Lake Como Overview

Lake Como is regarded as the pride of Italy as it offers the most picturesque views. It is the third-largest lake in Italy and is touted as one of the deepest lakes in the European region. It is located in Northern Italy in the foothill of the Alps, and it has enchanted travelers for centuries.

This magnificent lake is famed for its inverted Y shape due to the melting of gigantic glaciers combined with Adda river’s erosive action. This leads to the formation of two distinct Southern branches, and halfway between these branches, you can witness Bellagio, which is renowned for its pristine villas.

The lake is known for offering a stunning mirror-like view of the mountains surrounding it and is also famed as one of the most photographed spots in the entire world. The azure blue water of this lake contrasting with the lush greenery surrounding it is a sight to behold. Visit this stunning lake view with our Europe travel.

With its Riva-lined marinas, sprawling villas and romantic promenades, it has become the favorite spot of the biggest celebrities. You can hire cruises or take a boat trip to experience the beauty of this lake in the best way.

It is also considered to be the best wedding point, and some of the famous celebrities like Linda Phan and Drew Scott, Ryan Biegel, and Kattie Lee have exchanged the vows of marriage with their partner here. Many blockbuster movies like Casino Royale and Star Wars have also been shot here. If you’re a nature lover, then Lake Como is the ideal haunt to lose yourself in its surreal views and splendid beauty.

How To Reach

There are various options to commute from Milan to Lake Como:

By Train:
Many trains run frequently from Milan to Lake Como, and they are run by Trenitalia. Most of the Trenitalia trains run directly from either Milano Porta Garibaldi train station or Milano Centrale and arrive at Como S Giovanni station. It takes around 36 minutes to reach from Milan to Lake Como by train. The average ticket price to reach from Milan to Lake Como is around $ 7.

By Air:
Malpensa airport is the main airport in Milan that is closest to Lake Como. Once you reach the airport, you can take a cab or taxi outside the airport that will drop you directly at Lake Como. You can also reach from Malpensa to Como by train by traveling along two different routes. One of the easiest routes is taking one of the direct TILO trains that travel daily from the Malpensa airport to Como S. Giovanni.

By Bus:
The cheapest way to reach Lake Como from Milan is by taking a bus. There is only one bus that travels daily from Lake Como from Milan. These buses depart from Centrale bus station of Milan and take around 1:30 h to reach S. Giovanni bus station of Lake Como.

Best Time To Visit

July and August is the best time to visit Lake Como as the temperature remains warm during these months, and you get some respite from the chilly weather here. Here are few other seasons when you might visit Lake Como:

Monsoon(October to November)
October and November are the rainiest months at Lake Como. The tourists refrain from visiting Lake Como during this season as the incessant rain doesn’t offer the best possibilities to explore the beauty of this lake in the best manner.

Winter(November to February)
Lake Como seems to be a paradise for honeymoon seekers during winters as it is not so heavily crowded by the tourists as in summers. This gives the couples much space to get intimate and spend some cozy moments together. The average temperature ranges between -5 – +5°C at Lake Como in winter.

Summer(May to August)
Lake Como experiences relatively warm weather during the summer season. The average temperature ranges between 20 – 30°C. This is also considered to be the peak season to visit Lake Como as the sun shines the whole day, which gives you some respite from the chilled weather that prevails mostly in other months here.

Other Essential Information

Lombard, Italy

Average Temperature: 
1. 20 – 30°C (68 – 86°F) in summer. 
2. -5 – +5°C (23 – 41°F) in winter 

Distance from Nearest Airport: 34.1 km via SS340

Discover the best villas on Lake Como

If you’re looking for a luxurious staycation, then here is the list of the best villas on Lake Como.

1. Villa Melzi d’Eril 
This splendid villa used to be the summer residence of vice president of Italy and was founded in the early 1800s by Napoleon. It is not open for the public visit, but you can have an enchanting walk in its garden. The villa has been built in classic neoclassical style, and it hosts the valuable decorations by Giovan Battista, Giuseppe Bossi, and Antonio Canada.

The current owner of this villa is the family of Gallarati Scotti, who has maintained this villa in a great condition.

2. Villa Monastero
It is a classic villa located on the eastern shore of Lake Como and is considered to be the perfect holiday retreat for the visitors. It has a beautiful botanical garden where you can witness the collection of many rare species of plants.

It is currently regarded as a conference center, and famous universities, institutions, and companies hold conferences over here. It has several rooms and a museum that reflects the rich history of this villa. 

3. Villa Bernasconi 
Davide Bernasconi, who was the famous textile industrialist, commissioned this villa. It is located on the street that connects Cernobbio to Como. The façade of the villa features the decorative motif that recalls the entire process of silk production. Over time, this villa has become the most important cultural center for events and art exhibitions.

Traveler's tip for visiting Lake Como

If you wish to have a hassle-free trip of Lake Como, then do keep in mind these important tips.

If you wish to save some bucks while visiting Lake Como, then it’s best to walk on foot. You can take the rugged paths that start at the Lake and wind up at the craggy mountains. 

Summertime is the best to visit Lake Como as the weather remains warm and you can try various water sports activities here.

Don’t forget to visit Lake Como’s Golden Triangle that has been named after the three gorgeous towns- Menaggio, Bellagio, and Varenna.

Carry all your important medicines before visiting Lake Como.
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Lake Como FAQs

What is the best month to visit Lake Como?

July and August are the best months to visit Lake Como as the weather during these months is neither too hot nor too cold, offering an idyllic experience of Lake Como to the visitors.

Is there a train from Milan to Lake Como?

Yes, the train frequently runs from Milan to Lake Como, and they are run by Trenitalia. Most of the Trenitalia trains run directly from either Milano Porta Garibaldi train station or Milano Centrale and arrive at Como S Giovanni station. It takes around 36 minutes to reach from Milan to Lake Como by train. The average ticket price to reach from Milan to Lake Como is around $ 7.

How long does it take from Milan to Lake Como by train?

It takes around 33 to 36 minutes to reach from Milan to Lake Como by train. The quickest route takes around 33 minutes. There are around seven trains that run everyday between Milan and Como. The first train leaves Milan at around 07:10, and the last one leaves at 19:10.

What is there to do in Lake Como, Italy?

Here is the list of some of the most interesting activities that you can try at Lake Como.

1. Take an enthralling boat ride
If you wish to uncover the tranquil beauty of Lake Como in the best manner, then taking a boat ride should be your best bet. This mind-blowing tour will not only enthrall you with the panoramic beauty of the lake, but you’ll also get to have a glimpse of the breathtakingly splendid towns located on the shoreline of this lake.

2. Enjoy tons of water sports activities
Lake Como offers the visitors numerous water sports opportunities like jet skiing, windsurfing, and sailing.  It also has many training centers where you can get trained to become a champion in these water sports activities.

What is the best time of year to visit Lake Como?

April to June and September to October are the best time of the year to visit Lake Como. During these months, the temperature is quite pleasant, which ensures that you can have the maximum fun while you’re at this lake.

Is Lake Como near Cinque Terre?

Cinque Terre is around 300.6 kilometers from Lake Como, and it takes around three hours and forty-eight minutes to cover this distance via A7/E62.

Is Lake Como expensive?

Lake Como can be a bit expensive for the travelers who’re looking for a budget vacation. Both accommodations and meals at the like are quite pricey, and the ride fare is also quite high.

Lake Como Reviews

Amish Dutta
Reviewed: 31 Jan 2020
The Milan to Lake Como day trip was amazing, i specially loved the cruise in Lake Como. would definitely recommend it.
Baalaaditya Kaul
Reviewed: 31 Jan 2020
What a brilliant view of the lake from a cruise. Totally splendid! A must thing to do.

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