Verona Tourism, Italy: Places, Best Time & Travel Guides 2022

This historic city, established in the first century, has a rich past, culture, and architecture that has shaped beautifully over 2000 years. This UNESCO protected city, one of the most charming places to see in Italy, and its architecture was destroyed and revived during World War II, but it still stands proud in all its splendour. Verona lies encircled by River Adige at the foothills of the Lessini Mountains.

Verona’s striking beauty lies in the magnificence of its architecture laid out on its cobbled streets, views of the blue-green waters of the Adige River, and winding streets and their buildings with flower-laden windows. A storybook-like atmosphere awaits people in this city that inspired Shakespeare to write about the love story of Romeo & Juliet. While looking at the historical bridges and houses, one is immediately transported to the idyllic Romanesque times.

One of the most famous attractions here is the first-century Arena di Verona. This spectacular pink and white stone structure, next only to the Colosseum, used to have numerous tunnels and was the site of gladiator games and concerts. Another great attraction is the Casa di Giulietta or Juliet’s House, the most famous Shakespeare character, the famous (but supposed) balcony, and Juliet’s statue. The magnificent marble structure of the 11
th-century Torre dei Lamberti, its huge arches, clockface, and domes are a must-see.

One of the best things to do here is to spend serene time at the Verona Cathedral and soak in the grandeur of its beautiful stained glass windows, ornate walls, marble columns, and Renaissance-era frescos. Don’t miss to try the delicious risottos, rich stews, and Pastissada de Caval, a delicacy that dates back to the 5
th-century. Another great activity is to take a boating trip across the beautiful Lake Garda and see the charming medieval-era towns like Sermione and Bardolino.

Winter months in Verona are extremely cold with the temperature plummeting to 6°C. Summer months of March-May are fairly hot with temperatures rising to 30°C. The place receives heavy rainfall in the autumn months of September-November.

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