re heading to Tapola for some adventure, make sure you go camping here, pitch a tent, and gaze at the stars in Panchgani’s clear sky!

Krishna River Camp:
Krishna is a major river originating from Mahabaleshwar, and being a part of the Krishna River Camp is one of the best ways to stay amidst nature and enjoy the best of kayaking on the serene waters. You’re welcomed by plush cottages and can enjoy other camping activities and watersports during the course of your stay.

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