30 Things to Do in Phnom Penh 2021 (Starting from ₹1133 Only)
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If you are looking for best things to do in Phnom Penh, then this is the perfect place you have landed. Pause here and you will get all your answers. Phnom Penh is one name that just can't resist the opportunity to conjure in you can picture of the exotic landscape. Settled at the conversion of 3 waterways - the great Tonle Sap, stunning Bassac and the mighty Mekong, the destination really is the veritable oasis in contrast with the innovation delineated by the other Asian capitals. The rippling saffron of the priests' robes, gleaming towers of the Royal Castle and the fascinating areas close to the banks of the Mekong, it is maybe that Asia which many dreams about from far and inside.

The metropolis was before viewed as the 'Pearl of Asia'. Its place of worship was damaged as a result of transformation and war. Be that as it may, the city has really ascended from the fiery remains and has made its name among the hip capitals of the district certify to its clamoring nightlife and bars, charming bistro culture and a first-rate sustenance scene

As a traveler, you will all basic amenities and activities which you expect in this region of the globe. From comfortable staying to delicious eateries along with the fun of shopping and remarkable sightseeing all, you will enjoy in this part of the world.

The conurbation is known for its things to do which everyone enjoys going ahead with. Some of such activities are like cooking classes, bicycle tours, playing golf, cruising, casino, diving, shooting, spa scuba diving and lots more.

Thus, there shall be no hesitation on your part to explore this wonderful capital city of Cambodia. Every visitor takes home back a lot of memories and unforgettable moments. There are lot of things to do in Phnom Penh.

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People Also Ask About Phnom Penh Things To Do

  1. What are some of the best things to do in Phnom Penh?

    There are many fine activities which one can enjoy in this town. You have the scope of doing almost everything which comes to your mind. Some of the best thing which visitors love to do here is:

    • Boating
    • Cooking Classes
    • Interactive Wildlife tours
    • Casino
    • Scuba Diving

    These are just to name a few. When you explore, there are much more things which you will come across. So as per your need and taste, finalize the best activities. Food tour, river cruises, sightseeing, historical or cultural tour are some other things which you may opt for.

  2. Which are best cruising experiences in Phnom Penh?

    Cruising is one of the best activities to do in Phnom Penh. From day cruise to sunset cruise and night cruise, all can be done here. The views from the water bodies are breathtaking and will definitely give you the best of the experience. Some of the popular cruises in the city are:

    • Phnom Penh Sunset Cruise
    • Udong Day Cruise
    • Half Day Bassac River Cruise
    • Mekong River Cruise

    These were just to name a few. There are many other cruises offering breakfast, lunch, dinner as per your suitability and requirement. So choose the best and enjoy this wonderful experience.

  3. Which are the best cooking classes for Phnom Penh food?

    If you are a food lover and like to cook it for your near and dear ones, then this is the perfect destination for you to be in. You can learn so many tips in this region of the globe which will add a lot to your cooking skills. Some of the popular cooking classes you should look forward to being:

    • La Table Khmere Cooking class
    • Feel Good Cooking School by Chef Nara
    • Linna Culinary School
    • Veasna in the Kitchen

    As a tourist, you will hardly get this experience in any other part of the world.

  4. Which are the best places to cycle around Phnom Penh?

    Cycling is one of the best sporting activities to enjoy in the city. During your cycle tour, you will not only enjoy fine roads but also some alluring sightseeing. This will add a lot to your whole tour to Phnom Penh. Some of the popular cycling routes here are:

    • Cycle around Oudong Mountain
    • Phnom Penh to Siem Reap
    • Grasshopper Adventure Day Tour

    These are just a few names around. You will get numerous places to cycle around the town. As mentioned, the charm of cycling in the city amidst the beautiful sights is totally unique and one should give a try to it.

  5. Which are the best places for a spa in Phnom Penh?

    Spa in this part of the world is something which you will surely enjoy. The spa here very famous and barely any visitor miss taking the pleasure of spa services in this enthralling destination. Some of the popular places to visit for having the spa here are:

    • Bliss Spa
    • La Rose Spa
    • Bodia Spa Phnom Penh
    • One day spa and beauty salon
    • Paradise Spa

    These are just a few popular renowned locations. This region of the globe is very well known for its spa services and thus you will number of spa center here offering excellent service.

  6. Which are some famous museums to visit in Phnom Penh?

    The museum is another attraction which makes visitors to catch the flights to Phnom Penh. It is something very alluring and informative which tempts every traveler to explore various museums here. Some of the popular museums of the metropolis are:

    • Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum
    • National Museum
    • Galerie Bruno Levy
    • O Menge Gallery
    • Kbach Gallery

    In all such places, you will explore a different scene and culture. There are various aspects with respect to history and culture which one will come across. These are surely among the must-visit destination when you opt to tour here.

  7. Which are some famous temple and archeological tours to take in Phnom Penh?

    Apart from everything, there are numerous temples and archeological sites which one should explore during his trip to this wonderful conurbation. Some of them are as follows:

    • Phnom Chisor Temple
    • The Royal Palace
    • Wat Phnom
    • Wat Botum
    • Wat Moha Montrey
    • Wat Saravan

    These sites undoubtedly will take allure you and if you are someone who loves to explore such classical and ancient sites, then this tour will take your trip to the next level. Here also, you will be able to come across rich history and culture of this wonderful destination.

  8. Which are some famous markets to shop in Phnom Penh?

    Shopping is an activity without which any trip is incomplete. At Phnom Penh, there are numerous places where you can shop varieties of items for your near and dear ones. Some of the popular shopping destinations of the city are:

    • Aeon Mall
    • Hidden Treasures
    • City Mall
    • Olympic Market
    • Russian Market
    • Central Market
    • Sorya Mall
    • O' Russey Market

    Silk, handicraft, silverware, clothes are the items, to name a few, which the tourists take away most from the places mentioned above. You have plenty to explore here and a shopaholic will surely love this place.

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