Biasa Art Space Overview

Biasa art space was started as a natural response to Susanna Perini’s encounter with the upcoming artists in Java and Bali. The art gallery came to the public with an exhibition in 2005 with which the founder was trying to present the contemporary Indonesian and international artists to the visitors of Bali as well as the natives. Through the exhibition, she was capturing the eyes of people toward the development of the progressive art the young talents can bring forth.

Several years down the line, the gallery managed to attract a lot of artists come and have dialogues and interact with the public. A number of exhibitions and projects were staged in collaboration with national and international art institutions.

Highlights: The solo and group exhibitions conducted here introduced many artists from different parts of the world including Jumaldi Alfi, Enzo Cucchi, Heri Dono, Matteo Basile, FX Harsono, and much more. There are currently two exhibition spaces.

One on level 2 which has the newly launched BIASA+ retail store in Seminyak and other above the retail store in Kemang, Jakarta. They continue to exhibit solo and group exhibitions with the help of Government and private institutions.

Location: Jalan Raya Seminyak 34, Kuta, Bali 80361, Indonesia

Biasa Artspace is a conceptualized contemporary art gallery accompanied by a designer boutique in Bali and Jakarta. Founded by Susanna Perini in 1994, it is a platform where art merges with retail to deliver a sense of co-living with the abstract. People with an elite sense of art are usually captivated by this unique combination of artistry and its application in the form of clothing, home essentials, decor and many more.

The initial idea of Biasa was dissolving art, thought, and culture into clothing and lifestyle. However, in the course of time, its expansion added a voice to Indonesian art and artists when Perini in 2005 began the art space to support and exhibit their work. Ideologically, Biasa as a brand is identified for its creative cuts, artisanal details, organic use of dyes and lenin along with rich handmade detailing to slay a tropical summer look. If your fashion choices are classy, subtle and sophisticated, this is the brand to look out for. The linen clothing here with creative designs reflect symbolism and a sense of individual uniqueness.

You can expect to find an item of comfortable clothing that you wouldn’t want to let go because of the light, soft and cherishable feel of it. You could also find interesting home wear, accessories and home decor here. Adding to fashion, a tour across this art space is a visual treat as it exhibits works of various Indonesian and artists across the world such as Ivan Sagita, Jumaldi Alfi, Marco Cassani, Narcisse Tordoir, Fendry Ekel, Shira Wachsmann, Zohar Fraiman and many more. Visiting this place to look out for the latest works of artists is one thing you must add in your itinerary if you pay a visit to Bali.

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How To Reach

The best way to reach Biasa artspace is to take a private taxi, it is around a 20 mins distance from Denpasar airport. One can locate the artspace with ease as it is closer to Seminyak beach.

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Other Essential Information

- To visit Biasa ArtSpace you can GPS this location: Biasa ArtSpace (Bali): Jl. Raya Seminyak No.34, Seminyak, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

- Time: 9am - 9pm

- Price: Free

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Things that you Should Know about Biasa ArtSpace

1. Biasa Artspace hosts exhibits of various progressive artists based on themes. The recent exhibit ‘connected’, draws lines between the thoughts and experiences of individuals. While the current exhibit engages the audience in one’s experiences, the previously hosted exhibits called the Human tool, Parade, Stuff and so on created quite a thrill in the audience for its experience.  

2. The resort wear curated by the brand is typically elegant and sophisticated.

3. The Artspace is sensibly patched with pieces of art and paintings generating a cool artistic vibe. It is a pretty sight to indulge in.

4. This is one of the offbeat things to do when you pay a visit to Bali.

5. Biasa has about four branches in Bali.

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Tips to Visit Biasa ArtSpace

1. Read up - A bit of research never did any harm. Biasa has a lot in store for the creative heads. Read up and look at some of the innovative pictures you can capture. Also, enquire if there is an expected exhibit to look forward to and plan your visit accordingly.

2. Click click - If you are an instagram enthusiast or a vlogger, Biasa is a place to look forward to, the white background amidst the art, paintings, pictures and more can get you some cool shots. What more? Remember that these exhibitions are timely, so the picture you capture is an exclusive click. So don’t miss out on doing that.

3. Experiments to understand art - Most of us would barely know anything about art. Visiting Biasa artspace gives you an opportunity to understand and appreciate art. You might also get lucky to be able to interact with the artists or like-minded people to brew some interesting conversations.

4. Maintenance - As a visitor, be responsible while you hover in the store or the artspace to not litter or damage the artifacts or the retail products.

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Biasa Art Space FAQs

If cameras are allowed in the Biasa Artspace?

You could use your camera in the retail space as well as the cafe. Please confirm with the people in-charge on location if you could take pictures of exhibits.

What makes Biasa so special?

Art is the best way to experience culture, Biasa is an exclusive because of its continuous efforts of exhibiting Indonesian art. In an ignorant digital world, Biasa hooks you with art and home. The creative inclination here inspires young artists and designers.

How to get to Biasa from Seminyak beach?

A casual 5min stroll from the beach will get you to Biasa.

How much time do you need to pay a visit to Biasa ArtSpace?

You could spend a good 3 hrs at the Biasa Artspace exploring the retail and exhibits. Learning about the culture, capturing cool pictures and shopping does take time.

What is the history of Biasa ArtSpace?

Born in Italy, Susanna Perini visited Bali for an assignment of photography. Falling in love with the city, she decided to make Bali her home. After which she inaugurated Biasa, the lifestyle brand in 1994. However, the initial idea acted as a catalyst to eventually grow the brand as well as begin the branch of Biasa ArtSpace where Indonesian artists pose a voice via their artefacts and paintings. Biasa now has multiple branches and houses some of the greatest artists of our time. The luxury brand now holds a brand value and significance globally.

Can we take food to the Biasa ArtSpace?

It is preferred not to carry food as it is a space to restore art and a retail space. You could, however, explore the cafes around.

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