Glacier Garden Overview

The preserves of the Ice Age make the glacier garden one of the places to visit in Lucerne. The site is reminiscent of an era that has frozen in time with irregular boulders, glacial rocks, and hollow formed due to melting ice at the base of waterfalls.

Explore exhibits showcasing the effects of climate change on Earth and a demonstration of the pothole formation process. Enhance your trip to Switzerland by immersing yourself in the geological wonders and historical insights at the Glacier Garden in Lucerne.

Among other things are a lookout tower, a hut, a labyrinth, and a park, which is a fun picnic spot. The Glacier Garden also has a museum displaying relief maps of Switzerland, rock samples, and alpine animals along with historic rooms that would help the visitors understand the Ice Age better.

Best time to Visit- June - September

Entry fee- CHF 15

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