Best Tent Stays in Mcleodganj

If you are looking for an entirely different, yet amazing experience while in Mcleodganj, then you must try the Tent stay. Tent stay in Mcleodganj is extremely comfortable and is a highlight of many Himachal holiday packages.You are sure to like the location because every tent stay is located amidst natural surroundings.

Right from the interiors to the food, everything in these stays are enhanced for customer comfort. Tourists need not worry about hygiene as every tent comes with an attached washroom.

Mcleodganj tent stay offers you luxury, comfort, and entertainment, all at much lesser prices than a usual hotel room. It is a great option if you just want to admire your thoughts, or want to experience a real bon-fire in the evening, or even if you are looking for some fun, as well as adventure.

Living in a tent while at one of the best hill-stations in India, is the best choice that you will make. You will surely feel the peace and warmth of being in the lap of nature, which is extremely beautiful.

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Mcleodganj Tent Stays FAQs

Which are the best tent stays in Mcleodganj?

Mcleodganj tent stay offers you the chance to enjoy camping on the top of the hills. It is an amazing experience, and all the adventure seekers are going to love it. Here are some of the best tent stays in Mcleodganj.

1. Camping Amidst Hills, Dharamshala:
If you are planning to go camping and need a tent stay in Mcleodganj, you must try Camping Amidst Hills. They offer you the experience of offbeat camping along with a chance to try zipline activity as well as the musical night beside a bonfire. You will get to see beautiful and mesmerizing views of nature around yourself while staying in the Tent.

2. Triund Hills:
One of the best Tent stays in Mcleodganj, Trek to Triund Hills, allows you to experience the thrill and excitement of camping on the top of the hillside. While camping there, you get to see beautiful scenic views of the mountains and the beauty of nature in its best form. These tent stay providers are a good choice for you to get a guided trekking experience while traveling in Mcleodganj.

3. Camp Bhagsu:
While camping in a tent in Mcleodganj, you will be able to enjoy and explore the beauty of the Bhagsu waterfalls. Also, at some locations, you will also be able to hear the sound of the falling water that feels like music in the air. Moreover, you can sit on the armchair outside your tent and admire the beauty of nature that is present all around you.

4. Urban Camp McLeodganj:
This also is one of the best places in Mcleodganj for spending a perfect weekend along with an amazing camping trip. This camp is perfect for groups, as well as individual stay. Along with comfortable lodging facilities, the site also takes booking for outdoor activities such as trekking, paragliding, sightseeing, etc.

5. Triund Camps Riverside Resorts:
Have a delight in this camp stay offered in Dharamshala that allows you to witness the calmness and the beauty of the hill station. This trip will provide you beautiful scenic views of the mountains and the hills. You will travel through lush-greenery while witnessing landscapes containing stunning waterfalls that are a pleasure for the eyes.

Which are the best riverside tents in Mcleodganj?

1. Riverside Camping in Dharamshala:
Get an amazing experience of camping along with your family at this riverside campsite. It is a charming place where you can sleep under the stars and capture beautiful memories in the lap of nature, which is extremely beautiful.

2. Camping with Scenic Views:
Experience the thrill of staying near the beautiful waterfalls of Mcleodganj at camping with scenic views. This is a beautiful camping site in Mcleodganj, that has comfortable as well as affordable Tents to stay in Mcleodganj. While at such a site one is able to see the entire valley of Dharamshala town, as well as the lush green forests of Kangra.

3. Camping near the Riverside, Dharamshala:
With tents near a beautiful river, this is a perfect camping site for you to enjoy the experience of living in the best riverside tents. The site owners provide you comfortable tents with attached washrooms, and quality food. In the evenings, you can participate in the bonfire or dance on the awesome music played by DJ’s.

4. Camping in Dharamshala, Luxury and Peace:This campsite truly is luxurious, peaceful, and offers you a wonderful experience of camping in a hilly area. The riverside tents have luxury furnishings and premium amenities for the guests. The campsite assures comfort and a great stay which makes it an ideal place for all the adventure-seekers.

5. Kharota Camping:
If you are looking for a comfortable and thrilling camping experience within budget, try Kharota camping. They have simple tents that have comfortable beds, hygienic washrooms, cupboards, as well as great food. The campsite is known to be quite exquisite, and is perfect if you are looking for affordable riverside camps.

Which are the tents in Mcleodganj for couples?

Check out some of the best tents in Mcleodganj that are couple-friendly and will allow you to roll on in the beauty of nature.

1. Camping in Mcleodganj with Activities:
This is one of the best places that offer a tent stay for couples. Its package offers couples with the best views of scenic landscapes and natural beauty of the hilly region. The campsite provides you breakfast and dinner. Near the camping site there is a beautiful café where one can explore the local food and enjoy the view.

The Place is definitely a good option for the nature lovers, head on to this place to enjoy the best of natural views while living in a tent, the place is good for couples and offers complete privacy. You can enjoy a beautiful bonfire with music along with your partner at this campsite.

2. Jungle Camping in Mcleodganj:
Jungle camping is one of the best choices that you can make, especially when you are a couple. The camp is located in a jungle that contains tents with TV, sleeping bags, washroom, chair, tables, and much more. You can explore different species of flora, and fauna with your loved one. It is a charming site where you can sleep under the stars and share your true feelings for each other.

3. Camping in Heeru Village, Mcleodganj:
A couple-friendly tent stay is assured if you go to Heeru village in Mcleodganj. It is an ideal weekend getaway to spend an amazing time with your partner on the hilly slopes. Not just camping in tents, but you will also enjoy trekking, stargazing, and sightseeing while being surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Which luxury tents in Mcleodganj are good for families?

Here are some of the luxury Tent stays in Mcleodganj that are good for families.

1. Jungle Camping in Mcleodganj with Meals:
Mcleodganj not only is fun and the thrill of camping but the place also offers music at the camping site. It is a great place for the thrill-seekers to enjoy days and nights while camping in the jungle.

2. Camping in Mcleodganj:
Considered a wonderful place for the families,and couples this camping site is your go-to option to plan a weekend out with your loved ones. The tents at the campsite are extremely comfortable which makes it a luxury to stay. This place offers you the chance to explore a range of species of plants while you walk through the jungle.

3. Deluxe Camping in Mcleodganj:
The premium facilities and full comfort, will definitely win your heart. The package provides three meals a day that includes North Indian cuisine.

4. Camping with Scenic views, Dharamshala:
One can enjoy a soothing camping experience surrounded by natural beauty and peace. This campsite is a great choice to spend a happy weekend out in the hill station of Dharamshala. It is surrounded by several attractive and popular locations that you shouldn’t miss.

Can I get my own food while the tent stays in Mcleodganj?

Tent stay in Mcleodganj allows you to get your own food. You are free to carry your food to the Tent and eat there peacefully.

However, they might not offer you the services of heating your food. They also provide 3-time meals in a day that are usually included in the package.

Are tents waterproof?

Tents in Mcleodganj are waterproof. As this is a hilly region, the chances of heavy and sudden rains are likely.
Keeping this in mind, the camps are constructed, and they assure the comfort of the travelers.

Are pets allowed during the tent stay in Mcleodganj?

Mcleodganj tent stay does not allow travelers to carry pets along with them. This is to assure the comfort of other visitors who might get inconvenienced.

Is tent stay in Mcleodganj safe for couples?

Tent stay in Mcleodganj is completely safe for couples. Not only are they safe but are exquisite. The safety of the travelers are taken care of by the service providers, and you can comfortably stay in your tents and also it is safe due to the town dharamsala.

The campsite owners take necessary measures such as government license for establishing camps at the site. Also, they have security guards to guard the site. Moreover, they have the provision of life-guards, in case you are camping by the river.

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