Clock Tower Overview

The Clock Tower is one of the most important and historical attractions in Lucerne. It is located in the Old Town of Lucerne and it was an element of the fortification of Lucerne. The town wall consists of nine towers- Nölli, Männli, Luegisland, Wacht, Zyt, Schirmer, Pulver, Allenwinden, and Dächli. They were built between the 14th and 16th century. It is considered a symbol of the power of the city and the Republic of Lucerne.

The clock tower has medieval architecture adorned with beautiful motifs. Its most prominent feature is the striking clock face that has been keeping time for centuries. The Clock Tower was built with a big clock and bell so people in the city and sailors on the lake, in the early days, could know the time accurately. Even now, the Clock Tower’s chime happens one minute before the bells ring, a special tradition followed in the Old Town.

Apart from its fascinating history and cultural significance, the tower lures tourists because of its beautiful view of the city from the top. Your visit to Lucerne is incomplete without visiting this wonder.


• Feel captivated by the medieval architecture and the charming projection of the Clock Tower.
• Click ample pictures with the historical landmarks and travel through the vintage era.
• Take a guided tour of the area, climb the towers, and get insights into the historical significance of the Clock Tower.
• Explore the Old Town of Lucerne and immerse in a cultural experience.
• Walk along the Chapel Bridge and visit the famous Lion Monument.

How To Reach

The Clock Tower in Lucerne is located in the heart of the city in the Old Town of Lucerne. It is an easily accessible area via different modes of transport.

1. By Foot: Lucerne is a small city and is quite walkable. The Clock Tower is centrally located and if you are close to or in the Old Town area, the tower is just a few minutes by foot.

2. By Car/Taxi: Booking a cab or driving around in the car is the most convenient way to reach anywhere in the city. Reach the Lucerne City Hall and the Clock Tower is just a minute’s walk from there.

3. By Bus/Tram: If you are a little far from the center, you can always take the bus or tram towards the Old Town of Lucerne, and then walk up to the Clock Tower. Schwanenplatz is the nearest bus stop to the Old Town and the nearest tram stop is Kasernenplatz.

Best Time To Visit

The Clock Tower is a historical landmark and is free to visit. However, it is not necessarily open to tourists and the public to explore from the inside, but you can climb on a few towers and enjoy the city view from up there. For further information, you can ask around the locals or visit Lucerne’s official tourism website.

1. Best Season to Visit: Lucerne is beautiful all year round. But to explore this pristine city, the best time to visit is from March to June (for a less crowded and peaceful time) and July to September (peak tourist time).

2. Best Day of the Week: The Clock Tower is not open to explore from the inside. So you can visit any day of the week to witness its marvelous architecture and the surrounding area. Weekdays are more peaceful with less crowd.

3. Best Time of the Day: Early morning or late evenings are the best time of the day to visit the Clock Tower with a soft cool breeze and pleasant weather. You can get the best pictures during sundowner time.

Other Essential Information

  • The Clock Tower is famous for its accurate timekeeping and therefore, arrives a few minutes before the hour to witness the clock mechanism in action.
  • Avoid visiting in the afternoons.
  • Take a guided tour of the place.
  • The walk to the top of the tower is through stairs, so, if you have trouble walking, you should avoid it.
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Point of Interest for Clock Tower
Stroll on the Chapel Bridge

Stroll on the Chapel Bridge

Admire another architectural marvel after the Clock Tower. The Chapel Bridge is a very famous site to visit in Lucerne, which is the oldest covered bridge in Switzerland. Adorn the beautiful paintings on the bridge and walk along the bridge to enjoy a serene view of the Reuss River. A beautiful sunset is not to be missed here!

Explore the Old Town

Explore the Old Town

After walking along the Chapel Bridge, you must visit the Old Town of Lucerne, known as Altstadt. It is situated across the Chapel Bridge from the newer part of town and it offers a plethora of charming sights and attractions. The most stunning feature of the Old Town is its quaint buildings adorned with decorations and vibrant murals. A few other highlights of the Old Town are the riverside boulevard lined with charming restaurants with views of the Reuss River, Weinmarkt, and Lion Monument.

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