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  • Astonish yourself with the numerous things to do in Mcleodganj. Get bewitched by this magnificent hill station based in Dharamshala. It is one of the most loved destinations for tourists both from India as well as abroad.

    Situated at a height of 1700 meters, this place is popularly known for being an abode of Dalai Lama, the renowned Buddhist figure. Mcleodganj showcases the Tibetan culture and the teachings of Buddhism in its lifestyle and fabulous architecture. Also called as Little Lhasa, Mcleodganj is honoured by nature and has a picturesque charm. It is blessed with many sanctuaries, religious communities and other antiquated structures that attract several travellers.

    When in Mcleodganj visit the immaculate Namgyal Monastery, enhance your knowledge about the Tibetan society at the Tibetan Museum and spend some quality time at the Dal Lake and Bhagsu Falls with family and friends.

    Here are some of the best things to do in Mcleodganj:

  • 01Namgyal Monastery

    Namgyal Monastery
    Image Credit : wikipedia

    The Namgyal Monastery is well known for being the biggest Tibetan sanctuary outside Tibet and also the residence of the Dalai Lama. It was established in 16th century and since then it serves to preserve the Tibetan culture and customs.

    It enlightens the monks who reside here by imparting knowledge based on philosophy, sacred arts, meditation and debates. This Monastery is bestowed with a pristine atmosphere, making it an ideal place to attain peace. It also showcases splendid statues of Buddha, which are highly admirable. This Monastery not only intrigues religionists but also other tourists and admirers.

     Timings: - Open from 4:30 AM to 8:30 PM

  • 02Tsug la Khang (Dalai Lama's Temple)

    Tsug la Khang (Dalai Lama's Temple)

    Popular for being the sanctuary of The Dalai Lama, the Tsug la Khang is the core essence of Mcleodganj. It comprises the Namgyal Monastery and also several shrine rooms in its compound. There are statues of Buddha, Chenrezig and Guru Rinpoche in these shrines.

     If you are an art lover then you should surely go there and admire this splendid art work. The Dalai Lama’s dwelling and administrative offices are adjoining to the monastery. Ling Khor, is a meditation trail close to Tsug La Khang, you will come across small shrines, stupas and also a gigantic chorten while treading this route. Visiting Tsug la Khang is one of the most important things to do in Mcleodganj.  

    Timings- Open from 6 AM to 7 PM

  • 03Bhagsunath Temple

    The Bhagsunath temple, situated at an elevation of 1770 M above the sea level pulls in an immense number of fans and travellers. It is a temple built for Lord Shiva, by King Bhagsu. Encompassed by lovely pools and lavish greenery, this sanctuary has become one of the must places to visit in Mcleodganj.

    The temple lies in close proximity of the Bhagsu waterfall; this makes your excursion a melange of recreation and divinity. The alluring multi hued vistas and the pristine aura that surrounds this temple make it an awesome getaway.  As, per the belief the pools around the temple have medicinal properties and healing power.

    Timings: - Open from 5 AM to 12 PM and 4 PM to 9 PM

  • 04Bhagsu Falls

    Bhagsu Falls

    Being in closed vicinity of the popular Bhagsunath Temple of Lord Shiva, this waterfall is known as the Bhagsu Falls. Spending a day here is one of the most exhilarating things to do in Mcleodganj. It is not only famous as a picnic spot but is also a significant place of pilgrimage. 

    The sight of this 20 M tall waterfall is like a heaven on earth during monsoons. One can also cherish the delicious food served in the cafeteria near the falls. If you wish to add on to the excitement of this excursion, then you have a choice of trekking to these falls through the beautiful vistas. Carry your camera and capture the enticing exquisiteness of Mother Nature.

    Timings: - Open from 7 am to 9 pm

  • 05Triund trek

    Triund trek

    One of the most important things to do in Mcleodganj is Trekking. Just behind the Dhauladhar range stands tall Triund, a 9000 Ft range. The 9 KM trek trail on this mountain is a breathtaking experience. After the tiring expedition you can also plan an overnight stay at the Forest Rest House on top of the ridge. 

    The spellbinding panorama of the Kangra valley from the Triund peak is captivating. If you wish to lie in the arms of the wilderness and gaze at the infinite sky and sparkling stars, then camping here is also an awesome option. The manoeuvring boulevard through the rhododendron and oak trees will rejuvenate all your senses.

  • 06Visit Tibetan Museum

    Visit Tibetan Museum
    Image Credit : kristien berghs -Flickr

    Being a combination of the conventional and contemporary Tibetan architecture, the Tibetan Museum in Mcleodganj is very unique. Located inside the Tsuglagkhang complex, the museum walls have a gentle yellow and white colour scheme that adds on to its quaint beauty. 

    It is a platform where one can observe and be in awe of the Tibetan historical documents, manuscripts, Thangka images, pottery and other handicraft items. Besides that there are also photographs, interviews and video records that explain and file the Chinese intervention in Tibet and the consequent migration of Tibetans. If you are admirers of art and are also fascinated by history then you could purchase paintings, artefacts and handicrafts from the Museum shops as souvenirs.

    Timings: - Open from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

  • 07Dal Lake

    Dal Lake
    Image Credit : wikipedia

    One of the major attractions in Mcleodganj is the Dal Lake, a small water body based at an elevation of 1,775 M above the sea level. Situated amidst the woods of deodar, pine and oak, this lake is a treat for an eye. It is an amazing spot for sightseeing and photography.

    There is a shrine of Lord Shiva close to the Dal Lake, thus giving it a religious significance.  The green coloured lake is also an abode to a variety of fishes. The best time to visit this place is during the months of August and September. This is when the Girths and Gorkhas, the tribal people of Mcleodganj host a fair.

    Timings: - Open from 7 AM To 8 PM