Sardinia Overview

The second largest island, one of the most charming places to go in Italy, in the region, Sardinia’s claim to fame is its glamour, glitz, and luxury that attracts the wealthiest people from around the world.

However, Sardinia’s super-luxury charm is only second to its astonishing natural beauty and dramatic landscape in the Europe package. The island is dotted with beaches having turquoise blue water, soft powdery sands, and rare rock formations.

Highlights of the place:

- Visit Argentiera to see the UNESCO protected and now abandoned silver mines that date back to the Roman times.

- Sardinia is one of the best places to visit in Italy to try watersports like kayaking, scuba diving, exploring wreck sites, diving, and yachting. Indulge in superb organic cuisine created from scratch with the freshest cheese, meat, fish, olives, and homegrown vegetables.

- Visit Capo Testa, the northernmost point of the island, to catch a gorgeous sunset and see submerged Roman-era architecture.

Location: Western part of the Mediterranean Sea.

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