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Most Popular Places Around Milan

What You Should Know More About Milan

  • Q. Travel Advice

    ·         There are certain local rules and traditions applicable in every country, make sure you adhere to it.

    ·         Do not indulge in any fight or brawl with any individual.

    ·         Do not flaunt your valuables in a public space.

    ·         Make sure you are always alert and active.

    ·         Gather enough information about every destination you are traveling to.

    ·         Avoid undertaking a hike to an unknown destination.

    ·         Do not leave your valuables or cash in the hotel room.

    ·         Keep away from the touts.

    ·         Do not get involved in drugs of any forms.

    ·         If you come across any foreigner in torn clothes or anyone who seems suspicious to you, make sure you avoid eye contact and try and get away from that situation.

    ·         In case ever need any help, be gentle and seek help from the locals.

    ·         To better interact with the locals, it is important for you to learn few words from the local language. 

    ·         Always take a room in the hotel that is known and famous.

    ·         Make sure your hotel is not located in any shady area.

    ·         Do not click pictures in an area that forbids you from taking pictures.

    ·         Do not film or shoot any area without legal permissions from the authority. 

  • Q. Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in Milan is 16 years. 

  • Q. Our recommendations: What you can't afford to miss?

    Il Duomo

    Il Duomo or the Cathedral of Santa Maria Nascente is a huge cathedral which is also amongst the world’s largest and the magnificent churches. It is an epitome of the Flamboyant Gothic style. The cathedral’s construction began in the 14th century however the façade was not completed until the early 1800s. Its dim interior is in striking contrast to the richly patterned exterior which makes a magnificent impression 52 gigantic pillars. It is a great tourist attraction in Milan.  

    Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II: Luxury Shops and Elegant Cafés

    With Piazza del Duomo on side and opening of the Piazza della Scala on the other, the exquisite Galleria Vittorio Emanuele has built between 1865 and 1877. It is designed by Giuseppe Mengoni and back then it was the largest shopping arcade in Europe. It has a dome that goes up to a height of 48 meters and lies up the mosaic floor. With this, there was the marking of the modern architecture in Italy. At present, it stands as one fine examples of the 19th century industrial glass and iron construction. This is just one beautiful and vibrant place where the locals can come here for a coffee or a lunch in the elegant cafes. You can explore the luxury shops too here. This is one of the best sightseeing attraction of Milan.

    Opera at Teatro alla Scala

    Teatro alla Scala is considered as the most magnificent opera house in the world. It has rung with the music of all the renowned operatic singers and composers along with its audiences. The theatre is accommodating and can seat about 2800 people and are known or other feared as the most demanding city of Italy. This festival begins in December and goes on till May however the tickets are usually difficult to come by. Most efficient way of getting the ticket is via your hotel concierge however it is worth checking at the box office. In the same building lies the Museo Teatrale alla Scala where you can find a collection of costumes from the historical as well as personal mementos of the guests who performed as well as who works were performed at La Scala. Some of the guests whose works can be seen here include the Rossini, Verdi as well as the great conductor Arturo Toscanini. Is is one if the best places to see in Milan.

    Castello Sforzesco

    Castello Sforzesco is held by the Sforza families and the Visconti who ruled Milan from 1450 to 1535 and 1277 to 1447 respectively. Castello houses the Musei del Castello Sforzesco which is a series of museums. One of this also features a sculpture. The collection also includes Pietà Rondanini which is a masterpiece by Michelangelo. In fact this is Michelangelo's last masterpiece that was brought here from the Palazzo Rondanini in Rome in the year 1953. Besides this, the other museums feature a prehistoric and Egyptian antiquities, collection of decorative art, an armory of weapons, a collection of musical history and medieval armour. The picture gallery includes paintings by Mantegna, Bellini, Lotto, Correggio, Tintoretto, Antonello da Messina, Bergognone and Foppa. Between the two rear courtyards of the Castello there lies a passage which leads you to the park. It was originally the Garden of the Dukes of Milan. Later it became a training ground for the military. 

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Festive Celebrations

    Milan is a city deep rooted in culture and history. It is one city that really knows how to party. The cold weather of the city doesn’t hinder with the mood of Milan.  If you are traveling to Milan around the holiday season or in the beginning a months of the year, you’ll find huge celebrations that you’ll remember for the years to follow.

    You can attend:

    Carnevale: Carnevale is usually held during the two week period before Lent. It is more so a replica of the Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday. This is one colourful celebration which boasts of intricate costumes, masks, parties and pastries.  

    Festa di Sant’Ambrogio: Festa is housed in the Basilica di Sant’ Ambrogio. The festival is celebrated in early December and more so celebrates St. Ambrose who is the patron saint of Milan. During the festival you can find arts and crafts, local food as well as drinks in the streets encompassing the Duomo di Milano’s piazza.

    Attending the above listed festivals is the most important thing to do in Milan.  

    Luxurious Shopping Destinations

    Milan is a home to the Fashion Week as well as some of the globally recognized labels and designers. It is indeed a hub of shopping. If you are planning to explore the top rated shopping centres here, it is advisable for you to pack light stuff.

    Best places to shop include:

    Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II: The Galleria is the world’s oldest shopping center. Positioned rightly between the La Scala Theatre and the Duomo, the rich detaining in the architecture is rivalled only by the luxurious labels that are found in the interior. Given the dozens of renowned restaurants and shops, you can spend your afternoon at this crater. 

    Via Monte Napoleone: In the winter months, the street is brimming with boutiques and luxury shops which are decorated with holiday décor and lights. If you cannot shop, window shopping too can be one helluva experience here. However, if you are looking for bargain shopping and sales, you can plan a visit after the holidays as during this time the winter and fall items are often marked down.

    Endless Ski Slopes

    Milan is located in close proximity to the Alps. Naturally, snowboarding or skiing experience down some of most prominent mountains of the world is only a short drive away from here. Pack your bags and hit the slopes to make memories that will last with you much longer than the chill.

    Courmayeur: If you are an intermediate skier, you can go to Cormayeur. It offers miles of courses and scenic views of the city. Besides skiing, adventure enthusiasts can enjoy activities such as paragliding, snowboarding and snowshoeing.

    Livigno: Livigno is nestled in the heart of the Alps. It is quickly becoming a coveted destination for all the young adventure seekers. Tax free shopping on site offers an additional bonus for visiting this location.

    Museums, Masterpieces and Music

    Famed across the globe for history, architecture, culture and renaissance artwork, Milan houses one of the most awe inspiring and breath taking works of art. Just dodge the sweltering heat of the summer and the vacation crowds and plan a visit during the winter months. 

    La Scala: Teatro alla Scala was opened in the year 1778. It has housed an umpteen number of operas and ballets. Don Quixote, Romeo and Juliet and Swan Lake are just some of the performances that you can find at this historic theatre. So, if you are here in Milan in winters, you can avoid the chilly outdoor temperature by spending a night in the theatre. Do check out the calendar of events so that you can plan your trip accordingly.

    The Last Supper:  It is a 15th century master piece. Painted by Leonardo da Vinci, it is known by the Italians as the Cenacolo or L’Ultima Cena. You can find this at the Santa Maria delle Grazie. This iconic piece of art is known to attract a huge number of people on annual basis.  It is recommended for you to purchase the tickets way ahead of time to ensure that you get more time for viewing.

    Duomo di Milano: Duomo presents to you an epitome of Gothic architecture. It took about 6 centuries for completion. You’ll be amazed to see the elaborate stained glass, marble and gold found at this cathedral.

  • Q. Recommended reads for destination (govt. websites, travel forum articles)?

    Website: Official Website

  • Q. When is the best time to visit Milan?

    •       April-May - One of the ideal times to visit Milan. This is the time exactly before which crowds pour in during the summers. The days are pleasant for tourists to explore around. The key events to be witnessed during this duration are Furniture Fair in April and Art on the Naviglio in May.
    •       June-August - This time is hot in Milan. The humidity in the city makes one feel hotter. Hence, not a very pleasant time to plan a visit. The key events to be met during this duration are Milano Food Week in the month of June and Milano Film Festival in September or October.
    •       September-October - Another ideal time to visit Milan. The visitors are to experience a hospitable climate during these months. The only downside for the month of October is slight rains. The key events to be experienced during these months are Milan Fashion Week in the month of September and Milano Musica in October or November.
    •       November-March - Novembers experience rains in Milan while the winter months are cold. Do not forget to carry a warm coat if you plan to make a visit during the winter months. The key events to be experienced during these months are Milano Musica in the month of either October or November, Festival of Sant'Ambrogio in December as well as Milan Fashion Week in the month of February.

  • Q. How to reach Milan?

    Milan can be easily reached in the following ways:

    •       By Plane - Milan conveniently accommodates two airports namely Malpensa airport as well as the Linate airport. There are also two other airports which are often referred as an addition to Milan's airport's list namely Bergamo's Orio al Serio airport as well as Parma airport. These two airports majorly host affordable airlines.
    •       By Train - Milan's main railway station is called the Milano Centrale or the Central Station where rails of the State Railways operate. Fast, as well as express trains, regularly serve all the Italian cities and some of the European cities as well. The architecture of the station is a masterpiece and demands at least a visit.

  • Q. What are the things to do in Milan?

    Milan is a huge city that offers various things to be done by tourists. Some of them are listed below:

    • Take a City Pass and explore the tourist attractions. You can hire an electric car and visit the beautiful city. You can also avail heave discounts on activities by purchasing the Visitalia Tourist Card. A City Pass is a ticket that includes all the public transportation cost. This pass includes the ticket to eight beautiful museums as well as discounts on sightseeing, restaurants etc.
    • You can view the beauty of Milan from above via Duomo Roof between statues and spires. This experience is stunning as it lets you enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful city. Another similar choice would be Branca Tower which is 108 m high.
    • Watch a football match at the popular Giuseppe Meazza Stadium.
    • Visit Exhibition Fairs - Milan holds numerous exhibitions all around the year, ranging from chocolates to wines to industrial goods to electrical appliances. You can visit these fairs and explore the brilliance displayed.
    • Shop with the topmost brands while visiting Milan.
    • Admire the various historical monuments including Cimitero Monumentale, Palazzo Marino, La Rotonda della Besana, Porta Ticinese, Villa Necchi Campiglio, Porta Ticinese, Arco della Pace, Casa Galimberti, Arena Civica, Palazzo Litta, and many others.
    • Enjoy the opera at La Scala Theatre.

  • Q. What is the local food of Milan? Which are the best places to taste this food?

    Milan offers various local dishes. Some of the local dishes and the places serving them are listed below:

    • Risotto alla Milanese served at Ratanà
    • Cassouela served at Manna
    • Minestrone served at Refettorio Simplicitas
    • Michetta also known as “pane e salame” served at Taglio
    • Panettone served at Pasticceria Martesana
    • Cotoletta alla Milanese served at Trattoria del Nuovo Macello
    • Polenta served at Masuelli San Marco
    • Crudaiola all’Arturo served at Latteria San Marco
    • Cannoncino served at Pasticceria Supino
    • Negroni Sbagliato served at Bar Basso

  • Q. What is the best public transport to commute around Milan?

    Milan can be explored around by various means. Some of the modes of transportation are as follows:

    • By Metro - Milan is well connected via metro. This is a mode of transportation that is extremely quick.
    • By Tram - These are also known as streetcars. They run on rail tracks above the ground and are quite popular in Milan. These are present almost everywhere in Milan making traveling extremely convenient.
    • By Buses - These must be your third choice of transportation while exploring Milan. These are quite comfortable, punctual as well as clean.
    • By Taxi - This can be a rather expensive way of seeing Milan around but are surely comfortable and convenient.
    • On Foot - Walking is one of the best ways to explore a new place. Although Milan is huge many of the major tourist spots are located in close to each other. This makes walking a convenience.
    • By Bike - You can hire a bike and explore the city around.

  • Q. What is the local language in Milan and which are the most commonly used greetings?

    Milan's official language is Italian, generally spoken by almost all the citizens. But being a popular destination visited by loads of tourists there are people who speak and understand English.

    The locals of Milan also converse in their own dialect which is a part of an endangered language called Lombard

    Some Italian translations are as follows:

    • Hi - Ciao
    • Morning - Mattina
    • Good night - Buona notte
    • How are you? - Come sta?

  • Q. Which are the best shopping places in Milan and what are they famous for?

    Milan's various shopping places along with their various offerings are listed below:

    • Corso Buenos Aires - This is one of the longest shopping lanes in Europe and is often compared to Oxford Street of London or avenue des Champs-Élysées of Paris. It accommodates showrooms showcasing more than three hundred and fifty international brands including Swatch, H&M, Boggi, Desigual as well as United Colors of Benetton.
    • Corso di Porta Ticinese - It is popular for unique clothing as well as food outlets. This place specializes in unique and offbeat fashion names such as Vans and Camper, Diesel and Carhartt, Levis etc.
    • Via Montenapoleone - If luxury shopping is what you are looking then this place in the city is ideal for you. This street is home to various designer brands including Prada, Gucci as well as Valentino. This place also offers many showrooms showcasing Italian goods made up of quality leather. With designer brands such as Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo as well as Bottega Veneta and others, Via Montenapoleone is a place extremely irresistible for tourists who love to shop.
    • Corso Vittorio Emanuele II - Situated at the heart of Milan this street offers various fashion as well as international labels including H&M, Bershka, Zara as well as Mango. It also conveniently accommodates a departmental store called La Rinascente. It comprises of eight floors featuring luxurious clothing for women, perfumes as well as accessories. It is also a place tagged best to shop for Milan's souvenir.
    • Corso Venezia - This is amongst the most elegant streets of Milan. It accommodates various brands along with beautiful gardens and parks. It showcases top-notch brands including Stone Island, Brooksfield, Henry Cotton’s as well as Burberry making the street a must visit street by tourists.

  • Q. How is the nightlife in Milan?

    While talking of Milan there is one aspect not to be forgotten: The nightlife of Milan. Milan's nightlife is way more than just heading out for dinner. Milan offers bars, nightclub etc. which serve live performances including admirable jazz music. Clubbing in Milan generally, starts at around eleven at night and continues up to four in the morning. Before the nightlife begins several clubs also serve dinner.

  • Q. What are the most romantic things to do on a Honeymoon in Milan?

    There are a number of romantic things to be done in Milan with your beloved. Some of them are listed below:

    • Witness the beautiful city from the Duomo Roof. The admirable picturization from the Cathedral's top will immediately impart a romantic feeling to you as well as your newlywed better half.
    • Take your partner out for shopping to Galleria Victorio Emanuele. Being amongst the most extravagant shopping malls of the world this place will let you spend the most amazing time together. Post this head to the popular bull mosaic, put your heel in the hole, spin it thrice, make a hearty wish and be a part of the tradition.
    • Watch opera at Teatro Alla Scala. This opera house is the most appreciated one of the city. This could be one of your perfect date nights ever followed by a lavish dinner.
    • Visit Castello Sforzesco with your partner. This castle is elegant and an epic one. One of the best places to head to with your beloved.
    • Sforza castle is amidst the most breathtaking locations in Milan. The castle is epic.

  • Q. Which are the most famous art galleries to visit in Milan?

    Milan accommodates a number of art galleries with finest of artwork to showcase. Some of the best ones are listed below:

    • Galleria Carla Sozzani
    • Kaufmann Repetto
    • Museo del Novecento
    • Giò Marconi
    • Brand New Gallery
    • Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Il Castello
    • Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Milano (GAM)
    • Galleria Massimo de Carlo
    • Triennale
    • AR / Contemporary Gallery

  • Q. Which are the best museums to visit in Milan?

    Milan is a city that has various museums to be visited by tourists. Some of them are listed below:

    • Pinacoteca di Brera
    • Bagatti Valsecchi Museum
    • Gallerie d'Italia piazza Scala
    • The Sforzesco Castle
    • Contemporary Arts Pavillion
    • Museo d'Arte Paolo Pini
    • Poldi Pezzoli Museum
    • Pinacoteca Ambrosiana
    • Museo del Novecento
    • Galleria d'Arte Moderna
    • Societa' per le Belle Arti ed Esposizione Permanente
    • Civico Museo Archeologico
    • Hangar Bicocca
    • Museo del Duomo (Museum of the Cathedral)