Siena Tourism, Italy: Places, Best Time & Travel Guides 2022

The Province of Siena, located in central Tuscany, was the erstwhile commercial and banking hub of Italy till about the 14th-century. The province was in the midst of power struggles and battles reinforcing its commercial importance. Now, of course, it is one of the best places to visit in Italy to explore the country’s history, art, and traditional food.

The beauty of Sienna is unexplainable in words. Its beautiful countryside, huge farm areas, thickets of cypress trees and wildflower, lush olive groves, and wave-like hill formations look straight out of a dream- only to be broken by the stunningly magnificent coastline and beaches. 
One of the most beautiful places to visit is the UNESCO protected Piazza del Campo, the erstwhile public square known for its magnificent structure. This is where ‘Palio’ the most important horse-racing event takes place twice in Siena.

Visit the humongous black and white 12
th-century Siena Chapel to see its Gothic walls, ornamented arches, and the famous dome designed by the great artist Bernini. The Civic Museum here is not only one of the best places to trace the Roman history of Siena but is an architectural marvel in itself. It has frescoed walls, arched ceilings, and stone structure that are absolutely amazing.

When in Siena, don’t miss to try traditional foods like Crostini Neri, Pici, Ribollita, local wines, and delectable desserts like Panforte, Cantucci, Ricciarelli, etc. Marvel at the 13
th-century medieval architecture of Palazzo Pubblico and its beautiful paintings. Visit Torre del Mangia, which is one of the best-known attractions here. The top of the tower offers great views of the city and the countryside.

Siena enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild temperatures throughout the year, varying slightly between hilly & coastal areas. The winters are pretty chilly in the hills with temperatures plunging to around 3°C. It rains the most in the months of November-December and March-April. In summers, the temperature averages around 27°C with sunny, breezy, and pleasant days.

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