Mount Titlis Overview

Discover the jewel in the crown of central Switzerland which is the only glacier in the area that is accessible to the public. The ski area at Mount Titlis comprises over 80 km of pistes with slopes of varying gradients that can accommodate skiers at any level of proficiency.

Perched at a height of nearly 3,239 meters above sea level, Mount Titlis in Switzerland is one of the highest mountain peaks in the country that you can visit. The exotic landscape that surrounds the mountains gives you the feeling of being on top of the world. On a clear day, you can witness a breathtaking view of countless mountain peaks around you. With a Switzerland package from India, revel in the breathtaking views of numerous mountain peaks on clear days, creating unforgettable memories high in the Swiss Alps.

Located between the Obwalden and Bern cantons, you will have to cross Gerschnialp, Trubsee, Stand, and Klein Titlis. You can partake in exciting activities like the cable car ride which lets you have the most impressive 360 degree views of your surroundings. You can experience going up through the revolving gondola, or admire the amazing views from the deck on the top floor.


• Feel like you are on top of the world as you stand in this spectacular location offering panoramic views of snow-covered mountains and uninterrupted Alpine landscapes.
• Go skiing on the summit at the Titlis Ice Flyer, a chairlift that ‘flies’ you over the glacier and offers an up and close view.
• Hike up the beautiful mountain in the summer season or cross over the Titlis Cliff Walk which is Europe’s highest suspension bridge.
• Walk through the 150 meters long Titlis Glacier Cave, a long ice tunnel that is situated deep under the glacier.

How To Reach

To reach Mount Titlis, you have to get to the Engelberg town which is in close proximity to the Titlis. You can reach Engelberg from Lucerne either by road or take a direct train to the Engelberg station. Buses and private taxis are available at Lucerne which would take around 45 minutes to cover a distance of 35 km between these two towns.

However, the best way is to go to Engelberg by train. There is a train every next hour that departs from platform 8 of Lucerne. Some of the trains like the Globy Express are even decorated to engage children on the journey. As the train whizzes past by some jaw-dropping views this 40-minute journey by train is the most exciting travel experience for all tourists. 

As soon as you reach Engelberg, you can take a 5 min walk to the Titlis base or have a free bus ride from bus no. 1. At the base, a cable car or the gondola as it is popularly known will take you up to Mount Titlis.

Best Time To Visit

Titlis welcomes tourists in all seasons and you can visit it anytime in the year. Every season here has its own charm however, the weather is quite unpredictable. The winter of Mount Titlis makes it one of the most sought places in Switzerland whereas the abundance of tourists is the most in the summers that is between June to September.

The temperature does not go beyond 15 degrees C in summers and makes the pleasant as the cold is bearable. Many summer sports such as zipline, rowing, hiking are organized which is the prime attraction of tourists at this time of the year. However, winters of Mount Titlis are worth the experience as you can enjoy skiing, snowfall and also take pleasure in the pristine environs of the place.

Other Essential Information

What to Expect at Mount Titlis?

The first and foremost thing that you should expect from Mount Titlis is the white glaciers and breathtaking view. As soon as you arrive at the Titlis base station and ascent to the summit, you would be awestruck by the beauty of nature beneath. Other than the serene atmosphere, you can also expect action-packed adventure, snow parks, and many other invigorating activities.

Besides, the cold is never to be missed. The bottom of Mount Titlis is relatively warmer than the top. The windy weather with the snow is something to be taken care of at Mount Titlis. You must also keep in mind the ever-changing weather of Mount Titlis.

Despite the weather predictions, the climate snaps at any time of the day. At one moment it can be warm and cozy and at other, it can be chilly and windy. Therefore, you must wear layering of clothes and also carry gloves and a winter hat.

Places to Eat at Mount Titlis

There are plenty of places to grab a meal on your trip to Mount Titlis. Some of them are

1. Titlis Panorama Restaurant
There are two Panorama restaurants in Mount Titlis. One is self-service while the other one serves on the table. Both the places have got some promising dishes on the menu for tantalizing your taste buds.  

2. Titlis Snack Bar
The terrace restaurant in Mount Titlis serves the best hot and cold snacks. It is an ideal place for gobbling quick bites. 

3. Lago Torbido
This table-served restaurant at the Trubsee middle station serves the authentic taste of Italy in Switzerland.

Travelers Tips for Visiting Mount Titlis

As you decide to visit Mount Titlis here are a few things which you must consider. 

- No matter in which season you visit Mount Titlis, check the weather conditions a day before your trip to the top of the mountain. 

If there are clouds on the summit then you would not be able to enjoy the panoramic view. 

Don’t forget to carry gloves, a hat, sunglasses, and strong shoes. 

Mount Titlis is a day trip, so you should start early from Engelberg. Keep at least 2-3 hours apart from the traveling time for enjoying the place to the fullest. 

Take all the precautionary measures and medicines along with you as anyone can get affected by the high altitude.
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Day Wise Timings
Open Today
Normal Timings:
08:30 AM to 05:15 PM
Normal Timings:
08:30 AM to 05:15 PM
Normal Timings:
08:30 AM to 05:15 PM
Normal Timings:
08:30 AM to 05:15 PM
Normal Timings:
08:30 AM to 05:15 PM
Normal Timings:
08:30 AM to 05:15 PM
Normal Timings:
08:30 AM to 05:15 PM

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Mount Titlis FAQs

Is Mount Titlis free with Swiss Pass?

Mount Titlis is not free with a Swiss Pass and you would need to purchase a separate Mount Titlis Pass.

Does Mount Titlis always have snow?

Mount Titlis has snow all-round the year and gives a view of the pristine Alpine landscape. However, if you visit the Titlis in summers or just after the summers, you would be a little disappointed if you envision snow-laden peaks. Most of the snow in this season melts away but there is still a lot of tranquility and eye-catching scenes in summers.

How high is Titlis?

Mount Titlis is 3,238 m above sea level and it is the highest summit of the northern mountain range of Susten Pass.

What time does Titlis open?

Titlis invites a lot of tourists for a day trip as the place is closed for the night. The Mount Titlis cableway opens for tourists from 8:30 am to 5 pm. The Titlis Rotair is sometimes closed for maintenance and prior information is passed to the people.

Mount Titlis Reviews

Deeptanshu Bhattacharya
Reviewed: 09 Aug 2022
Riding the world's first rotating cable car up Mount Titlis was a dream come true. We were in awe of the views of the Swiss Alps and lakes. Crossing the highest suspension bridge in Europe was challenging yet memorable. We had fun exploring the Glacier Cave, riding the Ice Flier, and sliding down th... Read More
Gudakesha Bhattathiri
Reviewed: 17 May 2022
My family was surprised by the beauty of Mount Titlis. It was covered with snow as far as our eyes could see. Definitely one of my most favorite moments in Switzerland. We skied through the hill tops and enjoyed the serene views. Thanks thrillophilia for recommending such a great trip.
Aman Chaurasia
Reviewed: 24 Jan 2022
Not only was this half day tour very well organized, but it also had a lot of exciting discounts and deals, and included lots of activities for us. Me and my friends had a lot of fun playing in the snow, and the cliff walk experience was something that we wanted to do again and again. Highly recomme... Read More
Jagdish Gandhi
Reviewed: 10 Nov 2021
The tour was spread out over more than 10 hours, and I loved every minute of it. It was a terrific opportunity to explore the city and the surroundings. I was traveling alone since I enjoy doing so. I took a tonne of photographs on the tour with the aid of the guide, who was quite helpful. Additiona... Read More
Bhoj Bandopadhyay
Reviewed: 15 Feb 2020
If you love to indulge in some adventure with your family and friends, the Mount Titlis is the place to be. To start with, the package is totally affordable and delivers every bit of it. The view from the cliff walk is surreal. The safety is on it's place and the guide too is very good there.
Akula Tagore
Reviewed: 05 Jan 2020
A wide variety of activities to do, loved playing with the show and the cliff walk was something out of this world. I was scared at first for the event but then the guide there really helped me get over it. It was a magical experience, one should definitely try.

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