10 Corso Como Overview

If one loves to travel the luxuries of the world, then one must visit the 10 Corso Como in Milan. Founded by Carla Sozzani in 1990, 10 Corso Como is the center of Fashion in Milan. While you are here you can shop a variety of items like artworks, works of fashion, music, and culture.

10 Corso Como offers you a blend of unique fashion and art boutique, bookshop, cafe, rooftop, and many more. If you are done with shopping, then enjoy the taste of some yummy Italian cuisine at the cafes and restaurants inside the complex.

The place is not just the usual shopping complex, it is an authentic shopping platform offering a plethora of items to people who come to shop. So, this is the center of style and fashion in Milan. People all over the world come here for shopping as it is one of the most sought after shopping destinations in Milan. 

Music lovers to book lovers, everyone can quench their thirst at 10 Corso Como as they can find music cds, books, bags, shoes, accessories, clothes, and so on. Adding to this, if you have a craze for perfumes, check out the wonderful collection of perfumes here.

You will just fall in love with their fragrance. Even if you end up buying nothing from there, the experience of exploring such an authentic shopping hub will be something to remember. Once there, you will find a broad spectrum of visitors and tourists flocking to this place all round the year. Thus, 10 Corso Como is a must-see spot while you are on vacation in Milan.

How To Reach

Well, Milan Linate Airport is the nearest airport to 10 Corso Como. Guess what? The distance between them is just about 8.5-9.5 km. The reason why the distance varies is because of the availability of different routes. You can reach the destination via multiple ways.

Buses, Trams, Taxis, and Metro, are available in plenty that you can easily reach one of the most stylish and creative shopping destinations of Milan. Taxis are the most expensive and fastest mode of commutation if you want to travel comfortably.

Other than this, buses and trams are easily available and will be much less costly to travel. But it's recommended that you use public transport more as it will help you know about the city and its people from the very close.

Best Time To Visit

Not sure when to visit 10 Corso Como in Milan? The time of your tour does play an essential part in your overall holiday experience. It's  recommended that you choose April to May or between September and October. The spring(April to May)and fall-winter (September to October)months are the peak season for tourism here in Milan.

During summer, the city gets quite hot, which makes traveling in the town uncomfortable. Rains between January to February and October to December do affect Italy the most as the city tends to get waterlogged. So, try to avoid touring during those months.

Winters between December to February are foggy and cold, so it may not be a pleasant time to visit here. But again, if you love traveling during winters, then it is entirely your choice!

Other Essential Information

Location – 10 Corso Como is in the fashion city of Milan in Italy. The place is also very near to Milan Linate Airport.

Opening Hours – The shopping complex opens at 10.30 am and closes by midnight during most days. On Friday and Saturday, you will find the place open till 1 am.

Distance from Nearest Airport – The closest of all airports to 10 Corso Como is Milan Linate Airport. The two places are about 9.6 km apart. The distance depends on the route taken to reach from the airport. You can easily reach within 30-40 mins to 10 Corso Como from the airport.


The history of 10 Corso Como dates back to September of 1990. Famous Fashion Editor and Gallerialist, Carla Sozzani, launches Galleria Carla Sozzani. After that there was an exhibition about Photography, Art and Design in the northern part of 10 of Corso Como.

Ever since, this exhibition has become one of the biggest shopping hubs in Milan and is now popularly known as 10 Corso Como. In the same year, two new members became part of this, Garden Café and a Bookshop. So many exhibitions have already taken place after that.

And thus, this place has also become the meeting point for fashion thirsty people having various tastes and preferences from all over the world. The exhibitions will offer you a wide variety of works of Art, Photography and Music from various parts of the world.

The place is now the center of Fashion and Style in Milan. A wide range of products are available here. Bags, accessories, fashion apparel, shoes, music, books and perfumes, everything that you can desire and crave for is available here.

All the items available have something unique in them, which makes the visitors fall in love with them. Perfumes are cool here, do not forget to try one once you are there. In between shopping, you can taste yummy Italian Cuisine in any restaurant nearby or can hang out in a café.

Why visit 10 Corso Como?

- 10 Corso Como is the fashion capital in Milan. It boasts of a concept fashion boutique, gallery, café, and bookshop. It is the one-stop destination for fashion enthusiasts and art lovers. The gallery and the roof terrace will give you a different experience. So, if you are in Milan, do not miss the 10 Corso Como. Here you will find an answer to the question "why to visit 10 Corso Como?". 

Franca Sozzani, sister of Carla Sozzani, was the chief editor of Vogue Italia till 2016. So you can always expect an impressive collection of luxury and designer brands here. Even post her death, the tradition continues. You will come across world-renowned Italian and International Brands such as Lanvin, Edgier, and Comme des Garçons. The shop offers you an exhibition of everything from bags, shoes, accessories to perfumes.

At 10 Corso Como, you will find a variety of works of art all over the world. Every year, a large number of art lovers from various parts of the world flock here, as the exhibition takes care of the different tastes of its visitors.

At 10 Corso Como, you can stay as well at the 3 Rooms to make the most of your experience. You will figure out this beautiful hotel above the courtyard. The interiors and the furnishings designed by Kris Ruhs, Arne Jacobsen, and Sebastian Matta. Thus, 3 Rooms resemble the elegance of the place.

Are you done shopping? Hangout at 10 Corso Como Café and grab yourself some coffee, cookies, and so on. The ambiance is excellent, so that you can completely relax and recharge your batteries. The menu also includes brunch, breakfast, and some excellent Italian cuisine in the form of lunch and dinner.

At 10 Corso Como, a wide variety of exotic and luxury beauty products are available. You will come across popular brands like the Laboratory Perfumes, Helmut Lang, By Kilian, Aesop, and Penhaligon's. You can pick up anything from the lot, and give your near ones. There is something for everyone over here.

If you are a book lover, this is the perfect destination for you! When done with the fashion and art section, you can move on to the book section. Here you will find a Book Shop which boasts a good collection of books. There are a variety of genres, like art, photography, music, and fashion.

Finally, move up to the rooftop terrace and explore the exquisite works of contemporary sculptures by Kris Ruhs. While exploring the works, witness the beautiful sunset from the roof of the complex.

Shopping in 10 Corso Como

10 Corso Como is a concept boutique in Milan. It is a one-stop destination for shopaholics. It is the fashion capital in Milan. Bags, shoes, designer apparel, accessories, books, music, and works of art are available here. You can find products both at affordable and expensive price brackets.

It also has a variety of luxury beauty products and a collection of perfumes which can be an excellent choice as gifts for your near ones. On its rooftop, you can explore works of art and sculpture by Kris Ruhs. Laboratory Perfumes, Helmut Lang, By Kilian, Aesop, and Penhaligon's are some of the popular brands here.

Booklovers can browse through many books in the book shop on genres like art and photography. Fashionable apparel and works of art and paintings are also on display here, which draws people from all over the world. You may explore clothing and accessories at Gio Moretti or The secret garden of Casa di Gaia for home décor.

Dining in 10 Corso Como

There are a lot of eating options at and near 10 Cosmo Como. Inside the complex, there is a restaurant cum café, which are favorite hangout places for visitors who come to shop here. The restaurant offers yummy Italian, European, and Mediterranean cuisine.

You can also explore Bars nearby like the Just Corso Como and enjoy delicious dinner along with beer or wine. If you want to taste some premium Italian Pizzas, then try out at Amor or Pizzeria di Porta Garibaldi which is located nearby the shopping complex.

Then there is Pixel Café, Spacco, Alla Cucina delle Langhe, and All Isola, all located near the shopping complex and serving delicious Italian and European dishes. So, as you see, there are several options if you have to go for dinner at 10 Corso Como. You are sure to get a well-deserved rest and break after the day-long shopping and exploring the surrounding city.

Travelers tip for visiting 10 Corso Como

Passport and your id are a must in any foreign country.If your country is exempted from the tedious immigration process, then no issues.

Italy itself is costly, so you must have adequate cash with you. Do some research, you will come across some tourist passes which are beneficial. These passes help you to move inside the city and also covers some of the tourist spots as well.

It will be better if you can avail of public transport. A lot of money gets saved in the process.

Hotels are costly here, so do proper research and compare before booking one. If you are not traveling with your family, try Couchsurfing. It is a very cheap and effective way of spending holidays. Please check the website for further details.

Weather here is more or less moderate. Bring soft and comfortable clothes with you. Carry your glasses, hats, and sunscreen as they will be required to avoid the sun rays. Avoid the rainy season as Italy gets waterlogged at times. Thus it will take the charm from your trip.

Finally, while travelling, it is important to be a little careful about the belongings so that it does not get misplaced.
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