River Rafting in Panchgani

If you haven't experienced rafting in Panchgani, trust us, you've experienced nothing yet! Tucked away in the interiors across rivers and lakes, white water rafting, especially among the rapids is a go-to for thrill-seekers and nature admirers, alike, and there's no dearth of rafting tours in Panchgani, so you can make the most of it!

Reasonably priced and set against beautiful green backdrops, some of the best destinations for rafting near Panchgani are the Koyna River, which offers a wonderful rafting experience on its glistening waters that flow gently across Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary.

Another favoured spot for rafting is Tapola, especially the Tapola River Camp where you can make the most of your trip not only with rafting but kayaking, angling, and fishing, as well, at the famous Shivsagar Lake that stretches across 90 kms.

Also, since you're making a trip to Panchgani, we'd definitely recommend rafting at the Kundalika River in Kolad, a short distance from Panchgani, which with its milky-white rapids and adventurous twists and turns treats you to an absolutely amazing rafting experience!

Rafting in Panchgani is highly recommended during the monsoons when there's a high tide and waters are turbulent. Also, rafting with your friends and family is a must-do for a thrilling yet memorable experience!

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Panchgani Rafting FAQs

Which are the best places for rafting in and near Karjat?

If you're willing to travel, Kolad, two hours from Panchgani is rafting heaven that you're sure to love! Dotted with umpteen waterfalls and the frequented Kundalika River, Kolad's white water rafting is definitely a stand-out feature! Kundalika is a fast-flowing river with tricky rapids that have a mind of their own, which makes rafting all the more adventurous! A day trip to Kolad just for rafting and other adventure sports and back to Panchgani for a luxurious night at the resort should definitely be on your itinerary.

Koyna River:
If you're an amateur, setting out for rafting for the first time, Koyna is your ideal choice. It is a slow-flowing river but moving North-South is what makes the adventure an exciting one! Apart from rafting along the gushing river, you can also enjoy trekking, rock climbing and rappelling among other activities. Koyna is a tributary of the Krishna River which is also one of the best places for kayaking.

Tapola's magnificent Shivsagar Lake flowing into the Koyna River is a favoured destination for kayaking and river rafting. Following a relaxed kayak trip across the lake, you head to the river to feel the thrill with rafting and motorboat rides. Tapola River Camp in the midst of abundant nature makes for a unique stay ensuring you enjoy watersports at this destination to the fullest!

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