United Kingdom Honeymoon Packages

United Kingdom Honeymoon Packages

Duration Price
Paris & London | European Elegance7 days & 6 nights
INR 1,38,500

United Kingdom Packages For Couples

Explore a number of romantic places to visit in the UK with your United Kingdom honeymoon tour packages. The UK offers the ideal combination of scenic meadows and green hills in Northern Ireland, culturally rich Scotland, a region of fairytale castles in Wales, and Great Britain, which is home to the international capital of London. Enjoy a romantic getaway with your partner with the wonderful packages that guarantee an opulent honeymoon journey through the charming country of Wales, London, Edinburgh and Britain with your significant other.

With your UK honeymoon tour packages, you can discover numerous famous attractions in Britain like the London Eye which offers panoramic vistas of the city of London and the Roman baths, a place which will relax all your five senses in its thermal waters. If you wish to spend some adventurous time together, then go hiking upon Arthur's seat in Edinburgh or engage in a variety of water sports in the Isle of Skye. Whether you are here for adventure, sightseeing or simple relaxation, the honeymoon tour packages offer a number of joyous options for every kind of couple.

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United Kingdom Honeymoon FAQs

What are the famous romantic places to visit in the United Kingdom?

1. Edinburgh Castle - This Scottish castle boasts of extravagant interiors and lavish architecture depicting the greatness of the royalty who resided there. Discover the grandiose art of living in your United Kingdom honeymoon packages, the royal hall with myriad of distinguished paintings adorning the walls, Scottish national war memorial, the massive Portcullis Gate and more.

This castle is perched on rugged terrain overlooking the entire panorama of the United Kingdom, which is one of the most romantic ways to spend some time with your significant other. Apart from this, tourists can also find refreshments in Queen Anne tea services and the very popular Red Coat Cafe serving sumptuous English breakfasts.

Location - Castlehill, Edinburgh EH1 2NG, United Kingdom

2. Lake District - Home to distinguished writers like Wordsworth who have admired this scenic location in their writings, Lake District is an incandescent national park which is a perfect blend of verdant canopies, long stretches of rugged mountains, glacial lakes and historical attractions. Spent a lovely evening in Lake Windermere admiring the gleaming sunset reflecting on the crystalline water bodies.

For adventure and thrill seekers, there are engaging hike routes till the top of Castlerigg stone Circle, which renders picturesque views of the entire landmark from top. Treat your hungry stomach after a frenzy tour and dine at the extremely popular inhouse cafes like Old Stamp houses, featuring a wide menu of international and English cuisines.

Location - Kendal Town, North-Western England

3. London Eye:
Enjoy beautiful vistas of London city with your romantic partner from the London Eye, included in your UK honeymoon tour packages. Ride in this giant observation wheel standing and admire the panoramic view of the Thames and wider London from a height of 135 metres above the ground.

On a clear day, you might be able to see Windsor Castle in the distance as well. One full rotation atop this magnificent wheel takes about 30 minutes during which you can spend some quality time with your significant other.  

London Eye, Westminster Bridge Road, London, UK
Timings: 10:00 AM – 8:30 PM
Entry fee: Adults- 27 EUR
                 Students- 16 EUR

4. Roman Baths:
One of the most romantic places to visit with your United Kingdom honeymoon tour packages is the Roman baths, that will instantly transport you back into the 70 AD Roman times. The area's hot springs are renowned for their therapeutic benefits throughout Europe.

Dip your toes in the warm water of the Thermae bath spa as you relax and enjoy a romantic getaway. The magnificent Roman Baths, which were first constructed in 1894, are still present in the town's centre and continue to astound visitors even now, more than a century after they were first built.

Abbey Churchyard, Bath BA1 1LZ, UK
Timings: Open everyday from 9:30 am to 5 pm
Entry fee: Adult- 23 EUR and Children between 6-18 years- 15.5 EUR 

5. The Isle of Skye:
Visit the Isle of Skye with your United Kingdom honeymoon tour packages and enjoy the view of the northwest coast of Scotland. The lush sceneries with the running water make for the ideal romantic getaway with your loved one.

The island’s topography and temperature make it a great place to spend some leisure time away from city life. At the Isle of Skye, you may engage in a variety of water sports, including boating, kayaking, and fishing, as well as fantastic hiking and even pony rides. 

Located on the West Coast of Scotland 

6. Cheddar Gorge:
Visit the enchanting and adventurous Cheddar Gorge on your honeymoon trip and admire the beautiful cliffs together with your partner. In addition to being one of Britain's most magnificent natural icons, Cheddar Gorge is also a Site of Special Scientific Interest and part of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Explore the fascinating secrets of the stalactite show caves here, which hold many secrets about the history of our ancestors. Included in your UK honeymoon tour packages, the place offers a mix of nature, history and wildlife for the perfect adventurous trip on your honeymoon. 

In the Mendip Hills, near the village of Cheddar, Somerset, England
Timings: 10 am to 5 pm for Cheddar Gorge and cave attractions
Entry fee: Adult- 20.95 EUR and Children between 5-15 years- 15.70 EUR

7. Stratford Upon Avon:
The birthplace of Williams Shakespeare, Stratford upon Avon makes an ideal location for a romantic getaway with your loved one. Stratford offers a unique experience to all visitors.

The  Shakespearian buildings, the internationally known RSC theatres, restaurants for candle lit dinners, romantic lodging, and magnificent relaxing river walks along the banks of the tranquil Avon all make for an ideal romantic getaway. Stroll the quiet streets of this mediaeval market town in Warwickshire hand in hand with your partner.

West Northamptonshire, England

8. Arthur’s Seat:
One of the best places included in your United Kingdom honeymoon tour packages is Arthur’s seat, an extinct volcano at a height of 351 metres above sea level. Arthur’s seat is visible from almost any part of the city and is just a short walk from the famous Royal Mile street.

Go on an exciting hike with your loved one up this famous attraction, beginning from Holyrood Park. Enjoy the vistas of Edinburgh Castle, the Scott Monument, and beyond when you take a break at the summit as well as enjoy the most stunning view of the town from the top. 

Located On the hills of Edinburgh, Scotland

What are the best romantic things to do in the United Kingdom?

1. Trek in Britain's Best National Park - One of the most enthralling national parks in Britain is the scenic Snowdonia park which is spread over an area of 823 square kilometres adorned with rugged terrains, humongous elevations, verdant canopies and a crystalline lake.

A time lost in the arms of nature is a perfect escapade for couples on United Kingdom honeymoon packages. From the summit, you can also enjoy a 360 panorama of the entire surreal location stretching till eternity.

3. Visit British Museum - Start your day by uncovering London’s greatest attraction in United Kingdom honeymoon packages, by visiting the British Museum. Sprawled over a massive area, this scenic museum features displays of over 2000 arts and artifacts.

From Elgin marbles to the rare rosetta stone, and from the mystical Egyptian mummies to 4th century Roman Silver, delving into the ancient past with your significant other is a top notch escapade. The museum also features a massive library, engaging audio-visual tours and lectures and workshops to help you explore the location better.

3. Take a Hop On Hop Off River Thames Cruise:
Cruising along the Thames river on a hop on and off river cruise is one of the most romantic things in your United Kingdom honeymoon tour packages. Discover intriguing history at every turn as you travel along the River Thames  as it flows through the centre of London.

From the comfortable convenience of a contemporary, all-weather tour boat, you can take in the grandeur of this magnificent city and know all about the tales of the city from an engaging informative guide. It is also a great way to explore London at your own pace. 

4. Stargaze at Brecon Beacons:
Treat your special someone to a romantic getaway in Wales' Brecon Beacons, where you can explore breathtaking mountain scenery, quaint mountain towns, and amazing shops and restaurants before gazing up at a starry night sky. The Brecon Beacons National Park is the perfect place for a short romantic break under the canopy of green hills, shiny waterfalls and twinkling sky.

5. Take a Walk in Dartmoor:
You and your lover can experience some special moments in nature by going for walks in Dartmoor. A walk in Dartmoor is suitable for everyone, whether you enjoy day hikes, tor hunting, or afternoon strolls with a picnic.

From relaxing in a charming cosy cottage to enjoying a woodfire in a country pub, Dartmoor has a number of options for every visitor. Visit Dartmoor with your UK Honeymoon tour packages and relax among sweeping valleys and woodland in the Dartmoor National Park. 

6. Take a Hot Air Balloon ride, Bristol:
Going for a hot air balloon ride with your United Kingdom honeymoon tour packages is one of the most romantic activities to do in the country. Experience the best views of Bristol and the surrounding countryside as you drift silently and softly above the city.

Whether you select a romantic trip for two or reserve a flight in one of Europe's largest ballooning events, the International Bristol Balloon Fiesta, you will be amazed by the bird's eye perspective of the city below. Take in the panoramic views for an experience you won't forget and will think about for years to come.

What is the best time to visit the United Kingdom for a honeymoon?

The best time to visit the United Kingdom for a honeymoon is during the months of June to August when the weather is just perfect for outdoor activities and sightseeing with your loved one. From surfing to hiking to swimming, you can enjoy a range of different activities as well as visit the many romantic places in the UK. This is also the peak season when a lot of tourists visit the country so it is advised to plan your visit ahead of time.

Which are the most romantic cities to explore in Australia?

1. The Whitsundays: The whitsundays are widely famous for their beautiful sunset views over the turquoise blue water. Tourists come over to this place to spend romantic nights along with their beloved partner under the swaying palm trees on Australia Honeymoon Packages.

This is one of the perfect places to have an intimate candle light dinner and enjoy early morning scuba diving sessions or else go for snorkelling and fishing.

2. Melbourne: Melbourne is a vibrant and bustling city that makes it one of the most popular destinations for a romantic stay. This place is adorned with quaint alleys, beautiful old buildings, cafe filled lanes, and some wonderful restaurants.

If you were looking for an enchanting escape with your beloved partner then Melbourne is the place where you can relish great food on a boat, and watch movie screenings under the stars.

3. Queensland: Queensland is one of the wonderful places that you will visit during your Honeymoon Packages of Australia because of its rainforests, the Great Barrier Reef, the white sands of the Gold and Sunshine Coasts.

This place packs loads of pleasant experiences for you and your beloved partner. The main attraction of Queensland are the spectacular views of the city from the famous Kangaroo Point Cliff, a romantic dinner at Garuva restaurant, skydiving from the Family Islands National Park, and , and a boat ride with your spouse.

4. New South Wales: New South Wales is adorned with rugged mountains which gives you some serene landscape to marvel with your loved ones.

There are a lot of things to be done in New South Wales such as hiking tours through the valley, and planning a night stay at the popular fishing village Ulladulla. You can visit loads of beautiful landmarks like the Lord Howe Island, The Hunter Valley, Byron Bay, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Snowy Mountains, and Blue Mountains.

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How many days are enough for a United Kingdom honeymoon tour?

At least 10 days are required to take a United Kingdom honeymoon tour. The UK features some of the most enthralling attractions and sights of interest that will intrigue you and keep you busy for an eternity.

What is the cost of a tourist visa in the United Kingdom?

The cost of a tourist visa is INR 7000. This visa is valid for 6 months from the date.

How much does it cost to tour the United Kingdom for a couple?

To visit all major attractions with guided tour visit, accommodations at lavish lodgings and transportation, an average United Kingdom honeymoon tour package should cost around INR 1,08,560.

What are the essential items that one must pack while going on a honeymoon trip to the United Kingdom?

For your honeymoon trip to the United Kingdom, pack along some light clothing if visiting during the summer months or some warm clothes for the winter. As well as, carry your basic toiletries, some cash and cards. Do not forget to pack essential documents such as your passports, driver’s licence and all travel related documents.

Which are the best romantic places to stay in the United Kingdom?

1. Bingham Riverhouse - Teleport back in time by booking your lodging at this 18th century Georgian accommodation with medieval style art and architecture adorning the walls and halls. With well-maintained gardens, spacious rooms, hospitable ambiance and exquisite balcony views, spend a lovely time with your significant other.

2. Blakes Hotel - Speaking of whimsical romantic ambiance, charming room views and a plethora of recreational activities, nothing can beat this enthralling lodging. Having some of the best reviews and recommendations, Blakes Hotel is sheer luxury. Book your stay in the lavish quarters decorated with white linens and English wooden floorings and enjoy a splendid time in United Kingdom honeymoon tour packages.

3. Barnsley House - Take a relaxing dip in the property's heated pool and enjoy a range of drinks from the poolside bars. This ethereal lodging has spacious accommodations encapsulating Britain’s best views from the balcony. There are about 18 rooms with intrinsic decor and well maintained gardens. Guests can choose from multi-cuisine restaurants to dine at.

Which are the best romantic places to eat in the United Kingdom?

1. Oscar Wilde Lounge - As the name suggests, these surreal cafes will take you back in time. This themed cafe serves delicious and authentic English cuisines. The cafe features a Van Gogh theme which attracts the younger crowd and art lovers annually. An afternoon tea relaxing amidst the laid back atmosphere is top-notch romantic activity.

2. Thames Foyer - This restaurant makes its way into the most romantic and luxurious places to eat in the United Kingdom. With high end cuisines prepared by in demand-chefs, served in a very opulent setting makes these entire rendezvous worth the hype. Take your significant other on a romantic candle lit dinner here and spend a lonely evening.

3. Dan Moon - Spend a relaxing evening in the United Kingdom whilst sipping on exquisite wines and relishing on international cuisines prepared by experienced popular chefs. This beautiful restaurant is an unexplored gem of Britain. Enjoy hospitable generosity, laid back ambiance and tasteful dishes with your loved ones in United Kingdom honeymoon tour packages.

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