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Hill temples have a general attraction about them that makes them worth visiting. Wat Phnom in Cambodia is one of them and it is truly special because, it is probably the only proper hill in the entire country.

Highlights – The Wat Phnom was founded in 1373 in order to install four statues of Lord Buddha here. Over the years, this 27m tall hill temple has undergone many restorations. The main altar of the temple consist of a huge bronze statue of Buddha. Lots of people come here every day to offer their prayers. Today, this temple is considered to bring in loads of luck to people coming here. Lots of murals, figurines and statues of various respected revered genies/sages are found here in plenty.

– Phnom Penh.

Timings – The temple is open from 7AM to 6,30PM on all days of the week and the museum in this complex is open from 7AM to 6PM.

Price – Entry fee is USD1 for temple and USD2 for museum.

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