Bourbaki Panorama Overview

The very famous Bourbaki Panorama is a huge circular painting by Edouard Castres in the year 1881. The painting was (earlier 114m x 10m, now 112m x 10m) depicts the fleeing of 87000 French soldiers to Switzerland in the winters of 1871.

A poignant representation of Switzerland's humanitarian tradition during the late 19th century. Include a visit to this iconic panorama in your Switzerland trip package, experiencing a compelling blend of art and history that unveils the nation's compassionate legacy.

The painting style was immensely popular back in the day; it was a precursor of cinema, which also became a source of inspiration for the mass media and even digital media today. The state-of-the-art building in which the painting is displayed offers other multicultural and multimedia exhibits and tours.

Best time to Visit- June - September

Entry fee- CHF 12

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