River Rafting in Mcleodganj

River rafting in Mcleodganj is also quite popular among the adventurous aficionados because of its risky yet fun nature. Well, we are calling it perilous because the rivers of the small hill town are quite wild as well as dangerous. So, while rafting with or against its stream, you will have to go through several obstacles, which can be pretty precarious.

However, the good news is that there are several different levels or grades of river rafting available in the town of Mcleodganj at Chamba as well as Beas river. So, you can choose the one, which suits both your overall fitness and the level of expertise.

However, the chill and thrill are not the only things which drive adventure enthusiasts to indulge in this amazing activity. While rafting and cutting through the waves of the rivers, you will also get to see an enthralling sight of nature that is bound to make you mesmerized. Nevertheless, to enjoy Mcleodganj rafting to its very core, you will need all the proper equipment and gear to protect yourself from danger. Also, do not forget to capture all of the precious moments and expressions of your friends and yourself with a waterproof camera. Experience all this and more with the best Himachal tour packages by Thrillophilia.

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Mcleodganj Rafting FAQs

Which are the best places for rafting in Mcleodganj?

The best places for rafting in Mcleodganj are –

1. Chamba River: Located amidst the beautiful and lush greenery of Mcleodganj, Chamba River is probably the best spot for you to enjoy the river rafting activity. Here, you can indulge in grade 2, grade 3, and grade 4 rafting, so, if you are an intermediate level rafter, then Chamba River should be perfect for you.

2. Beas River: Unlike Chamba, the Beas River streams through the Dhauladhar range, which is situated quite far away from the city center of Mcleodganj. However, several agencies, which are located on the banks of this river, offer a quality rafting experience at an affordable price. Nevertheless, here, you can only indulge in grade 3 and grade 4 rafting, which considered being ideal for the experts of this particular activity.

When is the best time to visit Mcleodganj for rafting?

To enjoy the activity of rafting in Mcleodganj, it would be better for you to travel to the hill station in the season of summer. During the months of summer, the atmosphere of the town stays moderately hot, so it would be a great idea to indulge in the water activities to rejuvenate your mood.

Moreover, in this season, Mcleodganj also does not receive any rain or encounter stormy weather, hence, you would not face to face any type of challenges while rafting.

What are the rapid levels and grades for rafting in Mcleodganj?

The rapid levels for rafting in Mcleodganj are generally classified in five different grades, which are –

- Grade 1: The 1st level of rafting generally includes driving the raft through small and mild waves without any obstacles.
- Grade 2: In the 2nd Grade, the waves become a little bit higher and the overall difficulty, too, increases quite a bit.
- Grade 3: The 3rd grade comes with high, challenging, and irregular waves and you will also have to drive your raft through narrow passages.
- Grade 4: The Grade 4 of rafting comes with highly difficult and powerful waves; hence, you will require precise and proper maneuvering to get through it.
- Grade 5: The 5th-grade rafting generally features violent waves and, to complete it, you will have to go through an extremely congested area.

So, if you are a beginner or amateur in the activity of rafting, then make sure to try out only the first and second levels.

What kind of fitness am I expected to have for rafting in Mcleodganj?

If you are thinking about trying out only the first grade of rafting, then you would not require much of a fitness for it. However, if you want to try out the more difficult levels, then you will require a lot of stamina to complete them.

Furthermore, you will also need an ample amount of strength to get through the tight corners safely and securely. Hence, in these cases, you will need to increase both your cardiovascular as well as core physical strength, which can only be acquired through exercising and training.

What is the cost of rafting in Mcleodganj?

The cost of Mcleodganj rafting usually varies on the rafting services provider or agency that you are thinking about opting for. However, the average pricing regarding this adventurous sport normally ranges between 850 INR to 2000 INR for each person.

Can I go river rafting in Mcleodganj if I don’t know swimming?

No, even though the organizers will equip you with proper gear and clothing, you should still not opt for rafting if you do not know how to swim. Rafting can be quite dangerous in a few conditions, hence, for your own convenience, you should definitely learn swimming.

What all should I carry while visiting Mcleodganj for rafting?

- Swimsuits.
- Sunscreen (to protect your skin from UV rays)
- Dry clothes.
- Hand towels.
- Warmers
- Waterproof camera.
- Waterproof smartphone cases.

The basic or fundamental things that you should definitely carry while traveling to Mcleodganj for rafting are – swimsuits, sunscreen (to protect your skin from UV rays), dry clothes, hand towels, and warmers. Besides these, you can also take a waterproof camera to capture some once-in-a-lifetime moments while traversing and waterproof smartphone cases to protect your mobile from water.

Is Mcleodganj rafting safe for children and the elderly?

Yes, the grade 1 rafting is safer for both elderly people as well as the young children who are aged either 12 years or less.

What if I fall out of the raft during rafting?

If you are a professional or adept with rafting, then you definitely would not fall out from the raft that easily. However, even if something unfortunate happens with you, you still would not get hurt as you will be equipped with high-end gear and clothing.

How much time does the rafting activity last for?

A normal or grade 1 rafting activity tends to last for around one or one and a half hours depending on the work rate of your team. However, if you opted for something more difficult, then it might take you and your companions almost three to four hours to complete it.

Is the river rafting in Mcleodganj safe?

Yes, contrary to the popular belief, Mcleodganj rafting is actually very safe, even for the amateurs or those people who are just starting out. Moreover, you will also be provided with several gears, such as a life jacket, rescue throw bags, helmets, etc, to be perfectly safe throughout your journey.

Nevertheless, it still would be better and convenient for you to know about all the tricks of this sport.

Will there be life jackets provided to me during rafting?

Yes, no matter whichever rafting difficulty you are trying out, you will always be equipped with a life jacket before beginning your adventure. Nonetheless, still, it would be better for you to practice the basics of swimming before indulging in this sport for your own security and convenience.

Is there any age bar to indulge in the sport of river rafting in Mcleodganj?

No, there is no age bar available to indulge in the river rafting activities in the city of Mcleodganj. However, if you are under the age of 18 and do not know swimming at all, then it will be better for you not to try out the grade 2 or grade 3 difficulty.

Is Mcleodganj worth river rafting?

Yes, there are several reasons, which make the town of Mcleodganj perfect for the highly adventurous activity of river rafting. Firstly, while rafting, you will get to enjoy the exotic natural charm of the city as well as the mountains. Moreover, the sport is actually quite dangerous, as well as fun, so it will surely be able to quench your thirst for adventures.

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