Nyaman Gallery Overview

An influential art gallery that represents Bali-based contemporary local artists and their uniquely carved talents as well as the international artists is Nyaman Gallery in Seminyak. Nayman means cozy or comfortable in the local language. The visitors will be taken to enjoy the contemporary art prevailing in Bali. 

You will be able to find wearable art crafts, jewelry, paintings, photographs, sculptures and similar items that depict the current position of Indonesian and international artistic values. It came into existence in February, 2015. The gallery portrays an exclusive, familial and long term relationship with the artists it features.

Highlights: In this gallery, you will come to see how the modern overshadows upon the traditional and how the East culture outshines the West. There are street art-inspired presentations like paintings, urban photography and sculptures, glass works and homemade jewelries that depict the Balinese culture in jewelry.

The gallery is a venture under Nyaman Group which is a famous luxury travel and concierge service.

Timings: 09:00 am to 09:00 pm on all days.

Location: Jalan Raya Basangkasa, No.88, Seminyak

Nyaman Gallery is a popular contemporary art gallery in Bali, Indonesia. Located in the beach resort area of Seminyak, this art gallery is frequently visited by both art lovers and tourists. Nyaman Gallery curates and features the work of both local and international artists. They aim to give a platform to emerging artists who work with various art styles and techniques.

Nyaman Gallery showcases various forms of art, including painting, photography, and traditional art. Their collections include traditional headdresses, ornate decorations with detailed carvings, and wooden hair combs that are pieces of art. The gallery also encourages handmade art with beads & feathers, wood, stone, bones & shells, and bronze and other metals. What makes the gallery visit interesting is that the gallery authorities are constantly curating new artists and their work. As a result, the gallery exhibits are also constantly changing. Every time you come back to the gallery; you’ll find new objects to study.

The gallery has been carefully segregated into various sections with independent mood lighting. This gives visitors a chance to concentrate on each section, and study each artefact in detail. The gallery was built by the French International luxury tourism group, Nyaman, in collaboration with Nyaman Villas and Nyaman Boutique. Nyaman Gallery is the ideal place to spend an entire day, studying and understanding the rich culture of Bali. Exhibiting a unique range of artworks, you will find everything from street art to photographs printed in alternative methods, from one-off blow glass pieces to handmade silver jewellery, and from tribal wood carvings to figurines carved in bone.

While visiting the Nyaman Gallery you can also visit other art galleries and museums like Museum PASIFIKA that is known for Asian Pacific art, and Purpa Fine Art Gallery, another gallery that encourage and exhibits upcoming local artists.

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How To Reach

Nyaman Gallery can be easily reached by road from the airport. Located in Seminyak, Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali is the closest airport. Once you land at the airport, take a local bus or hire a cab for Seminyak. On reaching Seminyak, you can either walk to the gallery or hire a car.

The gallery is just 750 m from the stand. Take a 10 minute leisurely walk or get into a cab and reach the gallery in under 6 minutes.

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Best Time To Visit

June, July and August are the best months to visit Seminyak. Since these are the driest and most pleasant months, you can easily step out for sightseeing. Late afternoon or early evening are the best times to visit the Nyaman Gallery.

These are the ideal times to avoid the locals and tourists who visit the gallery on a regular basis. Give yourself enough time to concentrate on their carefully curated exhibits instead of rushing through it all.

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Other Essential Information

- Location: Jalan Raya Basangkasa, No.88 Seminyak Kuta, Seminyak, Badung, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361, Indonesia

- Timings: Nyaman Gallery is open from 9 am to 9 pm on all seven days

- Price: There is no entry fee for the gallery

- Exhibits at Nyaman Gallery: The Nyaman Gallery has a number of exhibits by local and international artists. They also exhibit traditional art forms and artefacts.

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Artists at the gallery

Works by the exhibited artists can be purchased and new work can be commissioned. The gallery takes full responsibility of getting the work delivered.

1. Quint- A graffiti street artist, Quint’s work is inspired from Goddess Venus. His work feature monochromatic women with witty gestures. His aim is to spread the message of love.

2. YOKII- YOKII experiments with textures. From fabrics to recycled plywood, YOKII works with all kinds of material. Don’t miss out his T-shirt collection. Each piece is one-off and hand made by the artist himself.

3. Yoga Raharja- Yoga has extensively photographed the ceremonies of the ancient religions of Java and Bali. He has also covered bull races, musical performances and other cultural events.

4. Stephan Kotas- This photographer specialises in tintype prints, an ancient form of photo printing where the print is taken directly on a thin sheet of metal. His limited-edition signed art prints are exclusively available at the gallery.

5. Mersuka Dopazo- Mersuka’s exhibits at the Nyaman Gallery are a result of her collaboration with fashion designer Teresa Calderon. Large scale collages are painted on fabrics designed by Teresa. All the works explore the balance between the positive and the negative.

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Traditional art works

The Nyaman Gallery exhibits traditional artworks made of beads, feathers, wood, stones, bone and metal. Asian art and handicrafts are the main highlight of this section. From traditional headgear made of feathers to figures made by carving on bone, you will find all kinds of Asian art forms here. 

Glass exhibit- This is the best place to see one-off, blown glass figures and artefacts. Made with the ancient art of blowing glass into various shapes and objects, no two pieces are alike. Glass utensils made for exclusive use to complicated figures for decoration, everything is on display.

Tips for visiting Nyaman Gallery

1. Do not touch any of the exhibits

2. Trained guides are present all over the gallery. Reach out to them for any query about the exhibits

3. All exhibits are not open for photography. Enquire before you click

4. Artist exhibits are open for sale. Enquire with the authorities if you are interested to buy anything

5. Keep 2-3 hours aside to view the entire gallery and all the exhibits

6. The gallery regularly curate new artists. Check with the gallery authorities to find out about new artists and exclusive exhibitions

7. Food and drinks are not allowed inside the gallery. People flouting the rules may be requested to leave

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Nyaman Gallery FAQs

Is camera allowed in the Nyaman Gallery?

Camera is allowed inside the Nyaman Gallery. But all the exhibits are not open to photography. We suggest that you check with the authorities to find out the details. Do not photograph any exhibit without the permission of the authorities. Videography is strictly prohibited inside the Nyaman Gallery. If caught violating the rules, your camera could be confiscated and you may have to pay a hefty fine.

What makes Nyaman Gallery so special?

Nyaman Gallery is the first contemporary gallery of Indonesia. It holds one of the biggest collections of traditional Indonesian art and handicraft. It is also known to regularly curate and exhibit upcoming local artists alongside international contemporary artists. It promotes all forms of art, including painting, photography, and street art.

How much time duration I need to visit the whole Nyaman Gallery?

You can complete a tour of the entire Nyaman Gallery in under an hour. But if you want to study all the exhibits in detail and spend some time exploring and speaking with the guides, it will take you close to 2-3 hours to visit the whole Nyaman Gallery.

What is the history of the Nyaman Gallery?

Nyaman Gallery is the first contemporary art gallery of Indonesia. The gallery was built by the French International luxury tourism group, Nyaman, in collaboration with Nyaman Villas and Nyaman Boutique in order to promote upcoming local artists, and preserve traditional art forms. The term ‘Nyaman’ means cozy. The founders wanted to create a cozy space that would give you the right ambience to enjoy some world-class art. Nyaman Gallery is the ideal place to study and understand the rich culture of Bali.

Can I take food inside the Nyaman Gallery?

Food and drinks are not allowed inside the Nyaman Gallery. If caught with any kind of eatables, the gallery reserves the right to either confiscate your food items or request you to leave. In case you need to carry food due to medical reasons, we recommend that you get in touch with the authorities to get prior permission.

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