Mount Titlis, Lucerne: How To Reach, Best Time & Tips
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Mount Titlis Tours & Activities

About Mount Titlis

Out of thousands of heart swinging tourist attractions in Switzerland, Mount Titlis stands out as one of the highest alpine hill-stations situated between the cantons of Obwalden and Bern. To reach the summit of Titlis, you have to cross four stops, Gerschnialp, Trubsee, Stand, and Klein Titlis.

These four places themselves are home to the alluring environment and have many places where you can sit back and relax or participate in the fun-packed adventure. As you reach atop, you will be welcomed by snow-swept mountains and bewitching beauty of the hill-station which makes it a perfect holiday destination for a reviving experience.

The prismatic view of the white and rocky mountains along with the changing hues of the Swiss horizon is an added perk of visiting Mount Titlis. Mount Titlis is best suited for people who are driven by adrenaline and are particularly fond of adventures as there are a plethora of winter and summer adventure sports that go round the year.

The place attracts a lot of skiing lovers especially in the winters when the thick snow covers the steep shoulders of the peak. Tourists can also engage themselves in other winter activities like winter walking and snowshoeing which is suitable for people of all ages. Biking, zip-lining, and scootering are also popular here as it proffers the thrill of whisking on the white along with sailing through the thick frost.

If you want your mountain expedition to be more challenging, you can choose to take the trails and hike around the mountain with your friends and family.

How to Reach Mount Titlis

To reach Mount Titlis, you have to get to the Engelberg town which is in close proximity to the Titlis. You can reach Engelberg from Lucerne either by road or take a direct train to the Engelberg station. Buses and private taxis are available at Lucerne which would take around 45 minutes to cover a distance of 35 km between these two towns.

However, the best way is to go to Engelberg by train. There is a train every next hour that departs from platform 8 of Lucerne. Some of the trains like the Globy Express are even decorated to engage children on the journey. As the train whizzes past by some jaw-dropping views this 40-minute journey by train is the most exciting travel experience for all tourists. 

As soon as you reach Engelberg, you can take a 5 min walk to the Titlis base or have a free bus ride from bus no. 1. At the base, a cable car or the gondola as it is popularly known will take you up to Mount Titlis.

Best Time to Visit Mount Titlis

Titlis welcomes tourists in all seasons and you can visit it anytime in the year. Every season here has its own charm however, the weather is quite unpredictable. The winter of Mount Titlis makes it one of the most sought places in Switzerland whereas the abundance of tourists is the most in the summers that is between June to September.

The temperature does not go beyond 15 degrees C in summers and makes the pleasant as the cold is bearable. Many summer sports such as zipline, rowing, hiking are organized which is the prime attraction of tourists at this time of the year. However, winters of Mount Titlis are worth the experience as you can enjoy skiing, snowfall and also take pleasure in the pristine environs of the place.

What Not to Miss at Mount Titlis

Here are the best things to do at Mount Titlis:

1. Titlis Rotair
The Titlis Rotair is not optional if you want to get to the topmost station of Mount Titlis. It is the first-ever rotating cable-car that will give you a 360-degree view of the scenic beauty underneath. 

2. Titlis Cliff Walk
You would need a strong heart to walk 500m above the ground on the Titlis Cliff Walk. This highest suspension bridge in Europe at the summit of Mount Titlis is only 1 m wide and 100 m long. The thrill of walking on the bridge along with the eye-catching view below is an exciting combination. The bridge connects the South Wall Window to the Ice Chair Station. 

3. Glacier Cave
The Glacier Cave on Mount Titlis is a place that never melts. The ice of the 150 m long cave is probably 5000 years old which is itself astonishing. Dipped in the turquoise-blue light, the cave appears to be heavenly. This is a must-visit place for the Titlis trip. 

4. Ice Flyer
The Ice Flyer Chair at the Titlis moves swiftly and safely over the glaciers to give you an immaculate view of the beauty underneath. For some people, the depth of 20 m below is spine chilling but as the ice flyer moves forwards you will earn memories of a lifetime.  

5. Glacier Park
The Mount Titlis Glacier Park has got all the riveting activities. You can experience snow tubing or sledding on the white carpet of snow. As you reach the bottom, the cable wires will whisk you up which is another nerve chilling yet exciting part of Glacier Park. At this place, you are sure to get two things in any season, the snow and fun!

6. Titlis Adventure Park
The Titlis Adventure Park is in the summer spotlight of Mount Titlis. The park activities are free of cost and assistance and guidance of trained personnel would be provided. You can enjoy the Bag Jump Tower, Trampoline 2 Bag and slackline, all for free!

7. Titlis Souvenir Shop
The souvenir shop at the Titlis valley station has a range of quaint souvenirs that you can take home as a mark of the amazing trip to Mount Titlis. An added perk of the shop is they also serve hot brewing coffee and drinks at the base station. 

8. Photo Studio in Titlis
You can click a plethora of photographs at the Titlis, but the Titlis photo studio has its own importance. Being the highest photo studio in the world, it attracts a lot of tourists. The traditional swiss dresses are tailored such that it can be easily slipped on your clothes.

Apart from the traditional costume, several accessories like flowers and ski are also provided which makes the look complete. Plus, the heavenly backdrop makes it a picture-perfect memory. 

9. Chocolate Shop
The Chocolate Shop at level 3 of Mount Titlis is the best place to savor the swiss flavor. The shop has a variety of over 300 chocolates from Lindt & Sprungli AG, Maestrani Schweizer Schokoladen of Switzerland. You can also mix and match the flavors and make your own sweet delight.

Other Essential Information About Mount Titlis

What to Expect at Mount Titlis?

The first and foremost thing that you should expect from Mount Titlis is the white glaciers and breathtaking view. As soon as you arrive at the Titlis base station and ascent to the summit, you would be awestruck by the beauty of nature beneath. Other than the serene atmosphere, you can also expect action-packed adventure, snow parks, and many other invigorating activities.

Besides, the cold is never to be missed. The bottom of Mount Titlis is relatively warmer than the top. The windy weather with the snow is something to be taken care of at Mount Titlis. You must also keep in mind the ever-changing weather of Mount Titlis.

Despite the weather predictions, the climate snaps at any time of the day. At one moment it can be warm and cozy and at other, it can be chilly and windy. Therefore, you must wear layering of clothes and also carry gloves and a winter hat.

Places to Eat at Mount Titlis

There are plenty of places to grab a meal on your trip to Mount Titlis. Some of them are

1. Titlis Panorama Restaurant
There are two Panorama restaurants in Mount Titlis. One is self-service while the other one serves on the table. Both the places have got some promising dishes on the menu for tantalizing your taste buds.  

2. Titlis Snack Bar
The terrace restaurant in Mount Titlis serves the best hot and cold snacks. It is an ideal place for gobbling quick bites. 

3. Lago Torbido
This table-served restaurant at the Trubsee middle station serves the authentic taste of Italy in Switzerland.

Travelers Tips for Visiting Mount Titlis

As you decide to visit Mount Titlis here are a few things which you must consider. 

- No matter in which season you visit Mount Titlis, check the weather conditions a day before your trip to the top of the mountain. 

If there are clouds on the summit then you would not be able to enjoy the panoramic view. 

Don’t forget to carry gloves, a hat, sunglasses, and strong shoes. 

Mount Titlis is a day trip, so you should start early from Engelberg. Keep at least 2-3 hours apart from the traveling time for enjoying the place to the fullest. 

Take all the precautionary measures and medicines along with you as anyone can get affected by the high altitude.
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People Also Ask About Mount Titlis

  1. Is Mount Titlis free with Swiss Pass?

    Mount Titlis is not free with a Swiss Pass and you would need to purchase a separate Mount Titlis Pass.
  2. Does Mount Titlis always have snow?

    Mount Titlis has snow all-round the year and gives a view of the pristine Alpine landscape. However, if you visit the Titlis in summers or just after the summers, you would be a little disappointed if you envision snow-laden peaks. Most of the snow in this season melts away but there is still a lot of tranquility and eye-catching scenes in summers.
  3. How high is Titlis?

    Mount Titlis is 3,238 m above sea level and it is the highest summit of the northern mountain range of Susten Pass.
  4. What time does Titlis open?

    Titlis invites a lot of tourists for a day trip as the place is closed for the night. The Mount Titlis cableway opens for tourists from 8:30 am to 5 pm. The Titlis Rotair is sometimes closed for maintenance and prior information is passed to the people.

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